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RCMP Alumni

Alumni are listed in alphabetical order by graduation date. Email addresses, current place of employment, and resumes are provided only for those alumni who specifically authorize their publication on this site.

indicates an email address is available,
a full profile, and
a resume, in pdf format, with the date the resume was filed.

All RCMP Alumni in Alphabetical Order

 Name  semesters  currently with  Email  Profile  Resume
Kaushik Andra 2013spring   
Cindy Anggraini 2015fall, 2016spring   
Ryan Anthony 2001fall   
Arora Arora   
Bill Babiarz 2001fall, 2002spring   
Ilham Bachtier 2015spring   
Daniel Ballantine 2013spring, 2013fall   
Tyson Banbury 2010fall September 2010
Jonathan Barki 2011fall   
Prateek Baveja 2015spring   
Gani Beket 2008fall September 2008
Michael Bellisario 2010spring February 2010
Antoine Berger 2009fall September 2009
Gagen Ashok Bhatia 2009fall, 2010spring September 2009
Brian Bird 2008fall September 2008
Caitlin E. Bizzotto 2007fall, 2008spring September 2007
Jessica A. Boghosian 2007spring August 2012
Chris Brobst   
Gregory Bruno 2010fall, 2011spring   
Xiaodong (Kyle) Bu 2016spring   
Stacy Bullock   
Matthew Byford 2008fall, 2009spring February 2009
Philip Cantine   
Kyle Castner 2015spring   
Ryan Cech   
Keaton Cervantes 2013spring   
Jun Yuan (Jason) Chan 2013fall, 2014spring   
Tina Chan U.S. Bancorp Piper Jaffray   
Bharath Chandrashekhar 2014spring   
Shih-Yi (Jessica) Chang 2012fall September 2012
Mei-Hsuan (Michelle) Chao 2009fall September 2009
Tienyun Chao 2015spring   
James Charehsazan   
Konstantinos Chatziioanno 2010spring February 2010
Jinfu (Kevin) Chen 2011spring   
Jing Chen 2013fall   
Kun (Katy) Chen 2016spring   
Min-Min Chen 2012spring January 2012
Su Chen 2011fall, 2012spring   
Yuan Chen 2014fall   
Yujiang (Walter) Chen 2015fall   
Zhe (Charles) Chen 2011spring   
Zhifeng Chen 2007fall September 2007
Zuojia (Zachary) Chen 2009fall, 2010spring September 2009
Shuang Cheng 2008fall September 2008
Zeyu Chi 2015fall   
Chien-Lung Chiang 2008fall September 2008
Alice Chin January 2003
Piotr Chorzewski September 2004
Benjamin Christensen Bank of America   
Kyle Christensen   
Kushal (KC) Chukkapalli 2014fall, 2015spring   
Kevin L. Cowell January 2006
Brad Coyne 2014fall, 2015spring   
Justin Craigwell-Graham 2009fall September 2009
Jiazi Cui 2014spring   
Aaron Czerkies 2011fall September 2011
Jiohghan Dai 2011fall, 2012spring   
Pranay Damania 2008fall September 2008
Frank Damian 2011fall, 2012spring January 2012
Amey Dargude 2015fall, 2016spring   
Aditi Das 2015fall   
Michael De Renzo 2013fall, 2014spring   
Joseph R Dee IV Shell Finance Services   
Mike Delaney   
Rui (Cindy) Deng 2012spring January 2012
Dan DeRose 2006fall, 2007spring January 2007
Hisham Haider Dewan 2013fall   
Rajwardhan Dhawle 2011spring   
Jonathan M. Dickey April 2006
