Health Insurance

As a student at the University of Illinois, you pay two fees at registration which cover services that should meet most of your health care needs:
  1. The Health Service Fee is pre-payment for services provided by McKinley Health Center and the Counseling Center. This fee is mandatory for most students and optional for several categories of part-time students.
  2. The Student Health Insurance Fee pays for the University sickness and accident insurance program for health care received outside of McKinley Health Center. Students are required either to pay this fee or to document that they have other health insurance coverage equivalent to the University plan.

McKinley Services for Spouses

By paying a health service fee, the spouses of U of I graduate students will have access to the primary outpatient medical care, psychiatric services and preventive programs provided by McKinley.

To be eligible to use McKinley Health Center, the spouse must:

  1. Be married to a currently enrolled graduate student who has paid the McKinley health service fee.
  2. Provide documentation of his or her immunization status and TB screening results, as is required of all students prior to enrollment at the U of I.
  3. Show proof of current health insurance that would cover medical care that McKinley does not provide, such as hospitalization, specialty care and emergency department visits. The university requires all students to be covered by a health insurance plan, either the university's student health insurance plan or a plan that provides comparable coverage.
  4. Pay the semester fee within the enrollment period. The enrollment period is 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after the first day of class.
Payment must be made at the McKinley Health Center Business Office before any health services will be rendered. Upon payment of the fee, spouses will be provided with an identification card, which they must present to receive care. The health center fee for spouses does not provide access to services offered by the U of I Counseling Center.

Questions about the expansion of services should be directed to McKinley's Business Office.

Office of Student Insurance

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