Chronological Order


  • Zhang, Yilin "Three Essays on Asset pricing" May 2014
    Initial Placement: Peking University
  • Caskurlu, Tolga "Essays in Corporate Finance" May 2014
    Initial Placement: Amsterdam Business School


  • Chebonenko, Tatiana "Textual Analysis, Informational Diffusion, and Asset Returns" December 2013
  • Nguyen, Quoc "Three Essays on Empirical Finance" December 2013
    Initial Placement: University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Yao, Chen "Three Essays on Market Transparency" August 2013
    Initial Placement: University of Warwick
  • Cunha, Igor "Essays in Corporate Finance and Corporate Managment" May 2013
    Initial Placement: Nova School of Business & Economics
  • Gu, Lifeng "Three Essays on Financial Economics" May 2013
    Initial Placement: University of Hong Kong


  • Kitwiwattanachai, Canatip "Essays in Credit Derivatives" August 2012
    Initial Placement: University of Connecticut
  • Sun, Dongming "Essays in Corporate Finance and Investments" August 2012
    Initial Placement: JP Morgan Chase
  • Lee, Jaehoon "Stocks, Bonds, and Volatility in Financial Markets" May 2012
    Initial Placement: University of South Wales
  • Muravyev, Dmitriy "Three Essasys in Empirical Derivatives" May 2012
    Initial Placement: Boston College


  • Kim, Ryoonhee "A Study on Capital Structure and Corporate Governance" May 2011
    Initial Placement: City University of Hong Kong
  • Laranjeira, Bruno "Essays in Corporate Finance" May 2011
    Initial Placement: McKinsey


  • Jacobs, Thomas "Changing Market Perceptions of Who is Too Big to Fail During the Credit Crisis of 2007-2008" August 2010
    Initial Placement: DePaul University
  • Risik, Elizabeth "Signaling and Value Creation in Mergers" August 2010
    Initial Placement: Webster University


  • Jochec, Marek "Essays on Market Microstructure, Behavioral Finance, and Asset Management" October 2009
    Initial Placement: ISCTE Business School


  • Deng, Qian "Three Essays on Empirical Asset Pricing" May 2008
    Initial Placement: Blackrock Investment Management


  • Julio, Brandon "Three Essays on Empirical Corporate Finance" October 2007
    Initial Placement: London Business School
    Current Position: London Business School
    Web Page:
  • Ni, Sophie Xiaoyan "Stock Option Returns, A Puzzle" May 2007
    Initial Placement: Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
    Current Position: Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


  • Henderson, Brian J. "Three Essays on Firms Decisions to Issue Securities" October 2006
    Initial Placement: Seton Hall University
    Current Position: George Washington University
  • Kim, Woojin "Essays in International Finance" May 2006
    Initial Placement: KDI School of Public Policy and Management
    Current Position: Seoul National University
    Web Page:


  • Dimmock, Stephen "Essays in Financial Economics" October 2005
    Initial Placement: Michigan State University
    Current Position: Michigan State University
    Web Page:
  • Han, Joong H. "Essays on Corporate Finance and Financial Intermediation" October 2005
    Initial Placement: KDI School of Public Policy and Management
    Current Position: KDI School of Public Policy and Management
    Web Page:
  • Lee, Sangwoo "Three Essays in Capital Markets Research" October 2005
    Initial Placement: City University of Hong Kong
    Current Position: City University of Hong Kong
  • Li, Minqiang "Essays in Dynamic Models in Finance" May 2005
    Initial Placement: Georgia Institute of Technology
    Current Position: Georgia Institute of Technology
    Web Page:
  • Marks, Joseph "Three Essays in Financial Economics" May 2005
    Initial Placement: Seton Hall University
    Current Position: Jacobs Levy Equity Management




  • Silva, Anderson "Empirical Essays on Auctions of Brazilian Treasury Securities" December 2001
    Initial Placement: Brazilian Ministry of Finance
    Current Position: World Bank
  • Serbin, Vitaly "Three Essays in Finance" December 2001
    Initial Placement: ITG
    Current Position: ITG
  • Kim, Joonghyuk "Two Essays in Corporate Finance and Investment" October 2001
    Initial Placement: Case Western Reserve University
    Current Position: Korea University
  • Ahlgrim, Kevin "The Effects of Multifactor Term Structure Models on Insurance Valuation" May 2001
    Initial Placement: Bradley University
    Current Position: Illinois State University
    Web Page:
  • Dehring, Carolyn "Three Essays in Real Estate and UUrban Economics" May 2001
    Initial Placement: University of Texas at Arlington
    Current Position: University of Georgia
    Web Page:


