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Jeffrey R. Brown

Professor of Finance and William G. Karnes Professor of Finance and
Director of Center for Business & Public Policy

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Jeff Brown: Alternative investments have a role, when properly handled (8/2014)

Jeff Brown warns against ignoring ‘pension crisis,’ predicts major overhaul (8/2014)

Jeff Brown in Forbes: The Social Security Earnings Test is not a tax (8/2014)

More providers dropping long-term care insurance, says Jeff Brown in US News (7/2014)

How much income will your 401(k) generate? Jeff Brown talks to the Chicago Tribune about the advantages of monthly projections (7/2014)

Jeff Brown in Forbes: Ill. Supreme Court decision a 'financial blow' to taxpayers (7/2014)

Jeff Brown talks retirement spending with Yahoo Finance (6/2014)

Jeff Brown presents U of I pension resolution to senate executive committee (4/2014)

Jeff Brown on Illinois' fiscal problems (3/2014)

Video: Jeff Brown argues for the wider use of annuities (3/2014)

Jeff Brown explains how 'endowment hoarding' hurts universities (3/2014)

Fiscal Times, not Paul Ryan, misrepresents Jeff Brown's research (3/2014)

Chicago's credit rating downgraded, Jeff Brown weighs in (3/2014)

Brown & Weisbenner: Many colleges 'hoard' endowments during rough times (3/2014)

Economists say Paul Ryan misrepresented their research (3/2014)

Economists: Paul Ryan misrepresents us in poverty report (3/2014)

Jeff Brown cited in House Budget Committee report on poverty (3/2014)

Jeff Brown, Scott Weisbenner examine 'endowment hoarding' phenomenon (2/2014)

Jeff Brown chairs new Academic Senate Committee (2/2014)

Current fiduciary rules scare employers away from offering annuities, writes Jeff Brown (2/2014)

Jeff Brown: 'Limited downside to the myRA' (2/2014)

Jeff Brown: Reframing the 401(k) plan (2/2014)

Jeff Brown is among many supporters of automatic IRAs (2/2014)

ACLI-backed paper supports income guarantees in defined contribution plans (2/2014)

Jeff Brown: Reasons to be wary of state-run retirement plans (2/2014)

Social Security and Medicare not currently sustainable, says Jeff Brown (2/2014)

Jeff Brown: Public pension debt made to look smaller than it is (2/2014)

Jeff Brown: California pension measure may set precedent (2/2014)

Jeff Brown: MyRA 'well targeted to people who don’t have coverage now' (1/2014)

Jeff Brown weighs in on Obama's 'MyRA' (1/2014)

Jeff Brown: MyRA not perfect, but smartly designed (1/2014)

MyRA is a policy worth trying, Jeff Brown writes (1/2014)

Jeff Brown, Don Fullerton examine Gov. Quinn's speech (1/2014)

Jeff Brown: MyRA 'not especially competitive' with more traditional plans (1/2014)

Jeff Brown on the health of state & local pensions, for NARFE magazine (1/2014)

Jeff Brown: 'Raising minimum wage ought to reduce employment levels' (1/2014)

Jeff Brown: A clear, in-depth explanation of pension reform's impact on employees (12/2013)

Jeff Brown on pension reform: 'Doing nothing is not an option' (11/2013)

Do's & Don'ts for a secure retirement (10/2013)

The real reasons America's pensions are hurting (10/2013)

5 tips for tightwad retirees to loosen their grip (9/2013)

Jeff Brown: Risks to government pension insurer worse than thought (9/2013)

Do the rich benefit from Medicaid? Jeff Brown weighs in. (8/2013)

Ask the experts: Policy changes for a brighter retirement (6/2013)

Jeffrey Brown: View annuities as income, not investments (6/2013)

Don't get 'framed' when claiming Social Security (5/2013)

Public pension funds improving...or are they? (5/2013)

Chained CPI and the ups and downs of the cost of living (4/2013)

Six simple steps to pension reform (4/2013)

Six Simple Steps to Reforming the State Universities Retirement System (SURS) (3/2013)

Nobel Prize-winning economist Peter Diamond delivers David Kinley Lecture (3/2013)

Research: Endowment Shocks & Charitable Donations to Higher Education (2/2013)

Faculty Members Share BlackRock Prize for Research (1/2013)

Illinois Pension Crisis: A Minute With U. of I. Expert Jeffrey R. Brown (1/2013)

Interview: Jeff Brown Discusses State's Pension Problems (1/2013)

Pension Situation in Illinois - WILL (Audio) (1/2013)

Brown on Pension Problems in Illinois-WDWS Radio (Audio) (1/2013)

The Second Biggest Risk to Illinois Public Pensioners (1/2013)

Ghosh Interview: University Pension Plan (Audio) (12/2012)

Why Retirement Plan Tax Preferences are Not as Expensive as You Might Think (12/2012)

Time to Act on the State Universities Retirement System (12/2012)

Tax Subsidy May Be Needed to Motivate Employers (12/2012)

"Not So Fast" Eliminating 401(k) Tax Preference (Forbes) (11/2012)

Time to Rethink Tenure (11/2012)

