CBA Earns High Marks from Seniors

The view from the starting gate and the look back across the finish line certainly offer different perspectives — our talented students like how they learn and grow while at Illinois.

Senior Survey

They came, they stayed, and they're glad they did. Ratings of satisfaction with the education and environment at Illinois were high among Commerce seniors in the Class of '99, according to results from a campus wide survey. On a scale of 1 (low) to 5 (high), Commerce grads-to-be felt they had made big improvements during their time at Illinois. Asked to do comparative ratings of their entering and exiting abilities in a range of intellectual and cultural skills, they cited significant differences — sometimes more than a full point. These ratings were of abilities to:

Overall, the satisfaction level of CBA seniors with the quality of teaching at Commerce rated a solid 4.0. Other categories related to the educational environment and experience also garnered ratings of 4.0 and above, including class size at the 300 course level (4.2); opportunities to meet and get to know other students (4.0); opportunities to get involved in student groups and activities (4.1); and opportunities to be exposed to different student backgrounds and cultures (4.0). Students also gave high marks (4.2 and 4.1, respectively) for classroom environments free from racist and sexist behavior. But the kids still like to play. Campus recreation opportunities garnered a 4.5 — again, among the highest rated categories in the survey.

Freshman Profile — Class of 2003

*College Enrollment as of first day of classes, Fall semester 1999 — 3,237 (up 3 percent from 1998; up 15.6 percent from 1994); Transfers — 110 (up 9 percent from 1998)

Enlivening these statistics are a few facts, courtesy of the 1998 First Year Student Profile, compiled by the Cooperative Institutional Research Programs of the University of Illinois. The information offers a thought-provoking snapshot of Illinois freshmen.

Also from the 1998 First Year Student profile:


W hich college at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign can claim the highest graduation rate for undergraduates completing their programs in four years, five years, and six years? If you guessed the College of Commerce for all three, you are correct! A recent study shows that for undergraduates completing the program here in four years, our graduation rate is 68.7 percent — the next closest is the College of Education, with 60.6 percent. And the campus average is 53.1 percent. We also have the highest percentage of graduating students who started their undergraduate work in CBA — 86.9 percent, compared with the campus average of 71.7 percent.