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Y.K. Henderson


Research coAuthored with College of Business Faculty

Journal Articles

"A Disaggregate Equilibrium Model of the Tax Distortions Among Assets, Sectors, and Industries." D. Fullerton, Y. Henderson, International Economic Review, May: 1989

"Long Run Effects of the Accelerated Cost Recovery System." D. Fullerton, Y. Henderson, Review of Economics and Statistics, August: 1985

Chapters in Books

"The Impact of Fundamental Tax Reform on the Allocation of Resources." D. Fullerton, Y. Henderson, In The Effects of Taxation on Capital Accumulation, (Eds: M. Feldstein), University of Chicago Press: Chicago, IL, 1987

"Investment Allocation and Growth Under the Tax Reform Act of 1986." D. Fullerton, Y. Henderson, J. Mackie, In Compendium of Tax Research 1987, U.S. Treasury Department: Washington, DC, 1987

"Incentive Effects of Taxes on Income from Capital: Alternative Policies in the 1980's." D. Fullerton, Y. Henderson, In The Legacy of Reaganomics, (Eds: C. R. Hulten and I. V. Sawhill), Urban Institute Press: Washington, DC, 1984

"A Comparison of Methodologies in Empirical General Equilibrium Models of Taxation." D. Fullerton, Y. Henderson, J. Shoven, In Applied General Equilibrium Analysis, (Eds: H. Scarf and J. B. Shoven), New York: Cambridge University Press, 1984


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