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Alumni are listed in alphabetical order by graduation date. Email addresses, and current place of employment are provided only for those alumni who specifically authorize their publication on this site.

indicates an email address is available,
a full profile, and
a resume, in pdf format, with the date the resume was filed.

spring semester 2017

 Name  semesters  currently with  Email  Profile  LinkedIn
Kitty Chen 2017spring   
Karan Dhir 2017spring, 2017fall   
Honglin (Linda) Diao 2017spring   
Minhao Gu 2017spring   
Jeffrey Joe 2017spring   
Jiayue (Lydia) Li 2017spring, 2017fall   
Jiaze Li 2016fall, 2017spring   
Songlin (Forest) Li 2017spring   
Yongtong (Wendy) Li 2017spring   
Jack Lindblad 2017spring, 2017fall   
Peiyang (Penny) Liu 2017spring   
Tian (Christina) Luo 2017spring   
Xiwei (Maggie) Ma 2017spring   
Manik Malhotra 2017spring   
Yuhao Qi 2017spring   
Li Ren 2017spring   
Alok Sanghvi 2017spring   
Ryan Seong 2016fall, 2017spring   
Ying (Amy) Shu 2017spring   
Gautam Singh 2017spring, 2017fall   
Anthony Sorrentino 2016fall, 2017spring   
Nicolas Villarreal 2017spring   
Chuying (Cassie) Wang 2017spring   
Danyun (Echo) Wang 2017spring   
Yixuan(Antonia) Wang 2017spring, 2017fall   
Zheng (Frank) Wang 2017spring   
Tim Widick 2017spring   
Quintus Yang 2017spring, 2017fall   
Chenyu (Jason) Zhao 2017spring   
Zhonghao (Nolan) Zhu 2017spring   


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