Commerce Placement Office

On-campus recruiting for the 1994-95 academic year was higher than the previous year. Last fall, 217 employers interviewed through the CPO, compared with 180 for the fall of 1994, an increase of 20 percent. This semester, 225 companies had already reserved by the end of February, and companies usually continue to reserve dates during the entire recruiting season. Compared with last spring's total of 198, the CPO will again experience considerable growth.

Employer demand for specific majors also increased in fall 1995 compared with fall 1994. The major/discipline recruited most heavily is Accountancy, up 9 percent from the year before. Finance is up 7 percent; Industrial Distribution, up 6 percent; Marketing, up 3 percent; and Economics, up 20 percent. The greatest percentage increase was in Management Information Science, up 74 percent. Production, up 55 percent; Organizational Administration, up 40 percent; and Entrepreneurship, up 33 percent.

The Career Focus Series, held to increase students' awareness of career opportunities and entry requirements in major functional areas, enrolled 830 students for sessions in advertising, marketing and sales, banking and financial services, consulting, corporate finance and accounting, insurance, MIS, and retail management.

The Career Employment Skills Workshop and Mock Interview Program enrolled 1,359 students.Both of these series owe their success, in large measure, to the number of employers who come to campus to share their experience and expertise with students.

Todd Landis from Kohl's giving pointers on how to get the most out of the Career Fair.

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