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Nolan Miller

Professor of Finance and Julian Simon Faculty Fellow

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The Second Biggest Risk to Illinois Public Pensioners (1/2013)

Choice Between Two Unconstitutional Options Not Constitutional (5/2012)

Public Pensions Unboxed by Miller (5/2012)

Incredible Pension Promises (5/2012)

Miller Research: Hungry for Answers (11/2011)

Miller Blogs on Weak Journalism and Health-Related Research (9/2011)

Miller: More Choices Bad for Decision Making (9/2011)

Miller: A Taste Test for Hunger in NYT (7/2011)

Miller Offers Safer Alternative to Replacing Medicare (6/2011)

Miller's Advice to Fix Health Care Options for State of Illinois Employees (5/2011)

Miller Research Uses Spending Behavior for Improved Assessment of Hunger in The Economist (3/2011)

Nolan Miller Awarded NBER Fellowship (10/2009)


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