The ten-unit MSF program has an innovative curriculum that provides you with a strong foundation in the principles and practices of finance. The program also introduces you to the emerging concepts, practices, and technology necessary to be a success in today’s finance industry.

Core Curriculum You enter the program in June and enroll in an intensive, core summer program that provides an overview of fundamental tools and concepts in finance and the key building blocks in finance including econometrics and statistics. These summer courses give you a strong foundation for advanced study during the remainder of the academic year.

Electives In the fall and spring semesters, you select elective courses to customize your degree. Generally, students take most of their electives in areas of finance but some take a few electives in other disciplines such as accountancy, economics, marketing, communication skills, or technology management.

Specializations Many students choose to take courses from an assortment of areas to improve their overall understanding of finance while others prefer to specialize by focusing on recommended courses within one of the finance specializations below.

  • Corporate Finance
  • Asset Management
  • Quantitative Finance

Where Will the Program Take You?

Among the longest running programs of its type in the world, the Illinois MSF degree is an intensive, full-time finance program that is completed in twelve months. The program produces finance professionals prepared to work in the full scope of finance industries, including:
  • investment management, security analysis, and brokerage
  • capital markets, trading, and risk management
  • corporate finance, venture capital, and corporate restructuring
  • investment banking and commercial and retail banking
  • real estate finance and real estate investment trusts
  • financial function of industrial, commercial, and service organizations
  • not-for-profits such as central and regional banks, government departments, and international organizations