Ruonan Ding 2010fall   
David I. Dokko January 2005
Robert Don 2000fall, 2001spring   
Justin Donald   
Bo (Kate) Dong 2006fall, 2007spring January 2007
Katsy Douangvichit 2010fall September 2010
Ken D'Souza   
Qiao (Rachel) Du 2014fall   
Robert Eberhard 2014spring   
Christopher J. Ehley 2007spring, 2007fall November 2016
Stefan Eisner September 2005
Olamide Esan 2009fall, 2010spring   
Juan Espinosa Riv 2008fall September 2008
Nate Evett 2010fall   
James M. Falkoff September 2005
Shichao Fan 2015spring   
Chunzheng (Ricky) Fang 2014fall   
Ningzhou Fang 2016fall   
Kevin Farshchi 2014fall, 2015spring   
Efe Faydali 2014fall   
Roman Faynshteyn   
Fan Fei 2014fall   
Jordan Fisher January 2003
Alex Florea 2009fall, 2010spring September 2009
Ryan Foelske 2008fall September 2008
Adam R. Freda September 2004
Guanrong (Rachel) Fu 2014spring   
Qiang Fu 2015spring   
Tianlin Fu 2014fall   
Charles Gambino 2009fall, 2010spring February 2010
Aniruddh (Andy) Gaur 2009fall September 2009
Bi (Brian) Ge 2016spring   
Marnie Georges 2014spring   
Gaurav S. Ghoge January 2006
Michael Giarritano Deceased   
Drew Gibbons   
Michael Gift   
Christopher Glotzbach 2014fall   
Daniel Glotzbach 2010fall, 2011spring September 2010
Jonathan Goh 2008spring February 2008
Rahul Gohil 2015fall, 2016spring   
Albert Goldstein Deutsche Bank January 2003
Melissa Greco January 2003
Thomas J. Grove 2007fall Keefe, Bruyette & Woods September 2007
Zi Jian (Paddy) Gu 2013fall   
Justin Gutknecht   
Michael Haberkorn 2015spring   
Tyler Haida 2011fall, 2012spring September 2011
Jack Hainline 2010fall, 2011spring   
Hua Haixing 2014fall   
Lu Han 2015fall   
Qianyi (Cathy) Han 2014spring   
Joshua Hardy 2009spring Deceased February 2009
Shoaib Haroon 2011spring   
Richard Hartz 2012fall, 2013spring   
Matthew Hawk 2010fall   
Qi He 2012spring January 2012
Zige (Z) He 2013fall   
Zachary Hensley   
James F. Herr 2006spring, 2006fall Northern Trust January 2006
Benjamin Hier 2007fall, 2008spring   
Derek Ho September 2004
Gloria P. Ho 2007fall September 2007
Le Hoang 2015fall   
Eric Hoffman 2012fall September 2012
Brandon Honey 2008fall, 2009spring February 2009
Roger Hong 2010fall   
Suyang (Sean) Hong 2009fall, 2010spring September 2009
Yuwei Hong 2011fall   
James Hsu 2002fall, 2003spring January 2003
Chia-Chia Hu 2008fall September 2008
Cheng-Yuan Huang 2012spring January 2012
Leiyi (Sally) Huang 2014spring   
Shihwei Huang 2011spring   
Yan (Karin) Huang 2008fall September 2008
Yen-Hua (Gina) Huang 2011fall, 2012spring September 2011
Yu-Te (Ted) Hung 2012spring January 2012
Mohamed A. Ibrahim 2007fall September 2007
Kristoffer V. Inton January 2006
Prasad Ishan 2013spring   
Ha Da Jang 2013spring   
Rob Jannusch 2014spring   
Angela Jiang 2011spring   
Jiaqi (Tommy) Jiang 2015fall   
Ye Jiang 2010fall September 2010
Ying Jiang 2014spring   
Jesal Jobalia A.G. Edwards & Sons January 2002