How Higher Ed Donations Respond to Market Shocks (11/2012)

Brown Presents: Future of the American Entitlement State (10/2012)

Retirement: How to Pay for Long-Term Care (Barron's) (10/2012)

WSJ's Stephen Moore Shares Optimism With Business (10/2012)

Standard & Poor's Downgrade Bad for Education in Illinois (9/2012)

Create Your Own Pension (9/2012)

Taxpayer Safety Net For Pensions (9/2012)

Insurance Company Unable to Hedge Risks of Long-term Care (7/2012)

An Even Simpler Answer to Illinois Public Pension Reform (7/2012)

Consumers Uncertain about Longevity of LTCI Carriers (6/2012)

Professor Tenure as Insurance: What the Wall Street Journal Debate Missed (6/2012)

Audio: Illinois Pensions Call-In Talk Show (6/2012)

University of California Faces Mounting Pension Costs (6/2012)

Last-Day Raises Last a Lifetime (6/2012)

More Accurately Reporting Unfunded Liability in Public Pensions (6/2012)

Pension Reform: Something's Got to Give (6/2012)

Brown's Forbes Blog: Simple but Radical Idea for Illinois Public Pension Reform (6/2012)

Illinois Pension Restructuring Battle Reviewed (6/2012)

Brief Update on Illinois Pension Reform (6/2012)

Brown's Forbes Blog: Three Hard Lessons from Illinois Public Pension Reform (5/2012)

Higher Education in Illinois on the Brink (5/2012)

Reconsidering Social Security and Alternative Options: WSJ (4/2012)

Making Sense of the 2012 Social Security Trustee's Report (4/2012)

Quinn's Pension Proposal "Highly Flawed" (4/2012)

Governor Quinn's "Clever" Pension Reform (4/2012)

Brown's Knock-down, Drag-out Battle of Obamacare (4/2012)

Serious Discussions About Illinois' Unfunded Pension Hole (4/2012)

SURS Reform Debate Heavyweight: Brown (4/2012)

Brown's Forbes Blog: Fiscal Impact of Ending Obamacare (4/2012)

Ex-Member of Federal Reserve Board Shares Concerns (3/2012)

Insurers Getting Out of Long Term Care (3/2012)

St. Louis Firefighter Pension Offers Unusual Perk Says Brown (3/2012)

Brown to Outline Challenges for Insurers at Conference (2/2012)

Audio: Brown Explains Proposed SURS Reform to WDWS-AM Radio (2/2012)

Brown on Framing Retirement Income (2/2012)

Audio: Brown Responds to Questions About SURS Reform Proposal (2/2012)

Brown's Forbes Blog: Potential Erosion of Support for Social Security (2/2012)

Brown's SURS Overhaul Covered by WILL (2/2012)

Brown's Hybrid Retirement System Focus of EIU CUPB (2/2012)

Brown Paper Identified Best Retirement Research of 2011 (2/2012)

Brown Contributes to Proposal for New Retirement System (2/2012)

Brown's Forbes Blog: Reducing Regulatory Obstacles to Retirement Income Security (2/2012)

Brown Research Cited in Department of Labor Report on Final Rule (2/2012)

Brown's Forbes Blog: Warren Buffett is Not the Oracle of Public Finance (1/2012)

Brown Research Shows Negligible Private Insurance Demand with Tightened Medicaid Rules (1/2012)

Brown's Forbes Blog: GOP Visions of Social Security (1/2012)

Brown's Forbes Blog: Gingrich's Recipe for Financial Disaster (1/2012)

Brown on Retirement: 10% A Good Start (1/2012)

Brown Gives Clearest Explanation Yet of Why Public Pension Accounting Rules are Garbage  (11/2011)

Brown Argues Experts Should Pay More Attention to US LTC (11/2011)

Brown Research Gives Insight to Long Term Care Insurance (11/2011)

Brown Examines Pension Issues at IGPA Summit (10/2011)

Brown Gives Basic Retirement Advice (9/2011)

Brown Recognized as Faculty Scholar in News Gazette (9/2011)

Brown Recognized as University Scholar (9/2011)

Brown Research Discovers Reasons Why Few Purchase Long-Term Care Insurance (9/2011)

Video: An Amusing Analysis of Public Pension Funding (8/2011)

DeBrock and Brown Comment on the Economy (8/2011)

Brown: Public Pension Real Estate Investments Not Uncommon (8/2011)

Brown Questions Conventional Wisdom of Retirement Income (6/2011)

Video: Brown Responds to Questions about Long Term Care Market (5/2011)

Audio: Brown Discusses Wide Range of Retirement Issues on WILL (5/2011)

Brown’s Research Provides Basis for Bill in Congress (5/2011)

Brown Says, “Take it to the Courts” (5/2011)

Brown's Social Security Research Explained in US News and World Report (5/2011)

Brown Proposes Osama Bin Laden Tax (5/2011)

Brown on $1.5 Trillion Shortfall in Local and State Pension Funds (4/2011)

Brown's Reasoned Response to Claims Made by Chronicle of Higher Education and New York Times (4/2011)

