Research coAuthored with College of Business Faculty

Journal Articles

"Is Cash Negative Debt? A Hedging Perspective on Corporate Financial Policies" V. Avharya, H. Almeida, M. Campello, Journal of Financial Intermediation, (16) 515-554 2007.

"The Financial Accelerator: Evidence From International Housing Markets" H. Almeida, M. Campello, C. Liu, Review of Finance, (10) 321-352 2006.

"The Cash Flow Sensitivity of Cash" H. Almeida, M. Weisbach, Journal of Finance, (59) 4 1777-1804 2004.

Working Papers

"Corporate Demand for Liquidity" H. Almeida, M. Weisbach, 2003.

"Financial Constraints and Investment-Cash Flow Sensitivities: New Research Directions" M. Campello, H. Almeida, 2003.


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