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Golder Center for Private Equity Research

Young, private companies have been a major source of innovation and an engine of growth in both the Illinois and US economies. In the 1980s, the rapidly expanding private equity industry, with early roots in Chicago, provided both financing and leadership to developing organizations. Much of the creative innovation in the world economy in the areas of technology and medicine has been made possible because of private equity involvement. The industry has also played a key role in the reshaping of the US economy through participation in major leveraged buyouts and restructurings.

Despite its critical role as a source of risk financing for new businesses and its crucial impact on the US economy, academic research and training in private equity have been limited. The Office for the Study of Private Equity and Entrepreneurial Finance addresses these limitations through:

  • education and training of students for careers in the industry
  • research and education to enhance knowledge of the evolution and growth of the private equity industry and its impact on global capital
  • markets, entrepreneurship, and economic development
  • conferences and seminars fostering interaction between academic researchers and industry professionals

The office was established in honor of private equity industry pioneer Stanley Golder, a graduate of the College of Business at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. With sufficient support from an endowment, the office is expected to be designated as the Stanley Golder Center for Private Equity some time in 2004.

Julie Pfeiffer, Director
Office for the Study of Private Equity and Entrepreneurial Finance
39th Floor, Illini Center
200 South Wacker Drive
Chicago, IL 60606


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