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Finance 418: Financial Modeling


  • Models are due by midnight on the due date, generally the Friday after the class in which we developed the model.
  • Please note that there is only one submission for each model. So before you hit the submit button take a moment to make sure that the model you submit is the one you want graded.
  • The submission server is cleared to the backup server every morning. A model submitted on Thursday morning will thus be overwritten by the same model submitted Friday morning during the backup process. This allows you to make corrections and resubmit once a day until the deadline.
  • Grades and comments are emailed in return


  • Models may be corrected and re-submitted for 80% credit.
  • Re-submissions are due the following Friday at midnight. This allows you to ask questions in class before making the resubmission.
  • The models are cleared from the server when they are graded so that re-submissions can be made online from this web page.
  • Please note that there is one submission date for each model and one re-submission date for each model. There are no re-re-submission dates and no re-re-submissions.


  • Only models properly submitted are counted for course credit.
  • Emailed models are considered abandoned property. They will not be graded.
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