Welcome new June 2014 MSF students!

Congratulations on your admission to the University of Illinois! The information below will help to make your transition to graduate school at Illinois as smooth as possible.

Please read the information and contact our office if you have questions.


  1. Finalize your housing arrangements

    You are expected to handle all of your housing arrangements prior to the start of Orientation on Monday, June 9. Students may live in University housing (dormitory or university owned apartments) or private housing on or off campus.

    Visit the University housing and other suggested housing options.

    Some of our current students graduating May 13th are advertising sublets of their apartments. We have compiled a list of sublets with contact information.


  2. Foundational Skills for MS Finance Students

    All new students received a book called “Foundational Skills for MS Finance Students”. This is a tutorial of information that students are expected to review prior to joining the program. This material will be a review for some students and new information to others. Because students in the program have a wide variety of backgrounds, we require each student to review this minimum level of understanding so that the summer curriculum can move forward quickly.

    The book contains three chapters: Financial Accounting, Business Math and Statistics, and Understanding Corporate Finance. We request that after reviewing this information you complete the online proficiency tests using the URL included with the book.

    Please do not email the program with questions about the content of the Foundational Skills book. The book will be discussed and questions will be answered by your academic advisor during Orientation week. If problems are noted on your proficiency test that need to be addressed prior to Orientation, the Academic Advisor or one of his Teaching Assistants will contact you.

  3. University Email Account

    Your formal admission letter from the Graduate College includes your University Identification Number (UIN). Once you have this number, you can create your university netID. This netid allows you to set up your Enterprise ID, university email account, and many other new student services.

    Your Enterprise ID will allow you to claim a housing contract and to access the Student Self-Service Online Registration form*. The netid can be captured at http://netidclaim.uiuc.edu

    *Seats in the summer classes are reserved for MSF students. While you can obtain access to the registration form, you will not be authorized to register until Orientation when you are assigned to a team and authorized for a specific course section as determined by your Academic Advisor.

  4. Campus Information

    The University of Illinois is a large campus with a tremendous number of resources available to students. Check out the links below to familiarize yourself:

      • Graduate Student Survival Guide
      • Campus and Community Resources (bottom right hand side)
    • Specifically for International Students
      • ISSS arrival information for international graduate students:
      • ISSS new student information (including ISSS Orientation)
      • International student handbook:

  5. Libraries

    The University of Illinois houses one of the largest library systems in the world.

    • University of Illinois Libraries
    • The Business and Economics Library (BEL) has many online resources available.


The MSF program is challenging and it is important that you arrive in plenty of time to acclimate yourself to campus, finalize housing arrangements and prepare for the start of classes. You don't want to be worrying about these details once classes begin.

  1. Check in with the MSF Program

    All students must check in at the MSF office in 206 David Kinley Hall, 1407 W. Gregory Drive, Urbana. Ask for Cathy Tyler, the MSF Program secretary. The MSF Office is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 - 4:30.

    Please note that the University of Illinois is closed on Monday May 28th in observance of Memorial Day, a national holiday.

    Check in deadlines are as follows:

    • US Citizens and Permanent US residents should check-in no later than June 6 ·
    • International Students should check-in to the MSF office no later than May 30
    When you check in with the MSF office you will receive a financial calculator that meets specifications for use in the classroom and on exams.

  2. MSF Orientation

    The MS Finance Orientation is scheduled to begin on Monday, June 9. During Orientation you will meet faculty, learn about course options and determine your study plan. You will also learn about a number of resources available to you as an MSF student.

    These include Career Services, CFA Designation, Bloomberg Certification, and the Finance Practicum.

    In addition, activities are organized to help acclimate the students to the Illinois campus and meet the other participants in the program.

    Orientation ScheduleOrientation Schedule

    Participation is required.

  3. Special Instructions for International Students
    • All international students MUST report to the Office of International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) when they arrive on campus. This is very important as failure to report in a timely manner can put you at risk of losing your student visa. ISSS will hold open check-in for international students June 6 - June 11. Because our Orientation activities are on the May 28 to June 5, those students that do not check in with ISSS on June 6 must do so on June 11.
    • ISSS offers an orientation just for issues affecting international students. This summer their orientation will be held June 11. International students are encouraged to join this orientation.
    • You may be required to take the English Placement Test (EPT) as a condition of your admission to the University of Illinois. If you are required to take the test you were notified on your formal admission letter from Graduate Admissions. Those students required to take the English Placement test will be doing so on Monday, June 6. You must attend this test. More details on the EPT will be emailed to you in early May or provided to you at check-in.


