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  • Damodaran Online
  • NYU Professor Aswath Damodaran's comprehensive finance web site. The site contains topics on Corporate Finance, Valuation, and Investments. Each of these sections has numerous subsections along with many ready to use excel spreadsheets. A great way for a beginner or advanced person to gain more knowledge in several areas of finance.

  • Economist
  • Edgar Online
  • This site provides every type of public filing that is available. It provides financial statements which are downloadable directly into Excel. However it has been changed to a member's only pay site.

  • Hoovers
  • IPO Central
  • Part of the Hoover's network. This site provides the most up to date information on recent and upcoming IPOs. This site is great for users trying to find out information about a company going public in the near future, as it provides a company snapshot and business summary.

  • IPO Fund
  • Quicken
  • This site is great for finding out the very basic information on a particular company. However, a user may be hard pressed to find more in-depth information on this site. This site does have a unique feature, however, that allows the user to compare a particular company with its competitors. It allows a side by side comparison of key financial information, including ratios, income statement items and balance sheet figures.

  • Reuters
  • Smart Money
  • Stock Screener
  • Another part of the Hoovers network. This site is a great starting point for a user not knowing exactly what company he or she wants to reasearch. It allows the user to enter key criteria, including minimum P/E ratios, earnings growth rates, rates of return on equity, five year past returns, and market value. This site is great for a user who knows some set of characteristics a company should have, but is not quite sure of a specific company.

  • Wall Street Journal OnLine
  • Yahoo! Finance
  • A user friendly site that provides a ton of basic information. Information provided includes quotes, financial statements, price charts, earnings expectations and links to corporate information. The site also updates company specific news multiple times a day. This is a must see site for anyone looking to get facts quickly and easily.

  • Zacks

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