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The course consists of several elements


  • In each class we will develop a model or portion thereof. The model is generally due at midnight on the Friday following the class in which the model is completed. Models are submitted through the web site [Submit Models] at which time they are date and time stamped by the server.
  • Models returned with comments and a mark out of /5. If your model scores less than 4/5 then you are encouraged to resubmit corrected models for 80% of full marks. Re-submissions are due the following Friday at midnight.
  • There are NO re-re-submissions
  • We do about 20-25 models throughout the semester so this constitutes the bulk of your class grade.
  • We will frequently work a model from class to class. This means that there are no deadline extensions. If you do not have the previous model completed then you will have nothing with which to work when the class continues. If you miss a class remember that the template and class powerpoint are on Compass.

In-Class Exercises

  • An in-class exercise is the modeling equivalent to a pop-quiz.
  • In-class exercises are designed to test your modeling skills under pressure. They are worked in-class and are due at the end of the specified time period.
  • There are no re-submissions.
  • Each in quiz is graded /5. The best N-1 out of N in-class exercises count towards your total points earned in the class.


  • The project consists of a presentation to the class of a model developed
    • * As an extension of a class model for another class (so long as you have permission from the instructor). The instructor should be invited to your presentation.
    • * For an internship or other work (so long as you have permission from the company for whom the model was developed)
  • Projects are done in teams of two
  • The model and presentation is scored by your colleagues on motivation, format and performance of the model, indication to a potential recruiter, and overall presentation.
  • Colleague evaluations generate a score /25 for the model presentation
  • Evaluations and comments of colleagues' pesentations are scored /10 for clarity, relevance, and helpfulness.

MMIL Certification

  • In the course of the semester you must acquire Basic MMIL Certification
    • Bloomberg 101, 103
    • Capital IQ 101
    • Crystal Ball 101
    • Matlab 101
    • Moody’s KMV 101
    • Morningstar Direct 101
    • Rotman Interactive Trader 101
    • Excel 101*
    • * Finance 418 and 518 students are automatically passed on the Excel 101 component of the MMIL Level I Certification so long as you pass the course.
  • Make sure that you register with the Markets Information Lab so that your progress is recorded and reported for course credit. Keep in mind that the Margolis Markets Information Lab cannot add classes or tests at the end of the semester to students who have procrastinated themselves into a corner. It is your responsibility to make sure that you complete the Certification during the course of the semester.

Office Hours

  • Wednesdays 1:30pm to 3:30pm [ 440 Wohlers Hall ] © Copyright 2007 Department of Finance, University of Illinois