Department of Finance

In June, the Department of Finance inaugurated a new graduate program in international finance that offers students the features of an executive education program while they earn a master of science degree in finance.
Earning a master's in international finance in 12 months.

The Master of Science in Finance with Specialization in International Finance was developed to address the needs of those who work with financial assets in the changing global environment. It is designed fro experienced financial managers and administrators from around the world who want to earn an advanced degree while acquiring an understanding of financial markets and financial functions. The program provides a unique learning experience by joining classroom studies with practical contact with the financial world. The intensive twelve-month course of study provides financial managers with immersion in global financial issues, but requires only a minimum amount of time away from the job. The rigorous program combines 10 units of graduate courses with special seminars with corporate executives, visits to financial organizations, and other activities designed to provide a broad view of the current global financial scene. The participants will take two trips per semester, one to visit the New York Stock Exchange. By beginning the academic year in June, students in the program can take part in the college and university graduation ceremonies the following May.

ROGER CANNADAY, Professor of Finance and director of the program reports, "We're off to a great start. Students far exceeded our expectations; ten students earned straight A's this summer." CAROLYN PRIBBLE, who administers the program for the College's Executive Development Center, says, "As I have spoken about this new program to executives from major financial corporations throughout the world, they have expressed their excitement about the learning opportunities it offers. Many have sent students for this first class, and we expect many more in future years."

The fees are structured so that the program is completely self-sustaining. Tuition and fees cover all expenses--the cost of instructors, lectures, travel and lodging for field trips. It was anticipated that most students would be sponsored by their government or company, but in the first class two-third are paying their own way.

There are seventeen students enrolled in the first year of the program. Another six asked to defer their entrance until the summer of 1996.

Although this program is open to anyone with three or more years of finance-related work experience, we anticipate that most students who enroll will come from abroad. The diverse cultural base and the varied work experiences of the students enrich the educational experience offered by the program. Participants have the opportunity to build a wide base of professional contacts while they learn first hand about business and cultural practices from around the globe.

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