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Financial Modeling

Our objective in this course is to learn the fundamentals and practise building financial models using Microsoft Excel. By the end of the semester each student should be able develop an understanding of any financial relationship and build that financial relationship into a model using the built-in functions of excel.

Keep in mind that financial modeling, by definition, requires significant work outside the classroom. Models are introduced, demonstrated, and reviewed in class, but each student is expected to research and collect data, and to construct the models, prior to each weeks class meeting.

Required Materials

  • Flash Drive
  • Finance Ribbon


Recommended Materials

Chandan Sengupta
"Financial Analysis and Modeling using Excel and VBA" (For Excel 2007)
Wiley Finance
Simon Benninga
"Financial Modeling"
MIT Press
Elisabeth Oltheten & Kevin Waspi
"Financial Markets, A Practicum"


We will be using Sengupta as our main text. It is easier to follow than the Benninga if you are a beginner. We will also be using some of the models from Benninga. This is a good second text. The Finance is more sophisticated but it is less user friendly. If you are taking this class with a friend or fraternity-brother I suggest one of you buy Sengupta and the other buy Benninga.


Further Reading

If you are looking for models specifically geared to Investment Banking try Rosenbaum & Pearl. If you are going to be working in Investment Banking I strongly recommend that you get this book and keep it at hand as you develop your models. Joshua Rosenbaum & Joshua Pearl
"Investment Banking"
Wiley Finance

Elisabeth Oltheten
Assistant Professor of Finance

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