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Commerce InSight
University of Illinois
414 Commerce West
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Champaign, IL 61820
Fax 217-333-7410

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Commerce InSight is published three times a year by the University of Illinois Commerce Alumni Association and the Commerce Office of Publication. Commerce Administration: Howard Thomas, Dean; Mark A. Neville, Associate Dean for Development and Alumni Affairs; Mary J. Porter, Assistant Dean for Alumni Affairs.

Publication Staff: Alice Waldoff, Director of Publications and Editor in Chief; Mary Timmins, Associate Editor; Cindy Carlson of Carlson Communications, Art Director.

Commerce Alumni Board of Directors: John Lassiter, president; Patrick E. Rea, vice president; Lawrence B. Bloom; Bruce L. Boruszak; Carolyn A. Boyle; John F. Carter; Thomas H. Cartwright; Scott G. Christensen; Leng Eng; Howard S. Engle; Robert L. Filek; David J. Gilmartin; Michael J. Grace; Jean M. Kruger Hicks; A. Joseph Judd; Rita D. Kahle; Denise L. Maple; Ronald D. Marcuson; Rebecca S. Maskey; Daniel L. Miksta; Diane M. Pearse; Jane Rubin; Saul Rudo; William N. Scheffel; David G. Siebert; Marc S. Skaletsky; William A. Stanford; Howard L. Stone; Sanford Takiff; Cedric D. Thurman; Stephen C. VanArsdell; Everett V. Westmeyer.