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D.L. Rogers


Research coAuthored with College of Business Faculty

Journal Articles

"Neglected Effects on the Uses Side: Even a Uniform Tax Would Change Relative Goods Prices." D. Fullerton, D. Rogers, American Economic Review, May: 1997

"Lifetime vs. Annual Perspectives on Tax Incidence." D. Rogers, National Tax Journal, September: 1991


"Who Bears the Lifetime Tax Burden." D. Fullerton, D. Rogers, Brookings: Washington, DC, 1993

Chapters in Books

"Lifetime Effects of Fundamental Tax Reform." D. Fullerton, D. Rogers, In Economic Effects of Fundamental Tax Reform, (Eds: H. Aaron and W. Gale), Brookings: Washington, DC, 1996

"Distributional Effects on a Lifetime Basis." D. Fullerton, D. Rogers, In Distributional Analysis of Tax Policy, (Eds: D. Bradford), American Enterprise Institute Press: Washington, DC, 1995


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