Department of Accountancy

"We will serve the profession and the community by providing world-class leadership in the accountancy discipline. We will provide innovative learning experiences that encourage the highest quality faculty and students in all aspects of scholarship, including the creation, dissemination, and application of accounting knowledge."

was held on Sept. 29-30, 1995, in Champaign. This biennial conference is sponsored by Arthur Andersen & Co.

This mission statement, issued by the Department of Accountancy in June, is the result of an inventive strategic planning exercise conducted over the last seven months. ERNST AND YOUNG supplied facilitators support for the process and acted as facilitators.

Underlying the mission statement, goals, strategies, and measurements in a commitment to excellence and innovation in scholarship and instruction, to diversity, to high ethical standards in all activities, to openness and a spirit of cooperation, and finally, a commitment to self-evaluation and continuous improvement.

Before setting goals, the planning group articulated a set of shared values. These are:

PEOPLE: To develop a world class faculty, collectively dedicated to achieving intellectual excellence in ourselves, our students, and the profession.

RESEARCH: To produce and disseminate discovery scholarship that is relevant to accountancy and to integrate the content and process of research into teaching. We also value scholarship that integrates and applies discovery knowledge to emerging issues in accountancy practice.

INSTRUCTION: To educate students to be responsible world citizens and to be leaders in the accountancy profession by guiding them to develop the twin abilities of thinking critically about economic and business issues and communication their knowledge both orally and in writing.

EXTERNAL RELATIONS: To develop and maintain strong, mutually beneficial relationships with external constituencies.

INTERNAL OPERATIONS: To develop institutional design and resource allocation mechanisms that help faculty, staff, and students accomplish the mission set out by the department.

There are several measures of success that will let the department know how successful it is in meeting its goals and fulfilling its mission. These include:

*The document produced by the department includes specific measurements and strategies, but, for the sake of brevity, only the goals, in slight altered form, are included here. For more information contact the Department of Accountancy.

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