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Dhammika Dharmapala

Professor of Finance



Research Interests

Taxes and Corporate Finance; Corporate Governance; Law and Economics


Journal Articles

"Corporate Governance, Enforcement and Firm Value: Evidence from India." A. Dharmapala, V. Khanna, Journal of Law, Economics and Organizations, 2015
SSRN Abstract

"Earnings Shocks and Tax-Motivated Income-Shifting: Evidence from European Multinationals." A. Dharmapala, N. Riedel, Journal of Public Economics, (97) January: 95-107 2013

"“Dividend Taxes and International Portfolio Choice”." A. Dharmapala, M. Desai, Review of Economics and Statistics, (93) February: 1 266-284 2011
SSRN Abstract

"“Watch What I Do, Not What I Say: The Unintended Consequences of the Homeland Investment Act”." A. Dharmapala, F. Foley, K. Forbes, Journal of Finance, (66) June: 3 753-787 2011
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Contact Information
College of Law, Room 218
504 E. Pennsylvania Ave.
Champaign IL 61820

(217) 333-1286

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