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Alumni are listed in alphabetical order by graduation date. Email addresses, and current place of employment are provided only for those alumni who specifically authorize their publication on this site.

indicates an email address is available,
a full profile, and
a resume, in pdf format, with the date the resume was filed.

spring semester 2015

 Name  semesters  currently with  Email  Profile  LinkedIn
Ilham Bachtier 2015spring   
Prateek Baveja 2015spring   
Kyle Castner 2015spring   
Tienyun Chao 2015spring   
Kushal (KC) Chukkapalli 2014fall, 2015spring   
Brad Coyne 2014fall, 2015spring   
Shichao Fan 2015spring   
Kevin Farshchi 2014fall, 2015spring   
Qiang Fu 2015spring   
Michael Haberkorn 2015spring   
Jessica Kan 2015spring   
Terry Kwan 2015spring   
Ari Lazar 2015spring, 2016spring   
Jing Feng (Jeffrey) Li 2014spring, 2014fall,
and 2015spring
Yifan Liu 2015spring   
Yunlu Liu 2015spring   
Martin Maurer 2015spring   
Devopama Pant 2014fall, 2015spring   
Sai Krishna Poddutur 2015spring   
Neha Saoji 2015spring   
Vishal Shah 2015spring   
Vedvati (Vedu) Shrotre 2015spring   
Jacob Stoiber 2014fall, 2015spring   
Yichen Sun 2015spring   
Drew Szilagyi 2015spring   
Melanie Tan 2015spring   
Thomas Van Spankeren 2014fall, 2015spring   
Gongsheng Wang 2015spring   
Siyu Xu 2015spring   


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