Financial Literacy Program

Mentoring Financial Literacy

Market Mentors

The Market Mentor program began when members of the University of Illinois Finance Club offered to come into the classroom in local area High Schools. The University students answer questions about how to enter a trade into UISES (click on that link …), investment decisions (investing in Caterpillar because your father works there is a great way to begin …), university life (well, when I was looking at universities I was looking for ... ), and a few things they won't tell us about.

Market Mentors in action

Every semester our undergraduate students run in-class simulations of the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange. The High School students buy and sell shares as brokers on the floor of the exchange while the University students act as specialist, chalk up bids and asks, and maintain fair and orderly markets.

I>Clicker We use i>clickers. Students enter bids and asks on the i>clickers to fullfil trade orders passed to them from clients. As the trading continues students see that stock prices are not the product of some black-box computer at the NYSE, but reflect buy and sell decisions that shareholders, and potential shareholders, make about their investments.

We bring the trade orders, the i>clickers, the laptop, and the projector. We do need a room with a screen or a plain white wall on which to project the trade board. We have enough i>clickers for 30 students at a time.


Mock Trading Session Screen


It's a good idea to watch the NYSE cartoon explanation of how the stock market works on YouTube before you bring the Market Mentors into class.

You might also like to look at the power point we use to explain how client orders work.


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