  1. Registration

    MSF students will be able to register for classes online after they have been authorized by their academic advisor. Authorization will be provided after each student has attended an introductory meeting with their academic advisor, Professor George Pinteris. Professor Pinteris will hold this meeting during Orientation.

    The netid/passwords will be provided to students along with registration instructions during their check-in.

    Seats in the summer finance classes are reserved for MSF students. Therefore there is no need to be concerned that you will not be able to register. Students receiving Federal Financial Aid cannot receive aid until they are registered students. If this is your situation, please contact our office at 217-244-9203.

  2. Textbooks for Summer classes

    Students will be enrolled in two classes during summer term. Due to the nature of the courses, the students will rely primarily on lecture notes and handouts. Therefore, all textbooks listed below are RECOMMENDED, NOT REQUIRED.

    • FIN 580 (CORPORATE FINANCE AND VALUATION) (taught by Professor George Pinteris)
      • Pamela P. Peterson and Frank J. Fabozzi
        Analysis of Financial Statements
        Second Edition, John Wiley, 2006
      • Aswath Damodaran
        Damodaran on Valuation: Security Analysis for Investment and Corporate Finance
        Second Edition, John Wiley, 2006
      • Jonathan Mun
        Applied Risk Analysis: Moving Beyond Uncertainty in Business
        John Wiley, 2004
      • Craig W. Holden
        Excel Modeling in Corporate Finance
        Second Edition, Prentice Hall, 2005
    • FIN 580 QM (QUANTITATIVE METHODS FOR FINANCE)(taught by Professor Christos Agiakloglou)
      • Richard A. Defusco, Dennis W.McLeavey, Jerald E. Pinto, David E. Runkle, and Mark J. P. Anson
        Quantitative Investment Analysis
        Second Edition, John Wiley, 2007
      • Robert S. Pindyck and Daniel L. Rubinfeld
        Econometric Models and Economic Forecasts
        Fourth Edition, McGraw-Hill, 1998
      • Terence C.Mills
        The Econometric Modeling of Financial Time Series
        Second Edition (paperback), Cambridge, 1999

    All students will receive SAS and Crystal Ball software for use on their laptop over the summer. In addition each student will receive a SAS instruction manual.

    The syllabi for both summer courses as well as information on all courses offered by the Finance department are located at: http://www.business.uiuc.edu/finance/courseWebs.aspx

  3. Laptop Specifications

    Students are required to have their own laptops. The College offers wireless Internet access and there are access ports in the classrooms.

    Minimum specifications:

    • Pentium M 1.4GHz or better
    • 512MB RAM
    • 40MB HD or more
    • Wireless 802.11g
    • Modem
    • 10/100-network card or better
    • at least USB port (should also have USB2 and/or firewire ports)
    • DVD/CD-RW combo
    • Windows XP Operating System English Edition

    Software provided for coursework requires a windows operating system. A Mac with an Intel processor will also suffice.

  4. Academic Calendar Academic Calendar


  1. Career Services

    The mantra in Career Services is that your job search starts the minute you arrive on campus. Your summer is going to very busy, but getting your resume reviewed and entered on to the campus recruiting system should be a top priority as companies begin recruiting on campus in the Fall term.

    Khalilah Starks, Director of Corporate Relations and Employment Services is dedicated to helping you maximize your opportunities in the job market. It will all start in Orientation when she presents to you the keys to a successful jobs search and how she can help you meet your goals. But be prepared! Be sure you have your resume, references and any other employment information readily available.

  2. Tuition and Fees

    Tuition for the MSF program is charged by the semester. Students are billed during the first part of each semester and can pay online usining the UI Integrate online registration system.

    If you wish to do a wire transfer to your student account, you should have the funds sent to:

    JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A.
    1 Bank One Plaza
    Chicago, IL 60670

    • ABA/Routing Number: #021000021,
      (provide this identifier if your wire transfer is coming from a domestic bank)
    • Swift ID: CHASUS33
      (provide this identifier if your wire transfer is coming from a foreign bank)
    • Account title: University of Illinois Accounts Receivable
    • Account Number: 840783682 (for SAR/GAR)
    • Reference: Student Name and UIN

    Please reference your name and identification number or social security number on the transfer. The identification number can be found at the bottom of your official letter of admission from the Office of Admissions and Records. This identification number is necessary for the University to determine to which student account the transferred funds should be applied.

    MSF Tuition/Fee Breakdown

  3. Questions?

    Contact our office at 217-244-9203 or email msfinance@business.uiuc.edu


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