Brown: Universities Focus on Growing Endowments, Not Supporting Students (4/2011)

Brown Blog: Consequences of Delaying Social Security Reform (3/2011)

Brown: Public Sector Provides More Generous Benefits and Greater Employer Subsidies (3/2011)

Brown: Leadership Needed for Illinois Pension Reform (3/2011)

Brown and Pennacchi: The Champaign Gamble (3/2011)

Brown in the Washington Post, "At Some Point, You Have to Pay the Piper." (3/2011)

Brown and Pennacchi on Illinois Pension Reform (3/2011)

4 Reasons Why the Government Should Not Issue Annuities (3/2011)

Brown’s Advice for Advisers (3/2011)

Brown: We Need a New Model for Retirement (2/2011)

Brown Explains Upcoming Illinois Bond Issue in the Washington Post (2/2011)

Brown Tells Senate Committee Retirement Planning Depends on Workers View of Information (2/2011)

Brown's Testimony Praised by The American Council of Life Insurers (2/2011)

Video: Brown Testifies Before US Congress about Encouraging Better Retirement Decisions (2/2011)

Brown Encourages Congress to Revisit Proposed Lifetime Income Disclosure Act (2/2011)

Brown Comments on Baby Boomers' Retirement Planning for Chicago Tribune (1/2011)

Public Pensions Ripe for Reform, Says Brown in BusinessWeek (1/2011)

Brown Says Shift Toward Individual Responsibility Has Swung Too Far (12/2010)

Brown asks, "Is Illinois Wimpy?" (12/2010)

Social Security is Only One Piece of the Puzzle, Says Brown (11/2010)

Brown: U.S. Retirement System Needs Systematic Rethinking (11/2010)

Democratic Corporate Regulation (11/2010)

Audio: Brown Recommends Employees Stay Longer in Workforce in NPR Marketplace (11/2010)

Brown's Insights on Long-Term Care Insurance in NYT (11/2010)

Should Government Insure Private Markets? (11/2010)

Panel of Experts Discuss Environmental Regulations (11/2010)

Brown Comments on Equity-indexed Annuities (9/2010)

Brown on Pensions in The Chronicle (8/2010)

Brown Explains Windfall Elimination Provision (8/2010)

CBPP Blog: Why That Illinois Pension Check Will (Most Likely) Be in the Mail (8/2010)

Large Fraction of Americans Not Prepared for Retirement in Tribune (8/2010)

Framing Hugely Impacts Retirement Decisions (8/2010)

Public Pension Morass (6/2010)

Brown Elected to National Insurance Association Board (6/2010)

Illinois: Worst-funded Pension System in the Nation (6/2010)

New Retirees Often Make Poor Decisions (5/2010)

Misleading Accounting and Illinois' Pension Perils (5/2010)

Brown Focuses on Retirement Sustainability (5/2010)

Brown and Weisbenner: University Investment Decisions Exacerbate Financial Woes (4/2010)

Brown Study: How Market Shocks Impact University Operations (4/2010)

Lincoln-Douglas Debates (3/2010)

States' Retiree Pensions and Benefits: The Coming Crisis (3/2010)

Experts Debate Health Care Reform (3/2010)

Who Controls Your Health Care? A Debate on Free Markets vs. Government. (3/2010)

Brown Addresses Retirement Income at NYU (3/2010)

Brown: Employees Take Cues from Employer (3/2010)

Who Controls Your Health Care? (2/2010)

Whose Benefit Do We Cut and Whose Taxes Do We Raise? Brown in The Tribune (2/2010)

Should ILLINOIS Use its Endowment to Avoid a Hiring Freeze? (1/2010)

Brown Emphasizes Asset Distribution and Retirement Income (1/2010)

Brown Comments on Long-term Health Care Insurance (1/2010)

CBPP Sponsors Forum on Climate Policy Prospects (10/2009)

Brown on Annuities and Retirement Planning in NYT (10/2009)

Additions to TIAA BOT (7/2009)

Brown on Poorly Run Government Insurance Agencies (7/2009)

Brown: Education campaign needed on Social Security (5/2009)

Brown Recognizes Learning Curve for Economic Crises (3/2009)

A Minute With Larry DeBrock and Jeffrey Brown (3/2009)

Brown Receives Prestigious Samuelson Award (12/2008)

Lyceum: To Do Better Than We Have Done (10/2008)

Another Bailout? Government Pension Insurer Could Be Next, Expert Says. (10/2008)

Presidential economic advisor, SEC accountant to speak at U. of I. (9/2008)

An Income Stream to Last a Lifetime (8/2008)

Agarwal and Brown Appointed Chaired Professorships (7/2007)

Faculty Achieve Tenure, Receive Promotions (5/2007)

2007 Spring Luncheon: Celebrating 47 years (3/2007)

Brown Takes His Seat (11/2006)

Inflation-Protected Annuities Part of Smart Retirement Portfolio (11/2006)

Finance professor named to Social Security Advisory Board (10/2006)

Hidden Costs in Medicaid: Brown Study Cited (5/2006)

Social Security "Imperiled" Says Brown (3/2006)

Brown Serves on NASI Study Panel (1/2004)


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