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John Warren Kindt

Professor Emeritus of Business Administration

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Professional sports & gambling: A minute with John Kindt (9/2014)

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No. 2 US nuclear commander fired over gambling; John Kindt weighs in (10/2013)

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Does daily fantasy sports blur the line between fantasy and gambling? (8/2013)

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John Kindt: Big gambling's hoard of taxpayer money belies Illinois budget crisis (5/2013)

Should Washington Allow Internet Gambling? (5/2013)

Expert: State budget, pension woes tied to big gambling giveaways (5/2013)

John Kindt: The SEC and Illinois pensions fraud (3/2013)

Pension Reform Proposals That Might Work (3/2013)

Kindt: States leveraging gambling on social media sites (2/2013)

Casino revenues drop; expert says local video games taking a bite out of profits (2/2013)

Opponents of legalizing gambling say it will drain more money than bring in (2/2013)

Jobs and Profits Lost to Legalized Gambling (1/2013)

Internet Gambling Will Cripple World's Economic, Financial Systems (1/2013)

Play to Extinction (Video) (12/2012)

Billions of Dollars Owed by Gambling Interests (12/2012)

Reid-Kyl Internet Gambling Bill Could Enable Money Laundering (12/2012)

Kindt Recommends Faculty Voice Concerns Now (12/2012)

Destructive Influence on Campus (12/2012)

Gambling Arrives in Campustown (11/2012)

Voter Education Important (11/2012)

Increasing Legal Disputes for Proposed Constitutional Amendment (10/2012)

Lawsuit Identifies Constitutional Irregularities (10/2012)

Tribune, Unions and Kindt Agree: No to Constitutional Amendment (10/2012)

Do You Trust Springfield? (10/2012)

Voters to Decide If Pensions Should be Tougher to Increase (10/2012)

The Next Big Speculative Financial Bubble (10/2012)

Illinois Amendment Would Eliminate Constitutional Protections (10/2012)

Gamblers Only Have So Much Money to Spend, Says Kindt (10/2012)

Audio: Kindt Says Legislators Trying to Trick Illinois Voters (9/2012)

Anti-Gambling Backlash in Ohio (9/2012)

Pro-Gambling Rhetoric "Kinda Silly" (8/2012)

Gov. Quinn and 'The New Untouchables' (8/2012)

Indian Tribes Fear Legalizing Online Poker (7/2012)

Sports Betting Known as Gateway Drug (7/2012)

Peanuts in Revenue for Champaign (7/2012)

An Economic Cancer on the Body Politic (7/2012)

Budget Solution for Illinois: Tax Gambling, Not People (7/2012)

Kindt Describes Video Gambling as “Black Hole Economics” (6/2012)

Sports Betting Means Crime, Addiction, and Costs for Taxpayers (US News) (6/2012)

Video: Is Gaming Expansion a Job Creator or Job Killer? (6/2012)

Illinois Should Fold When it Comes to Gambling (6/2012)

Budget Solution for Illinois: Tax Gambling, Not People (5/2012)

Champaign City Ignores ILLINOIS Faculty Senate and Student Resolutions Against Slots (5/2012)

IL State Legislators Collect Big Contributions from Gambling Interests (5/2012)

Illinois' Best Bet (5/2012)

Champaign City Council Choose Gambling  (5/2012)

Horse Racing and Videotapes (5/2012)

Taking a Gamble (5/2012)

UI Senate Backs Principles for Pension Reform (5/2012)

Bad Social and Economic Policy of Internet Gambling (4/2012)

Offshore Gambling Identified as Contributor to Hospitality Executive's Death (3/2012)

BP Settlement Right Step, But Won't Curtail Corporate Greed (3/2012)

Federal Indictments Designed to Cool Online Gambling (3/2012)

Kindt Urges Larger Casino Licensing Fees (2/2012)

Video: Kindt Joins PBS Hawaii Panel Examining Legalizing Gambling (2/2012)

Slots Bad for Hawaii Economy Says Kindt (2/2012)

Kindt Stands With Honolulu Government Opposing Legalized Gambling (2/2012)

Kindt: An Early Casino State, IL Has Worst Budget Problem (2/2012)