Alexander Johansson 2013fall   
Akrati Johari 2009fall, 2010spring February 2010
Bradley Johnson 2008fall September 2008
Todd Johnson January 2003
Keenan Johnston 2008fall September 2008
Steve Joung   
Somil Kadakia 2009fall September 2009
Steven Kahan 2009fall September 2009
Balakamaran Kailasam   
Evangelos Kalogiropoulos 2008fall September 2008
Pratik Kamdar 2011spring   
Jessica Kan 2015spring   
Yin Jen Kao 2015fall   
John Kearney   
Edward Kennedy III 2009spring February 2009
Shivam Khanna 2008fall, 2009spring February 2009
Vadim Khavinson   
Abe Khorshid   
Jung Hyun (Jane) Kim 2009fall September 2009
Ryo Seob (Joseph) Kim 2011fall, 2012spring January 2012
James M. Kinn January 2006
Patrina Kittipoomvong 2011spring   
Michael Kittle Pepperdine University School of Law January 2003
Daniel Kleeman 2013fall, 2014spring   
Nick Kochanski   
Kristi Kohlenberg January 2003
Te-Chi (William) Kuo 2012spring   
Jay Kutchins   
Terry Kwan 2015spring   
Alan Lagunov 2009spring February 2009
Scott Laughlin   
Michael Lavin 2009fall, 2010spring September 2009
Brad Lawhorn   
Ari Lazar 2015spring, 2016spring   
Thanh Le 2011fall September 2011
Andrew Lee 2010spring February 2010
Brandon Lee 2008spring, 2008fall September 2008
David Lee 2016fall   
WeiLik Leong January 2005
Pauline Lertphaiboonsiri 2012spring   
Ang Li 2010fall   
Hui Li 2014spring   
Jiaze Li 2016fall   
Jing Feng (Jeffrey) Li 2014spring, 2014fall,
and 2015spring
Jonathan Li 2007fall September 2007
Ming Li 2015fall   
Minghui Li 2008spring February 2008
Sisi Li 2011spring   
Siwei (Lerrisa) Li 2015fall, 2016spring   
Chen Liang 2014fall   
Lele (Layla) Liang 2011fall   
Nan Liang 2011fall, 2012spring   
Peng (Elliot) Liang 2012fall   
Wenqian (Cathy) Liang 2016spring   
Xuan (Lucy) Liang 2015fall   
Ye Liang 2013fall   
Catherine Lien 2010spring February 2010
David Light 2008spring, 2008fall September 2008
Sherlyn Lim January 2006
Kerri Lin November 2004
Yen-Ju (Annie) Lin 2015fall   
Di Liu 2016fall   
Fang Liu 2016spring   
Honglu Liu 2012spring   
Meiling Liu 2010fall   
Meiling Liu 2011fall September 2011
Yi Liu 2013fall   
Yifan Liu 2015spring   
Yunlu Liu 2015spring   
Mihir Londhe 2016spring   
Nick Lotysz   
Zhicheng (Nicole) Low 2015fall, 2016spring   
Guang (Christina) Lu 2008fall, 2009spring February 2009
Shao-Lun Lu 2014spring   
Zhenzhong Lu 2007fall September 2007
Xinglong Ma 2010fall September 2010
Ziqi (Kay) Mai 2015fall   
Robert Main II 2009spring February 2009
Kevin Mammoser   
Yongxiang (Shaun) Mao 2012fall   
Cardo Martinez 2010fall   
Martin Maurer 2015spring   
Brandon McArthur 2008fall, 2009spring February 2009
Matthew J. McDonnell Morgan Stanley September 2006
Kenneth McNeely   
Saurin Mehta Lincoln Partners LLC   
Rajani Meka 2010fall, 2011spring September 2010
Nathan Mendes The Northern Trust Company   
Brandt Miller   
Purvi Mital 2014spring   
Jennifer Mitrenga Goldman, Sachs & Co.   
