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Yunchuan(Frank) Liu

Associate Professor of Business Administration

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Four faculty recognized by Management Science for distinguished service (10/2013)

Research: Common component strategy could improve profits (4/2013)

Study: Store layout an important variable for retailers (1/2013)

Benefits and Disadvantages of Ecommerce (11/2012)

Offshoring a Vicious Cycle (USA TODAY) (11/2012)

Online Retail Contributes to Decline in Product Quality (7/2012)

Liu Gives Advice to Rating Website Users (11/2011)

Spring 2011 ICES "List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent by Their Students"-Draft (9/2011)

Outsourcing Takes Its Toll on US Consumers (1/2011)

Liu: Outsourcing Hurts Society in Lost Jobs and Higher Prices (1/2011)

Liu: Price Conscious Consumers Shop on Cyber Monday (12/2009)

Liu: Growing Online Sales Could Lower Prices, But Also Trim Choices (11/2009)

In-Store Video Ads a Boon to Retailers, A Peril for Traditional Media (2/2009)

Use Caution in Online Retailing (1/2007)


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