OIM Business Lab

The Office for Information Management (OIM) provides curriculum and research computer services to the College of Business. We install and maintain the PC network in the college; provide email services; install and maintain software; provide software support and training to students, faculty, and staff; develop and maintain various databases used in the college; provide research support to faculty and graduate students; and provide computing/teaching labs.

The OIM Computer Labs consist of 5 public PC computer labs in the basement of David Kinley Hall, rooms 3, 7, 8, 21, and 24. The software provided in these labs include MS Office 2003; various web browsers including Internet Explorer; access to various business databases; FirstClass (an email program used by certain courses/programs in the college) and various other communication applications; SPSS and other statistical analysis applications; and various specialized, course related applications.

Rooms 7, 21, and 24 are teaching labs, but are open to public use whenever a class is not in session. There is always a class schedule posted on the door. To access the computers in the labs you must login with your network ID and Active Directory (AD) password.

Consulting Services

Whenever the OIM Computer Labs are open there is a Consultant on duty in room 25 David Kinley Hall to provide software support to lab users. Feel free to walk in for help anytime the office is open.

OIM Business Lab

North Basement
David Kinley Hall
1407 W. Gregory Drive
Urbana, Illinois 61801

Jill Moore-Reynen
Short Course Administrator
9 David Kinley Hall