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Scott Weisbenner

Professor of Finance and James F. Towey Faculty Fellow

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Scott Weisbenner: Mutual funds' influence over corporate governance has increased (4/2014)

Brown & Weisbenner: Many colleges 'hoard' endowments during rough times (3/2014)

Jeff Brown, Scott Weisbenner examine 'endowment hoarding' phenomenon (2/2014)

ACLI-backed paper supports income guarantees in defined contribution plans (2/2014)

Six Simple Steps to Reforming the State Universities Retirement System (SURS) (3/2013)

Research: Endowment Shocks & Charitable Donations to Higher Education (2/2013)

Faculty Members Share BlackRock Prize for Research (1/2013)

Time to Act on the State Universities Retirement System (12/2012)

How Higher Ed Donations Respond to Market Shocks (11/2012)

Drowning in Debt (PDF) (5/2012)

51st Annual Spring Luncheon (4/2011)

List of Business Teachers Ranked as Excellent by Their Students-FALL 2010 (3/2011)

Brown and Weisbenner: University Investment Decisions Exacerbate Financial Woes (4/2010)

2009 ICES "List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent by Their Students" - Draft (3/2010)

Weisbenner Study: Smaller Firms Pay Dividends for Older Local Investors (3/2010)

Weisbenner Study: Older Investors a Springboard for Dividends (3/2010)

Study: Credit Crisis, Debt Load a Double Whammy for Investment (11/2009)

Deep Dive Workshop: High Performance 401K and Pension Plans (4/2008)

Four New Faculty Fellows (9/2007)

Covet Thy Neighbors' Investment Choices: Faculty in NY Times (7/2007)

Faculty Achieve Tenure, Receive Promotions (5/2007)


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