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A. Tenbrunsel


Research coAuthored with College of Business Faculty

Journal Articles

"Publications, contributions, and the social dilemma of scholarly productivity: A reaction to Aguinis, Debruin, Cunningham, Hall, Culpepper, & Gottfredson (2010)." G. Northcraft, A. Tenbrunsel, Academy of Management Learning & Education, (11) 2 303-308 2012

"Effective matrices, decision frames, and cooperation in volunteer dilemmas: A theoretical perspective on academic peer review." G. Northcraft, A. Tenbrunsel, Organization Science, (22) 5 1277-1285 2011

"The allocation of benefits and burdens: Does it really matter what we allocate?." G. Northcraft, M. Neale, A. Tenbrunsel, M. Thomas, Social Justice Research, (9) 27-46 1996

Chapters in Books

"In the Eye of the Beholder: Payoff Structures and Decision Frames in Social Dilemmas." A. Tenbrunsel, G. Northcraft, 95-116 In Social Decision Making: Social Dilemmas, Social Values, and Ethical Judgments, 2009


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