Kindt: Most Lottery Tickets Sold to "Problem Gamblers" During a Recession (2/2012)

Kindt Explains "The Casino Effect" (2/2012)

"Online Gambling is Going to Cost the U.S. Hundreds of Billions, If Not Trillions, of Dollars," Says Kindt. (1/2012)

Audio: Outrageous Justice Department Opinion, Says Kindt on NPR. (1/2012)

Video: Kindt Supports Beacon Council Opposition to Resort Casino (1/2012)

Feds Legalize Online Gambling: Kindt (1/2012)

Gambling Revenue Projections Widely Exaggerated as PR Mechanism (1/2012)

Kindt Cited for Story on Cuomo-backed Gambling in NY City (12/2011)

Kindt Sees Red Flags in Charity-Linked Sweepstakes (12/2011)

Kindt Refutes Genting Group Claim as "Public Relations Move" (12/2011)

Kindt Proposes Alternative to Raising Income Taxes (11/2011)

Gamblers Spend Less on Food and Clothing: Kindt (11/2011)

Kindt: Citizens Losing Gambling Bet (10/2011)

Video: Kindt Presents to Illinois House of Representatives (10/2011)

Kindt Research Brought to Bear in Rockford Casino Story (9/2011)

Spring 2011 ICES "List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent by Their Students"-Draft (9/2011)

An Embarrassing Lottery Fact (8/2011)

Kindt Tells Governor Gambling Not a Pot of Gold in NYT (8/2011)

Slot Machines Kill Jobs Says Kindt (8/2011)

Kindt Concludes 1.5 Jobs Are Lost For Every Job Casinos Create (8/2011)

Kindt Comments on History of Casinos in Illinois (7/2011)

Video: Kindt Talks Wall Street and Poker on First Business (7/2011)

Kindt: Social Media Can Hurt Productivity (7/2011)

Slot Supporters Trying to Misdirect Public, Politicians, Says Kindt (7/2011)

Kindt: How Safe is U.S. Nuclear Power (7/2011)

GOP Relies on Kindt Research Against Gambling (7/2011)

Kindt: The Consequences of Wall Street's Casino Capitalism (6/2011)

Kindt Says Illinois Voters are Against Gambling Expansion 2-to-1 (6/2011)

Kindt: Government Reliance on Casino Revenue (6/2011)

Gambling Expansion: Kindt Interviewed by Daily Illini (6/2011)

Jobs or Slot Machines for Illinois? (6/2011)

Kindt Calls for Increasing Taxes on Illinois Casinos (6/2011)

Kindt Describes Casino Executive's "Recurrent Nightmare" (5/2011)

Kindt Points to Legalized Gambling as Leading Cause of Bankruptcy (5/2011)

Losing Revenue to Gambling: Kindt (4/2011)

Kindt Quoted for Online Betting Comment (4/2011)

Kindt: "Slots Machines are a Bailout for the Horse Racing Industry" (4/2011)

Kindt: BP Oil Spill One Year Later (4/2011)

Kindt Rejects Gambling Expansion Idea to Pay for New Roads (3/2011)

Kindt - Larger Casinos Mean Greater Local Economy Job Losses (2/2011)

Video: Kindt Interviewed about Illinois Gambling Expansion Bill (1/2011)

A MINUTE WITH... John Kindt on Gambling in Illinois (1/2011)

Kindt Blames Short-Sighted Interior Department for 7 Year Drilling Moratorium (12/2010)

Kindt: Legalizing Online Gambling Bad Bet for Lame-Duck Congress (12/2010)

Kindt Speaks in Arlington Community Forum (10/2010)

Gambling for Freedom: Kindt Quoted (10/2010)

An "Unfathomable" Proposal to Legalize Internet Gambling (8/2010)

Kindt: Online Betting a House of Cards for World Economy (8/2010)

Internet Gambling Legalization Bid Seen as Long Shot in ABC News (8/2010)

Kindt Says "Keep the Ban" in NYT: Room for Debate (7/2010)

Kindt: Economic Drawbacks of Legalized Gambling (7/2010)

Gambling Expansion Never Stops (6/2010)

