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Teacher Resources


Economics and Personal Finance Education Resources

Free classroom resources for K-16 educators to use to teach about money and banking, economics, personal finance and the Federal Reserve.

Federal Reserve of St. Louis
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Curriculum Materials

Presentations, Teacher Guides, and student activities on subjects ranging from Decision Making, Budgeting, Banking, Credit Cards and other loans, to consumer privacy, saving, and investment.

Curriculum Materials


Can-I-afford-a-car calculator, rebudget-my-budget calculators, The Practical Money Skills site has an online calculator for almost anything.


Play Financial Football

Financial Football

Created by Visa and the National Football League this game is easy and fun. Ideal for two people, each player creates a team and moves the ball down the field by answering questions about financial literacy.

Players choose easy (1-5 yards), medium(6-10 yards), or difficult (11-20 yards) questions to answer.

Lesson Plans

Resources are available at Training Camp.


Play Financial Football

Play Karma Tycoon

Karma Tycoon

Karma Tycoon is free game - although you do need to register and get a password - running not-for-profit organizations in 11 different cities across the United States. Players apply for grants and loans, outfit not-for-profits with the basic necessities, and watch the news ticker to make sure a hurricane doesn’t interfere with plans. With successful management of funds, players are given additional grants and donations, enabling their organization to grow in scale and offer more services to further help the community.

About Karma Tycoon  /  Play Karma Tycoon

Smart Money Quiz Show

Created by Visa for ages 18 and up, the Get Out of Debt Quiz Show is a great resource for banking information, developing credit and debt management skills, and avoiding consumer scams.


Play the Smart Money Quiz Show
Play the Smart Money Game Show

Banking Tutor

Get good practical information at VISA's Banking Totor


There are numerous resources for teachers. We collect here a number of on line resources open to the public. If you would like to include an comment, recommendation, or warning on any of these resources please email to . If you have a resource or information about a resource you would like to share with other teachers please drop me a note to and we'll add it to the list. © Copyright 2007 Department of Finance, University of Illinois