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The Department of Finance partners with Champaign Rotary to provide a clearinghouse of local business people willing to bring their experience and insight into the classroom.

Many of our teachers would like to call on guest speakers to elaborate on a specific aspect of what they are teaching, but developing the connections required to do this on a consistent basis takes a great deal of time and resources. Guest speakers are limited to those people with whom the teacher has personal contact. All too often the teacher has no personal contacts and so the opportunity is lost.

John Hecker of Champaign Rotary

The Business Mentor Clearinghouse is designed to provide teachers with a list of business people willing to participate, the specific areas each speaker could address, and an easy method of contact. Business people willing to go into the classroom will be able to volunteer without having to make an overture to the teacher directly. Moreover, the partnership with The Champaign Rotary Club means that business people will have an opportunity to share their experiences with other members of Rotary, providing the encouragement needed to inspire others to also volunteer their time in the classroom.

The Business Mentor Clearinghouse provides a critical resource for teachers at both the High School and University level. Partnership with Rotary will allow us to involve local business people who have much to offer but who currently have no personal connection with either the University or the High Schools.

If you a a teacher in search of a speaker, or a potential speaker in search of an audience, please contact

Elisabeth Oltheten, PhD.
Teaching Professor of Finance

Kevin G. Waspi, CFA
Director Investment Management Academy