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Nolan Miller

Professor of Finance and Julian Simon Faculty Fellow


Ph.D. Managerial Economics and Decision Sciences, Northwestern University, 1999.
B.A. Philosophy, University of Pennsylvania, 1994.
B.S. Economics, University of Pennsylvania, 1994.


Associate Professor of Public Policy, John F. Kennedy of Government, Harvard University, 2004 - 2009
Assistant Professor of Public Policy, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, 1999 - 2004


Journal Articles

"Solomonic Separation: Risk Decisions as Productivity Indicators." N. Miller, R. Zeckhauser, A. Wagner, Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, (46) June: 3 2013

"What Does Health Reform Mean for the Healthcare Industry? Evidence form the Massachusetts Special Senate Election." The American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, (5) August: 3 2013

""Do Consumer Price Subsidies Really Improve Nutrition?"." R. Jensen, N. Miller, Review of Economics and Statistics, (93) 4 2011

"Demanding Consumers: Consumerist Patients and Quality of Care." H. Fang, N. Miller, J. Rizzo, R. Zeckhauser, B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy, (11) 1 2011

"Gffen Behavior and Subsistence Consumption." N. Miller, R. Jensen, American Economic Review, (98) 4 1553-1577 2008

"The Impact of Food Price Increases on Caloric Intake in China." N. Miller, R. Jensen, Agricultural Economics, (39) 465-476 2008

"Advertising Budgets in Competitive Environments." N. Miller, A. Pazgal, Quantitative Marketing and Economics, (5) 2 131-161 2007

"Mechanism Design with Multidimensinal, Continuous Types and Interdependent Valuations." N. Miller, R. Zeckhauser, S. Johnson, J. Pratt, Journal of Economic Theory, (136) 1 476-496 2007

"Provider Choice of Quality and Surplus." N. Miller, K. Eggleston, R. Zeckhauser, INternational Journal of Health Care Finance and Economics, (6) 103-117 2006

"Insurer-Provider Integration, Credible Commitment, and Managed Care Backlash." N. Miller, Journal of Health Economics, (25) 5 861-876 2006

"Possibly-Final Offers." N. Miller, N. Piankov, R. Zeckhauser, Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, (15) Fall: 3 789-819 2006

"Budget or Target: The Choice Between Input and Output Strategies." N. Miller, A. Pazgal, Rand Journal of Economics, (37) Summer: 2 391-415 2006

"Screening Budgets." N. Miller, A. Wagner, R. Zeckhauser, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, (61) 3 351-374 2006

"Eliciting Informative Feedback: The Peer Prediction Method." N. Miller, P. Resnick, R. Zeckhauser, Management Science, (51) September: 9 1359-1373 2005

"Pricing Health Benefits: A Cost Minimization Approach." N. Miller, Journal of Health Economics, (24) 5 931-948 2005

"Strategic Trade and Delegated Competition." N. Miller, A. Pazgal, Journal of International Economics, (66) 1 215-231 2005

"The Effects of Environmental Regulation on Technology Diffusion: The Case of Chlorine Manufacturing." N. Miller, L. Snyder, R. Stavins, American Economic Review, (93) May: 2 431-435 2003

"Relative Performance as a Strategic Commitment Mechanism." N. Miller, A. Pazgal, Managerial and Decision Economics, (23) March: 2 51-68 2002

"The Equivalence of Price and Quality Competition with Delegation." N. Miller, A. Pazgal, Rand Journal of Economics, (32) Summer: 2 284-301 2001

"Efficiency in Partnerships with Joint Monitoring." N. Miller, Journal of Economic Theory, (77) December: 2 285-299 1997

Honors and Awards

State Farm Companies Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Award in Insurance, State Farm , 1998

Junior Selectee, Phi Beta Kappa , 1993

Honorary Mellon Fellow in Humanistic Studies, University of Pennsylvania , 1994

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, Northwestern University , 1994-1997

Manuel C. Carballo Award for Excellence in Teaching, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University , 2009

List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent by Their Students, University of Illinois , 2011-2012


Contact Information
4033 BIF
515 East Gregory Drive
Champaign IL 61820

(217) 244-2847

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