IDM : A Unique Program

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The Program

The Industrial Distribution Management (IDM) program is the predecessor of today's supply chain management programs. Involving elements from engineering, manufacturing operations, purchasing, product development, transportation, distribution, and marketing, it is an area strategically critical to business productivity and profitability, and to creating customer value.

Our Philosophy

Since the mid-80's, the Industrial Distribution Management Program (IDM) has been widely acknowledged by industry and academia as a leading developer of well-rounded business managers of the future. What makes the IDM program unique is its educational philosophy of

· Interdisciplinary Based Training
· Team Building and Leadership Development
· Learning by Doing
· Technology Based Skills

In the next millennium, we will continue to invest in our educational programs, conducting cutting edge research, and expand our global presence. But the most important investment will always be in the development of our student's leadership and intellectual capabilities as they embark on their managerial careers in industry.

Learning Experience.
     IDM provides its students with a broad range of knowledge, especially with hands-on experience.  The IDM program requires that all of its students obtain at least one internship and finish a senior practicum.  In addition, APICS - The Educational Society for Resource Management -  provides students with many resources to successfully take the first module in becoming Certified in Production and Inventory Management.