  • Campello, Murillo "Three Essays in Corporate Finance and Banking" May 2000
    Initial Placement: Arizona State University
    Current Position: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    Web Page:
  • Chan, Konan "Essay I: Accrual Effect in Stock Returns: Earnings Management of Sluggish Market Reactions? Essay II: The Accrual Effect on Future Earnings" January 2000
    Initial Placement: Case Western Reserve University
    Current Position: National Taiwan University
    Web Page:


  • Ju, Xiongwei "Three Essays on Modeling Financial Risk and Pricing Financial Assets" October 1999
    Initial Placement: Arbitrade
    Current Position: Millenium Partners
  • Zhou, Anjun "Nonparametric and Parametric Analyses on the Forward Rate Volatilities and their Implications on Interest Rate Options Pricing" October 1999
    Initial Placement: State University of New York at Binghamton
    Current Position: Morgan Stanley Investment Management



  • Chen, Hsui-Lang "1) Equity Style Identification. 2) Equity Fund Performance Evaluation: The Importance of Fund Style. 3) A Dynamic Model of Mutual Fund Managers’ Investment Strategies" May 1997
    Initial Placement: University of Illinois at Chicago
    Current Position: University of Illinois at Chicago
    Web Page:
  • Gasbarro, Domenico "The Impact of Rediscount Official Cash Rate Target and Prime Rate Changes on Selected Treasury, Equity and Futures Securities in Australia for the Period 1986-1995" May 1997
    Initial Placement: Murdoch University
    Current Position: Murdoch University
    Web Page:
  • Karceski, Jason "Essay 1: The Risk and Return from Factors. Essay 2: Forecasting Covariances for Portfolio Optimization. Essay 3: An Agency Explanation of the Book-to-Market Effect" May 1997
    Initial Placement: University of Florida
    Current Position: University of Florida
    Web Page:


  • Lu, Wei-Li "Pension Plan for China: Application of Dynamic Modeling" October 1996
    Current Position: California State University-Fullerton
  • Ward, Randall "Essays in Finance: Market Response to Catastrophic Events on the Insurance Industry and Return on Investment of a Land grant University" October 1996
  • Jokivuolle, Esa "Three Essays ‘Is There Convergence to Arbitrage Pricing in Almost Complete Markets?’; ‘The Pricing of Options on an Index Involving Stale Prices’; and ‘The Right of Redemption Clause of Some Finnish Housing Corporations’" October 1996
    Initial Placement: University of Helsinki
    Current Position: Bank of Finland


  • Lee, Inmoo "Two Essays in Finance ‘Do Firms Knowingly Sell Overvalued Equity?’ and ‘Deposit Insurance with Changing Volatility: An Application of Exotic Options" May 1995
    Initial Placement: Case Western Reserve University
    Current Position: Dimensional Fund Advisors, Texas
  • Oh, Pyung "Optimal Funding of State Public Employee Pension Systems" May 1995
  • Sopranzetti, Benito "The Economics of Factoring and Securitizing Accounts Receivable" May 1995
    Initial Placement: Seattle University
    Current Position: Rutgers


  • Davis, James "Two Essays on the Cross-Section of Stock Return" October 1994
    Initial Placement: Kansas State University
  • Gu, Yan-Xiang "Three Essays on Housing" October 1994
    Initial Placement: Illinois Wesleyan University
    Current Position: State University of New York at Genesco
  • Wu, Li "Valuation of Deposit Insurance with Stochastic “Charter Value”; Did the Good Guys Lose? The Effect of Regulatory Restrictions on Dual Trading" October 1994
    Initial Placement: City Polytechnic of Hong Kong
    Current Position: City Polytechnic of Hong Kong
  • Henebry, Kathleen "A Cox Proportional Hazards - Cash Flow Model for Bank Failure Prediction" May 1994
    Initial Placement: University of Nebraska-Omaha
    Current Position: University of Nebraska-Omaha
  • Kim, Kyung-Won "International Equity Markets and Market Microstructure" January 1994
    Current Position: Kyonggi University


  • Kim, Duck-Young "Bank Decisions on Capital and Risk Under Regulatory Uncertainty" May 1993
    Initial Placement: Sook Myung Women's University
  • Loughran, Timothy "Three Essays on the Long-Run Performance of New Issues and Extreme Performers" May 1993
    Initial Placement: University of Iowa
    Current Position: University of Notre Dame
  • Trefzger, Joseph "Three Essays on Property: The Microeconomic Foundations of Locational Obsolescence; Holdouts and Cartel Formations in the Land Assembly Process; Compensation for Land Use Regulation-The Lucas Case" May 1993
    Initial Placement: Illinois State University
    Current Position: Illinois State University
  • Hutchison, David "Retail Bank Deposit Pricing and Interest Rate Risk" May 1993
    Initial Placement: Washington State University
    Current Position: Westwood Development Group


