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Alumni are listed in alphabetical order by graduation date. Email addresses, current place of employment, and resumes are provided only for those alumni who specifically authorize their publication on this site.

indicates an email address is available,
a full profile, and
a resume, in pdf format, with the date the resume was filed.

spring semester 2008

 Name  semesters  currently with  Email  Profile  Resume
Caitlin E. Bizzotto 2007fall, 2008spring September 2007
Jonathan Goh 2008spring February 2008
Benjamin Hier 2007fall, 2008spring   
Brandon Lee 2008spring, 2008fall September 2008
Minghui Li 2008spring February 2008
David Light 2008spring, 2008fall September 2008
Philip Rosen 2008spring February 2008
Jeremy A. Smith 2007fall, 2008spring September 2007
Zhihao Tong 2007fall, 2008spring September 2007
Timothy Tyson 2008spring February 2008
Dan Xu 2008spring February 2008


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