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R. Sikora


Research coAuthored with College of Business Faculty

Journal Articles

"Learning bidding strategies with autonomous agents in environments with unstable equilibrium." R. Sikora, V. Sachdev, Decision Support Systems, December: 46 101-114 2008

"A Multi-agent Framework for the Coordination and Integration of Information systems." M. Shaw, R. Sikora, Management Science, November: 1998

"A Genetic Algorithm Approach to Flexible Flow Scheduling." M. Shaw, I. Lee, R. Sikora, IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics, (27) February: 1 36-54 1997

"A Computational Study of Distributed Rule Learning." M. Shaw, R. Sikora, Information Systems Research, (7) June: 2 189-197 1996

"Integrating a Lot-Sizing and Sequencing Decision for Lead-Time Reduction in Printed Circuit Boards Manufacturing Environment." R. Sikora, D. Chhajed, M. Shaw, Computers & Industrial Engineering, (30) 4 659-679 1996

"Integrating the Lot-Sizing and Sequencing Decisions for Lead-Time Reduction in a Printed Circuit Boards Manufacturing Environment." M. Shaw, R. Sikora, D. Chhajed, Computers & Industrial Engineering, (30) 4 659-671 1996

"A Double-Layered Learning System for Financial Classification." M. Shaw, R. Sikora, Orsa Journal on Computing, (6) Spring: 2 174-187 1994

Conference Proceedings

"Learning Optimal Seller Strategies with Intelligent Agents: Application of Evolutionary and Reinforcement Learning." R. Sikora, V. Sachdev, 75-80 2005

"Manufacturing Information Coordination and System Integration by a Multi-Agent Framework." M. Shaw, R. Sikora, Summer: 335-362 1994

"Joint Lot Sizing and Sequencing for Scheduling with Genetic Algorithms: Evolving the Chromosome Structure." M. Shaw, I. Lee, R. Sikora, July: 383-391 1993

Chapters in Books

"Multi-Agent Enterprise Modeling." M. Shaw, R. Sikora, In Business Modeling, (Eds: C. Holsapple, et al.), Kluwer Academic Publishers: Norwell, Massachusetts, 2002


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