Financial Literacy Program

The University Challenge

Investment Challenge for University of Illinois Students

The University Challenge uses the University of Illinois Securities Exchange Simulation (UISES) investment simulation to give University of Illinois students - regardless of campus or major - practical experience with investments.

The simulation provides each student with a $1,000,000 portfolio and an on-line brokerage account from which the student buys and sells equities. Prizes are offered for students that generate the highest rates of return on their simulated portfolios as well as to the RSO (Registered Student Organization) whose students generate the highest average rates of return. Which fraternity can outperform their rivals? We also track performance by College - can the College of Engineering really outperform the College of Business? Only the rates of return will tell.

Prizes are dependent on sponsorship.

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The Cozad Prize

The Cozad Prizes are sponsored by Cozad Asset Management.

  • $500 for the Registered Student Organization with the highest average rate of return.***
  • $500 for the Registered Student Organization with the greatest number of active portfolios at the end of the Challenge.***

Individual prizes are sponsored by Professor Oltheten.

  • $100 for the individual account with the highest rate of return
  • $50 for the individual account with the second highest rate of return
  • $25 for the individual account with the third highest rate of return

  • * All rates of return are measured as at the closing market value on the last day of the challenge period.
  • ** There is no buying on margin or short-selling in the University Challenge. There are also trade parameters that must be met. Make sure that you are familiar with the rules before you begin trading. If your account is disqualified then you will need to wait to next semester before trying again.
  • ***Final Standings exclude portfolios frozen by the UISES system for violation of the overdraft or short position rules, portfolios that did not execute a minimum of five valid executed tranactions, and College and RSO averages that did not end the challenge with a minimum of five valid portfolios.