Research coAuthored with College of Business Faculty

Journal Articles

"Using Inductive Learning to Predict Bankruptcy" D. Whitford, J. Gentry, M. Shaw, A. Tessmer, Journal of Organizational Computing, (12) 1 39-57 2002.

"Inductive Learning for International Financial Evaluation: A Layered Approach" M. Shaw, A. Tessmer, J. Gentry, Journal of Management Information Systems, (9) 4 17-36 1993.

Conference Proceedings

"Complex Concept Acquisition through Directed Search & Feature Caching, and Practical Results in a Financial Domain" M. Shaw, H. Ragavan, L. Rendell, A. Tessmer, 946-951 Morgan Kaufmann: Los Altos, CA, 1993.

Instructional Software

"Value & Time" E. Oltheten, A. Tessmer, C. Linke, 2002.


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