Campaign Illinois

Building on Tradition Shaping Tomorrow

Last fall the University of Illinois Foundation announced its $1 billion fund-drive, Campaign Illinois. Its motto - Building on Tradition Shaping Tomorrow - reverences the standards of the past and promises great accomplishments in the future. Although the goal is ambitious, it is achievable. The university has already reached the halfway mark.

The College of Commerce and Business Administration has undertaken a $61 million component of the university campaign. Because every new undertaking at the College of Commerce is hampered by a shortage of space and equipment, the first priority of the campaign is to improve facilities.

Second, the campaign seeks to raise endowments for faculty chairs and named professorships, which help us attract and retain high quality faculty. An internationally renowned faculty is the key to safeguarding our reputation through quality research and instruction. It is not enough to have the best students. We must also have an outstanding faculty.

A third focus of the campaign is on building endowments for academic programs and research centers. The $22 million the college hopes to raise in support of programs and research and learning centers will allow us to enrich the educational experience we offer students and add to the overall success of the college.

The fourth priority is to fund student scholarships and fellowships. In today's highly competitive environment, these dollars help us attract and retain the best students from the state and nationthose who will succeed in the ever changing global economy.

The fifth and final goal is to increase unrestricted annual support to $1 million per year by the end of the campaign. These funds are critical for the continued growth and excellence of the college.

We encourage you to play a role in Campaign Illinois, a revitalization plan for the university. Our success in this campaign will ensure that the college and university will be able to preserve and build on the tradition of excellence in teaching, research, and service.



Academic Positions
  • Named Faculty Chairs
  • Named Professorships
  • Academic Programs
  • 10 Research and Learning Centers
  • Academic Program Enhancements
  • Student Aid
  • Graduate Fellowships
  • Undergraduate Scholarships
  • New Facilities
  • Renovation of Commerce West, David Kinley Hall, and Surveying Building
  • Construction of a new instructional facility
  • Unrestricted Support

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