Entertainment or Gambling? (6/2010)

Video: Kindt Interviewed About Effort to Legalize Internet Gambling (6/2010)

Worst Form of Gambling Now Banned (6/2010)

Safety vs. Drilling: Kindt Video Interview on First Business (6/2010)

Oil Spill Should Spark Safety Measures, Not Curb Drilling, Expert Says (5/2010)

Leveraging the Gulf Oil Disaster (5/2010)

Kindt Identifies a New Crisis Under Construction (5/2010)

Kindt: Casino Capitalism in League with Worst Economic Crises (5/2010)

Video: Kindt Quoted on Peoria Vote Proposal (4/2010)

Kindt on Dangers of Speed Gambling (3/2010)

Kindt: Economic Problems Abound for Hawaii (2/2010)

Kindt Cited in Story About Gambling Website (2/2010)

Video: Kindt Comments on Online Gambling, Regulation, and Congress (2/2010)

Kindt: Gambling Sucks Money From the Consumer Economy (1/2010)

Table Games Could Cut Into Tax Breaks (1/2010)

In Kindt's View: Video Gambling in Illinois (1/2010)

Kindt Research on Gambling Cited in Alabama News (1/2010)

Kindt comments on new Florida scratch-off lottery tickets. (1/2010)

Video: Kindt Interviewed about Online Gambling (12/2009)

Kindt: Gambling is a Shell Game on the Public (12/2009)

Kindt: Online Gambling a Threat to Global Economy (12/2009)

Kindt Report Bolsters National Gambling Impact Study (11/2009)

Kindt Quoted on Gambling (11/2009)

Kindt: Legalized Gambling Detrimental to Students (11/2009)

Kindt on Gambling Clout in Ohio (10/2009)

Casinos Ruinous to Ohio Economy: Kindt (10/2009)

Kindt Speaks at News Conference Against Gambling in The Columbus Dispatch (10/2009)

Kindt Dismisses Police Study (10/2009)

Kindt Quoted as Expert on Video Poker Games (9/2009)

Kindt: Bill "In Trouble Out of the Gate" (9/2009)

Kindt Opposes Ohio's Billion-Dollar Gamble (9/2009)

Kindt Weighs in on Champaign County Gambling Issue (9/2009)

Kindt on Ohio's Billion-Dollar Gamble (9/2009)

Single-game betting goes on, as usual (9/2009)

Kindt in NY Times: Gambling Expansion Neither Quick Nor a Fix (9/2009)

Revenue-Hungry States Take New Look At Gaming (8/2009)

"For every slot machine, you lose one job per year," says Kindt. (8/2009)

Kindt Comments on Local Gambling Development (6/2009)

Kindt Responds to Video Poker Proposal (5/2009)

Kindt Claims Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) Efforts "Outrageous" (5/2009)

Online Gambling a Bad Bet for America, Says Kindt (5/2009)

Kindt supports current law against online gambling (5/2009)

Gambling ban would reverse recession, new book says (4/2009)

State Can't Gamble Its Way Out of Trouble (Kindt) (2/2009)

Podcast: Kindt on State Lotteries (1/2009)

Kindt Has Boost for Economy: Ban Gambling (10/2008)

Kindt: Ban on Betting Would Boost Ailing Economy (9/2008)

Gaming Industry Strained by Soft Economy? (9/2008)

Accessibility of Gambling (9/2008)

Kindt: Round-the-Clock Casinos Bad for Society (4/2008)

Kindt: The U.S. Military Should Find Other Ways to Entertain Troops (12/2007)

Kindt on Connecticut Casinos (7/2006)

Kindt Comment Rebutted in Commentary (7/2006)

House Passes Limits to Online Gambling (7/2006)

Kindt on Online Gambling (7/2006)

Kindt Comments on Illinois Gaming Board's Authority (6/2006)

Growth of Gambling in Missouri: Kindt Comments (6/2006)

Online Gambling Focus of Proposed Legislation (4/2006)

Kindt Testifies Before House Judiciary Committee (4/2006)

Casino for Ohio? Kindt Comments (4/2006)

Land-based Casino Proposed for Ohio (4/2006)


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