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W. Brooke Elliott

Associate Professor of Accountancy and Roedgers Fellow in Accountancy and Professor Ken Perry Faculty Fellow

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W. Brooke Elliott is an assistant professor in the Department of Accountancy. After completing B.S. and MBA degrees from Indiana University, she earned a Ph.D. in accounting from the University of Washington before joining the UIUC faculty in 2003. Her teaching interests include financial reporting and financial statement analysis. Her research interests broadly focus on how individuals use accounting information to make investment decisions.  She is particularly interested in financial disclosures and their impact on investors’ decision-making processes.  In addition, she is interested in how expertise changes the impact that financial disclosures have on investors’ decision-making processes, and thus their investment decisions.


Contact Information:

4004 BIF
515 East Gregory Drive
Champaign, IL, 61820
(217) 333-9247

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