David L. Mizell 2004fall, 2005spring September 2004
Michael Mokotoff January 2003
Ran (Renee) Mu 2011fall   
Jason Mudrock 2014spring   
Jason C. Mueller 2007fall September 2007
Brian Mulvihill 2012fall   
Vignesh Murali 2009fall, 2010spring February 2010
Victor Murthi 2009fall, 2010spring   
Joe Myatt Deloitte & Touche   
Vanditha Mysore Ravin 2015fall, 2016spring   
Tiffany Naderi   
Rahul Dev Nand   
Mike Nativi   
Ronnie Ng October 2002
Philip Nguyen 2010spring February 2010
Eric C. Nichols 2007fall September 2007
Charalampos (Haris) Ntantanis 2013fall   
Radityo (Ardi) Nugraha September 2007
Michelle Oboarekpe 2010spring February 2010
Patrick O'Donnell 2012fall, 2013spring   
Seung Jae Oh 2010fall   
Michael Ollmann 2012spring January 2012
Drew Osika 2010fall, 2011spring February 2011
Mark Padjen Credit/First Suisse/Boston   
Jason Palmer January 2003
Jinglin Pan 2010fall, 2011spring   
Devopama Pant 2014fall, 2015spring   
Piyapong Pantipjatuporn 2011fall   
Jeff Papp   
Mayur Patel   
Sahil Patel Fitch Ratings   
Jordan Peasel 2015fall   
Kyle Pellum 2010fall September 2010
Tongsu (Serena) Peng 2016fall   
John Penicook 2013fall   
Scott Perkins University of Illinois College of Law April 2004
Ross M. Pevitz 2007spring January 2007
Caleb Pierson 2013fall   
Pragnesh Podar 2008fall, 2009spring February 2009
Sai Krishna Poddutur 2015spring   
Alex Poltorak January 2005
Kannu Priya 2012spring   
Stephen A. Proffer 2007spring   
Mark Purtell   
Feng (Ashley) Qiao 2007spring January 2007
Patrick Quirke 2011spring   
Nurul Alam Rafi 2012spring   
Ganapati Raman 2009spring February 2009
Bill Ramsden   
Jacob Rapp 2009fall September 2009
Matthew Rasinski 2013spring   
Bilal Rathore 2009spring February 2009
Anjana Reddy 2011spring   
David N. Reimer September 2005
Zvi Rhine   
Zeid Rihani   
Alexander K. Ring 2005fall, 2006spring,
and 2006fall
September 2007
Patrick Ripley Ernst & Young LLP   
Paul Ripsky 2009spring February 2009
Amin Rizwan 2011fall, 2012spring September 2011
Sajal Rohatgi 2007fall September 2007
Philip Rosen 2008spring February 2008
Tanvi Rotkar 2016spring   
Nathan Saegesser   
Varinthorn (Build) Saengpanyarak 2012spring January 2012
Harout Sahakian 2013fall, 2014spring January 2014
Yogi Sajnani January 2003
Dimitry Saknovsky   
Swechha T. Salgia 2007fall February 2008
Kieth R Sams   
Neha Saoji 2015spring   
Refky Saputra 2014fall   
Bettetina J Scher A.G. Edwards & Sons   
Evan D. Scherer   
Eric Schlipf State Farm Insurance   
Adam Schloss 2010fall September 2010
Tim Schmelzle 2010fall   
Jeff Schmitt   
Robert Schuster 2009spring February 2009
Kuralay Seitalina 2009fall, 2010spring September 2009
Ryan Seong 2016fall   
Rod Serna 2014spring   
Chirag Shah   
Darshil Shah 2011spring   
Shruti Shah 2015fall, 2016spring   
Vishal Shah 2015spring   
Prateek Sharma 2010fall   
Junying Shen 2012fall   
Liting Shen 2016fall   
Tianyu (Jack) Shen 2016spring   
Po-Chieh Shih 2012spring   
Jeewhan Shin 2012fall   
Patricia Shongedza 2007fall September 2007
Vedvati (Vedu) Shrotre 2015spring   
Shalini Sivarajah 2014spring   
Jeremy A. Smith 2007fall, 2008spring September 2007
Thomas M. Smith 2005spring, 2005fall,
and 2006spring
January 2005
Xiaosi (Sarah) Song 2012fall   
Sophocles Sophocleous October 2002
Chris Sorcic   
Anthony Sorrentino 2016fall   
Zulay Sosa 2016spring   
