Northern Trust Tribute

"In the University of Illinois, we have a great institution . . . we need to find ways to support it, both individually and collectively."

  — Dick Schonhoff, B.S. Finance `69

Al Wohlers with Barry Hastings
Esteemed alumni Al and Jane Wohlers were recently honored for their generosity to the College of Commerce and Business Administration, with a special breakfast fête at the headquarters of Northern Trust Bank in Chicago. Held on Wednesday, May 26, the gathering was organized by Dick Schonhoff (B.S. Finance '69), who is Northwest Region president and CEO for the bank, as well as a member of the Commerce Business Advisory Council. Also in attendance was Barry Hastings, president and chief operating officer of Northern Trust, and a long-time friend of the Wohlers. In recognition of their lifelong commitment and financial support of the University of Illinois, the company presented the couple with a handsome vase of Waterford crystal. In an emotional, impromptu acceptance speech, Al Wohlers spoke about growing up in the Depression and learning the importance of sharing. The Wohlers gave a $6 million gift to renovate Commerce West.
Around 460 Illinois grads work for the Northern Trust. "There's a lot of orange and blue up here," Dick Schonhoff commented.  "In the University of Illinois, we have a great institution, 150 miles south of Chicago, and we need to find ways to support it, both individually and collectively."

Recent Gifts and Bequests

St. Louis Accountancy Committee Honors Teaching Excellence

Theodore Sougiannis has been presented with the 1999 Excellence in Teaching Award, an honor given each spring by the St. Louis Accountancy Committee. Sougiannis, who is an associate professor of accountancy at CBA, received the award at the group's annual reception, held on Thursday, May 20, at the Noonday Club in downtown St. Louis. Hosted by committee chairman Tom Shepperd (B.S. Accountancy '64), retired partner in Deloitte & Touche, the reception drew more than fifty committee members and accountancy alums. Also present was Dean Howard Thomas, who, much to the pleasure of his audience, lauded the importance of private support from alumni and friends in helping the college's pursuit of excellence. The St. Louis Accountancy Committee annually raises funds to sponsor the reception and the Arch-shaped award, which carries a $1,000 stipend.
A native of Greece, Sougiannis holds a Ph.D. in business from the University of California at Berkeley, an MBA in finance and an M.A. in economics from York University in Toronto, and a B.B.A. in accounting from the University of Piraeus, Greece. Since joining the Commerce faculty in 1990, he has won praise and consistently high ratings for his teaching at all levels, from undergraduate and master's courses to Ph.D. seminars. 
Alan Harkness (left) and Tom Shepperd (right), past and 
current committee chairs, with Gene Willis, head of the 
Department of Accountancy.
The following companies and alumni (whose degrees are in accountancy, unless otherwise noted) were donors to the St. Louis Accountancy Event Fund in FY98:

Anders, Minkler & Diehl LLP
James W. Anderson (BS `70, MAS* `71)
Susan B. Byer (BS `88)
Harvey Citerman (BS `68, MAS `70)
Stephen M. Ditman (BS `80)
Allan S. Epstein (BS `82, MAS `83)
Robert C. Fietsam (BS `55)
Lisa A. Flavin (BS `87)
Joan W. Gleich (MAS `75)
J. Alan Harkness (BS `65)
Noel F. Knobloch (BS `68)
KPMG Peat Marwick Foundation
Lopata, Flegel, Hoffman & Company LLP
Mallinckrodt Inc.
Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation, Inc.
R. Scott Moore (BS `88)
Gary F. Mueller (BS `69)
Robert O. Palmer (BS `54)
Philip Morris Companies, Inc.
Douglas J. Pitts (BS Agricultural Economics `80)
Andrew E. Remack (BS `73, MAS `74)
Patrick P. Rohrkaste (BS `80)
Kenneth L. Rubin (BS `79)
William N. Scheffel (BS `75)
Thomas E. Shepperd (BS `64)
Nathan M. Suddeth (BS `88)
William E. Winter (LAS AB General Curriculum `42)

*MAS = Master in Accounting Science

Annual Fund