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Academy Alumni

Alumni are listed in alphabetical order by graduation date. Email addresses, current place of employment, and resumes are provided only for those alumni who specifically authorize their publication on this site.

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Class of 2010

 Name Class of  Email  Profile  Resume  Areas of Interest
Olabisi Adesida 2010   
Jawwad Akhtar 2010   
Kyla Bachtell 2010   
Calen Campanella 2010   
Michelle Chin 2010   
Brittany D'Arcy 2010   
Rohit Dhake 2010   
Sam Fahlberg 2010   
Karan Ganjawalla 2010   
Christine Groesbeck 2010   
Akrati Johari 2010   
Edward Kennedy 2010   
Kyle Kruke 2010   
Shilpa Kumar 2010   
Catherine Lien 2010   
John Lohr 2010   
Allie Marconi 2010   
Sarah McGinniss 2010   
David Mejia 2010   
Micheal Murray 2010   
Micheal Rochman 2010   
Muffadel Saylawala 2010   
Tyler Schehl 2010   
Dominic Storto 2010   
Nick Tipsord 2010   
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