Alex Stepien 2011spring   
Jacob Stoiber 2014fall, 2015spring   
Gregory Stokke The St. Louis Trust Company   
Matthew K. Storkman 2007spring January 2007
Darren Street   
Yue (Helen) Su   
Narayan "Rocky" Subramanian January 2006
Michael Suchy Bank One   
Brian Sullivan   
John Sun September 2007
Mengyu Sun 2012fall   
Yichen Sun 2015spring   
Anastasia Sutjahjo 2012fall September 2012
Drew Szilagyi 2015spring   
Kelly Taipale January 2003
Melanie Tan 2015spring   
Yanan (Phoebe) Tan 2015fall, 2016spring   
Shicheng Tang 2013spring   
Meechai Taychapipranai 2012spring   
Iordanis Thomaidis 2010spring February 2010
Matthew F. Thompson 2007spring January 2007
Jiamo Tian 2016fall   
Muge Tian 2007fall September 2007
Ye Tian 2010fall   
Lucian Tira 2008fall September 2008
Prashant Tiwari 2009fall September 2009
Zhihao Tong 2007fall, 2008spring September 2007
Lisandro Tsai 2010fall   
Christopher Tsoukalas 2011fall September 2011
Timothy Tyson 2008spring February 2008
Eric Utne   
Joseph Vaccaro 2008fall, 2009spring February 2009
Thomas Van Spankeren 2014fall, 2015spring   
Raghu Velamati   
Rakesh Venkatayogi 2014spring   
Hari Vijayan 2014fall   
Mary G. Voss September 2004
Chenchen (Carl) Wang 2006fall IMC Chicago   
Gongsheng Wang 2015spring   
Kaidi Wang 2012fall   
Mengxi (Vivian) Wang 2015fall   
Ning Wang 2016fall   
Ruifeng (Richard) Wang 2011spring   
Shengkun Wang 2012fall   
Tengmu (Tom) Wang 2010fall   
Tianbai Wang 2012spring   
Vincent Wei Wang September 2004
Zichao (Zich) Wang 2014fall   
Zack Weaver   
Pien-Cheng (William) Wei 2015fall   
Ying-Min (Ryan) Weng 2011spring   
David P. Wetherell 2007spring January 2007
Jennifer Williams   
Michal Wojcikowski 2009spring February 2009
David B. Wolke 2005fall, 2006spring January 2006
Qianwen Wu 2013fall   
Ting-Ying (Erica) Wu 2012fall   
Jingyuan Xia 2010spring   
Xiaoya (Carrie) Xiong 2014fall   
Dan Xu 2008spring February 2008
Heziyou Xu 2013spring   
Siyu Xu 2015spring   
Wenqiang (Wayne) Xu 2013fall   
Xiaohua (Leah) Xu 2012fall   
Yanlei Xu 2007fall September 2007
Yanyan Xu 2009fall September 2009
Yili (Eric) Xu 2009fall September 2009
Yue (Benjamin) Xu 2015fall   
Zhengjie (Jay) Xu   
Zinjun (Moby) Xu 2016spring   
Zuowei Xu 2013fall   
Wei Yan 2010spring   
Diana Yang 2013spring   
Han (Henry) Yang 2011fall, 2012spring September 2011
Jiaxin Yang 2016fall   
Shen-Ho (Ron) Yang 2009fall, 2010spring February 2010
Xuhao Yang 2011fall   
Longyan Yao 2012spring   
Yiqi (Delia) Ye 2014fall   
Sashikanth (Sash) Yenika 2015fall, 2016spring   
Sang Hyuk Yoon 2016fall   
Qun (Jett) Yu 2014spring   
Madina Yunussova 2016spring   
Chris Zakhem 2015fall   
Yana Zalukina 2009fall September 2009
Gleb Zarkh 2007spring, 2007fall January 2007
Chi (Tracy) Zhang 2012fall   
Liefeng Zhang 2011fall September 2011
Siyang Zhang 2014spring   
Wenjie (Emma) Zhang 2011fall   
Xingchen (Antti) Zhang 2010fall, 2011spring   
Yijin Zhang 2013spring   
Yuqian (Annie) Zhang September 2004
Yuqing Zhang 2015fall   
Zheng Zhang 2007fall September 2007
Xiangyuan (Arthur) Zhong 2012fall   
Lingtao Zhou 2013spring   
Weiyi (Carol) Zhou 2009fall September 2009
Shengdong (Stanley) Zhu 2007spring January 2007
Nick Zimmerman University of Wisconsin at Madison January 2003
Ya Zuo 2011fall   
Dave Zydek   

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