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  • Gunsalus, C. K. , “Observations on the context and the university environment for handling allegations of plagiarism.”  Proceedings of the ORI/AAAS Conference on Plagiarism and Theft of Ideas.  NIH, Bethesda, MD, June 21, 1993. (Invited)

  • Gunsalus, C. K. , “Use of computer programs to analyze the extent and patterns of plagiarism during investigations.”  Proceedings of the ORI/AAAS Conference on Plagiarism and Theft of Ideas.  NIH, Bethesda, MD, June 21, 1993. (Invited)

Public Reports

Selected Invited Presentations (through Summer 2008)

(does not include presentations or guest lectures in classes on the UIUC campus)

University of South Carolina Executive Officer Seminar              
     Survival Skills For Administrators:  Dealing With Difficult People (keynote)         
University of Illinois College of Medicine IRB Conference          
      The Illinois White Paper on Regulating Human Subject Research
UT Health Sciences System Human Subject System Task Force   
      Moving the Debate on Human Subject Regulation Forward:  What Can We Do?
Teaching Research Ethics Conference 2008   
      Research Ethics                                         
Illinois Law TV Program (WCIA)                    
      Courtwatching in Champaign County (with J. Steven Beckett and Joan Miller)   
ECIWAA  (women attorney’s organization)    
      Civility and Professionalism                      
JD/MBA BLSA/LLSA Undergrads                  
      What Can You Do with a Law Degree?     
Why Lawyers Matter:  For Those Who Have Borne The Battle Conference: Panel Moderator           
Harvard Institute for Senior Librarians            
      Negotiation Skills for Librarians               
CIC Department Executive Officers Spring Meeting                       
      Survival Skills For Administrators             
Provost’s Office Leadership Series                 
      Survival Skills For Administrators             
University of Illinois Administrative  Fellows 
      Leadership and Ethics

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