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MSF Building Relationships in China

Professors Mark Vonnahme, director of the Master of Science in Finance Program and Charles Kahn, senior chair of the Finance Department visit alumni in China.

Professors Mark Vonnahme and Charles Kahn meet with MSF alumni in Shanghai. (From left: Michelle Zhao '11, Honglu Li '11, Haiyao Chen '10, Yijie Zhang '11, Ye Tian '11, Fiona Jin '05, Charles Kahn, Min Qian '11, Mark Vonnahme, Jionghan Dai '12, Shoulu Quian '10, Da Lu '12, Jie Xu '10, Shen Shen Dai '10, Yuchao Xu '10, Yu Chen '10, Zuojia Chen '10)

Professor Mark Vonnahme, director of the Master of Science in Finance (MSF) Program and IBE Clinical Professor along with Professor Charles Kahn, senior chair of the Finance Department and Baily Memorial Chair Professor, visited many of the MSF alumni in China during a ten day trip in October this year. In addition to visiting several universities during their stay, the professors hosted MSF alumni dinner events in both Shanghai and Beijing. Both events were well attended by recent alums excited to hear recent news about Illinois.

Vonnahme and Kahn delivered lectures to students in economics and finance at Zhejiang Gongshang University in Hangzhou as well as Renmin University and Beijing International Study University in Beijing. Students expressed strong interest in the questions they asked about finance and graduate programs offered at Illinois.

For more information about the MSF Program, visit: http://www.business.illinois.edu/msf/  


November 7, 2012




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