  • Dyer, Mike "An Empirical Evaluation of Property-Liability Insurance Financial Ratemaking Models" May 1992
    Initial Placement: Bowling Green State University
    Current Position: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Ellinger, Paul "Using Intervention Analysis to Measure Economic Performance Adjustments in Bank Combinations" May 1992
    Initial Placement: Texas A&M
    Current Position: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


  • Lee, Keun-Chang "Pricing and Dynamic Hedging Strategies for a Bond-Linked Life Insurance Policy with a Guarantee" May 1991
    Initial Placement: Hhanyang University
  • Kim, Moon "Incremental Information Content of Cash Flow Variables: A Spanning Approach" May 1991
    Current Position: Syracuse University
  • Yang, Tai-le "Household Tenure and the Mortgage Prepayment" May 1991
    Initial Placement: California State University
    Current Position: Freddie Mac


  • Cheong, Mun "A Theoretical and Empirical Investigation of Prime and Score: An Application of Two State Option Pricing Model" May 1990
    Initial Placement: Dongsuh Research Institute
    Current Position: Dongsuh Research Institute
  • Hsin, Chin-Wen "Default-Free Bond Futures and Options on Default-Free Bond Futures: Theoretical and Empirical Investigation" May 1990
    Initial Placement: Baruch College (CUNY)
    Current Position: College of Management
  • Chen, Ren-Raw "Pricing Interest Rate Contingent Claims" May 1990
    Initial Placement: National Taiwan University
    Current Position: Rutgers
  • Ikenberry, David "Corporate Governance Through the Proxy Contest: Evidence and Implications" May 1990
    Initial Placement: Rice University
    Current Position: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Sung, Hyun "Two Essays on Shareholder Returns and the Form of Financing in Mergers and Tender Offers" May 1990
    Initial Placement: Loyola University


  • Krueger, Mark "Estimating a Division's Cost of Equity Capital in a Multi-Factor World: A Spanning Approach" May 1989
    Initial Placement: University of Colorado
    Current Position: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Lee, Hei "Reexamine the Impact of Security Offering Decisions on Equity Returns: The Multivariate Signaling Hypothesis" May 1989
    Initial Placement: University of Miami
    Current Position: University of Michigan-Dearborn
  • Maher, Matthew "Capital Requirements and Bank Holding Company Risk: Evidence from the Capital Market" May 1989
    Initial Placement: Boise State University
    Current Position: Boise State University
  • Yang, Chau-Chen "The Impact of New Equity Financing on Firms' Investment, Dividend, and Debt-Financing Decisions" May 1989
    Initial Placement: Tong Hsing Enterprise Group
    Current Position: National Taiwan University


  • Frohlich-Plummer, Cheryl "An Asymptotic Principal Components Performance Measurement for Mutual Funds with Emphasis on Fixed Income Funds Relative to Balanced and Stock Funds" October 1988
    Initial Placement: University of North Florida
    Current Position: University of North Florida
  • Marshall, David "The Pricing of Mortgage Characteristics and Consumer Choice in Mortgage Market" October 1988
    Initial Placement: Miami University
    Current Position: Miami University


  • Krueger, Joan "The Competitive Effects of Health Maintenance Organizations" January 1987
    Initial Placement: University of Southern California
    Current Position: University of Southern California


  • Datta, Prabir "Effects of Ownership Pattern on Capital Structure: A Special Case of Stock and Mutual Property Liability Insurance Firms" October 1986
    Initial Placement: University of Arizona
    Current Position: Guidance Finance Group
  • Kannan, Srinivasan "An Empirical Investigation of Security Analysts' Return Expectations" October 1986
    Initial Placement: Colorado State University
    Current Position: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Rahman, Shafiqur "Essay I: Interaction of Investment, Financing, and Dividend Decision: Control Theory Approach; Essay II: Nonoptimization Approach to Financial Planning: Theory and Empirical Results" October 1986
    Initial Placement: Portland State University
    Current Position: Portland State University
  • Sunderman, Mark "The Value of Mortgage Assumptions" October 1986
    Initial Placement: University of Wyoming
    Current Position: University of Wyoming
  • Vasconcellos, Geraldo "The Capital Structure Decision in the Banking Firm" January 1986
    Initial Placement: Florida Atlantic University
    Current Position: Lehigh University


