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Cele Otnes

Professor of Business Administration and
Investors in Business Education Professor and
Professor of Advertising

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2009 ICES "List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent by Their Students" - Draft (3/2010)

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U. of I. to Host International Consumer Behavior Conference (3/2009)

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College to Host International Marketing Symposium (4/2008)

Audio: Otnes Dissects Apple's iPhone Price Drop (9/2007)

Mahoney and Otnes Appointed IBE Professorships (7/2007)

Research with a Royal Twist (1/2007)

Holiday Celebrations Ever Thus (1/2007)

The Power of the Princess (11/2006)

Pursuit of Perfection: "Bridezilla" Explained (6/2006)

Retailers Put Heart into Valentine's Sales (1/2006)


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