John Lassiter, president and chief executive officer of Financial Designs of Illinois, Inc., an employee and executive benefits consulting firm, has agreed to serve as president of the board, following Howard Engle, tax partner at Arthur Andersen, who held the post for three years. Lassiter, who earned a B.S. in statistical economics in 1959, is a chartered life underwriter and a chartered financial consultant. He has won several awards from the Prudential and is a Qualifying and Life Member of the Million Dollar Round Table. A member of the Commerce Alumni Board for many years, Lassiter has also served on the Illinois Alumni Association Board. He is a frequent visitor to campus, and one of the most popular lecturers in the college's Emerson Cammack Lecture Series in Insurance. Among his other affiliations are the UIC's Business Advisory Council, the Advocate Health Care Board of Directors, and several civic groups in Chicago.

Patrick E. Rea, vice president/corporate banker, First Chicago Capital Markets, was elected vice president of the board in May. A board member since 1986, Rea also serves on the Commerce Business Advisory Council (since 1994). Since joining First Chicago in 1969, Rea has worked on a wide variety of assignments in the Operations and Cash Management Divisions. In 1979 he became a corporate banker in the Municipal Division. In this position he has managed several municipal accounts as well as state accounts in Illinois and Indiana. He is also the lead corporate banker for U.S. government relations. Rea, who is a retired brigadier general in the U.S. Army Reserve, and will become chair of the Illinois Committee for Employer Support of the Guard and Reserves in October 1998, holds both a bachelor's (1963) and master's (1964) in economics from the University of Illinois. He has published in the area of local taxations and governmental debt financing.
In other changes, John Rozinsky (B. S. accountancy 1960), vice president at Monetta Financial Services, Inc., and past president of the board from 1993-95, has stepped down from the board after twelve years of dedicated service. John feels it's time to make way for new members with fresh ideas. Thank you, John, for your outstanding service.
And, of course, the college would like to add its tribute and thanks to Howard Engle (B.S. accountancy 1972) to that already made by John Lassiter in his opening letter. It will be hard to convey just how much Howard has brought to this board and the college. Since joining the board in 1987, he has generously shared his time and talent with the college for the benefit of all Commerce alumni. During his tenure as president he oversaw the following new projects: the Commerce Alumni Directory, the Commerce Matthews Scholar Endowment, the Commerce Merchandise Program, and the Mentoring Program. And he also continued our long-standing traditions of the Homecoming Tent Party and the Spring Luncheon. In a totally different capacity, he has worked tirelessly and effectively for the Arthur Andersen Campaign to raise $7 million dollars to build a new classroom building.

Howard's time of service to the college is by no means over. He leaves the presidency of the board to assume the vice chair position of the Business Advisory Council, a group of over 100 business and government leaders in Illinois and around the country who share their business acumen with the college. And each year he team-teaches a course in international tax on campus. Thank you, Howard, for all you have done and for what we know is yet to come.