  • Han, Dong "Dividend Policy Under Capital Market and Signaling Equilibria: Theory and Evidence" October 1985
    Initial Placement: Arizona State University
    Current Position: Kyung Hee University
  • Carroll, Carol "Signalling: The Investor's Viewpoint" May 1985
    Current Position: University of Alabama
  • Fellows, Paul "Risk Returns to Scale and Monopoly Power in Horizontal Mergers Theory and Evidence" May 1985
    Initial Placement: University of Iowa
    Current Position: Truman University
  • Gweon, Seong "Rational Expectations, Supply Effect, and Stock Price Adjustment Process: A Simultaneous Equations System Approach" May 1985
    Initial Placement: Virginia Commonwealth University
    Current Position: Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Scheu, Timothy "Site Valuation and Optimal Development" January 1985
    Initial Placement: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    Current Position: Western Michigan University


  • Garven, James "Corporate Insurance Contracting and the Value of the Firm" October 1984
    Initial Placement: Penn State University
    Current Position: Baylor University
  • Alderson, Michael "Pension Funding, Taxation, and Capital Structure" October 1984
    Initial Placement: Texas A&M
    Current Position: Saint Louis University
  • Chu, Chen-Chin "Alternative Methods for Determining the Expected Market Risk Premium: Theory and Evidence" May 1984
    Initial Placement: University of Memphis
    Current Position: University of Memphis
  • Kang, Han-Bin "Interest Rates and Cyclical Underwriting Profits in the Property-Liability Insurance Industry: An Equilibrium Approach" May 1984
    Initial Placement: Illinois State University
    Current Position: Illinois State University
  • Wei, Kuo-Chiang "The Generalized Intertemporal Capital Asset Pricing Model Versus the Arbitrage Pricing Theory: Theory and Empirical Evidence" May 1984
    Initial Placement: University of Mississippi
    Current Position: Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  • Wong, Glenda "The Effect of Stock Exchange Listing on Trading Volume, Market Liquidity, and Stock Price Volatility" May 1984
    Initial Placement: Washington State University
  • Junkus, Joan "Valuation of Stock Index Futures and Their Relation to the Underlying Index: Theory and Evidence" January 1984
    Initial Placement: University of California-Irvine
    Current Position: DePaul University


  • Kwan-Chen, Ma "Optimal Intervention Rules: A Multi-Market Approach" October 1983
    Initial Placement: University of Toledo


  • Heuson, Andrea "An Empirical Analysis of Differential Price Movements in GNMA Pass Through Security and Government Bond Markets" October 1982
    Initial Placement: University of Miami
    Current Position: University of Miami
  • Lehmann, John "Analysis of Factors that Influence the Basis for Financial Futures" October 1982
    Initial Placement: Northern Illinois University
  • Webb, James "Pricing Large Ticket Capital Assets: The Case of Residential Income Producing Real Property" May 1982
    Initial Placement: Kent State University
    Current Position: Cleveland State University
  • D'Arcy, Stephen "Theories of Regulatory Behavior: A Case Study of Property-Liability Insurance Regulatory System" May 1982
    Initial Placement: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    Current Position: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Gilmer, R. "Affects of Changing Inflation Expectations on Wealth Transfers, Valuation, and Investment Behavior" May 1982
    Initial Placement: University of Oklahoma
    Current Position: Mississippi State University
  • Cho, Dongsae "Risk Management Decision Making: An Integrated Approach" January 1982
    Initial Placement: University of Minnesota
    Current Position: Quinnipiac University


  • Perry, Gladys "Regional Stock Exchanges: An Examination of Internal and External Efficiency, 1955-1977" May 1981


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  • Aphimeteetamrong, Virach "The Contribution of Financial Institutions to Thai Economic Development" May 1980


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  • Eck, James "A Critical Analysis of State Regulation of Insurance" October 1979
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  • Gustavson, Sandra "Pension Plans and the Writing of Exchange-Traded, Fully-Covered Call Options" May 1979
  • Harrington, Scott "Stock Life Insurance Company Shareholder Dividend Policy: An Empirical Analysis" May 1979
  • Lim, Ungki "Corporate Liquidity Management in Relation to Dividend and Other Working Capital Decisions: A Time Series Empirical Study" May 1979
  • Redman, Arnold "Urban Residential Land and Housing: A Model with Empirical Testing" May 1979
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  • Gile, Frank "Some Implications of the Pension Reform Act of 1974 for Fixed Benefit Pension Plans" January 1979


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