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  • In the Media :

    W. Brooke Elliott: Is your CSR reporting hurting investment?  (11/2014)
    Tatyana Deryugina: Abnormal weather fluctuations greatly affect views of global warming  (11/2014)
    Chopbox: Entrepreneur Jordan Buckner '14 MBA puts the family back in dinner  (11/2014)
    Jeff Brown: How the 2014 elections will impact your wallet  (11/2014)
    Tatyana Deryugina in Washington Post: Winter weather doesn't refute global warming  (11/2014)
    Social Security Advisory Board appoints Jeff Brown to serve on expert tech panel  (11/2014)
    Marcelo Bucheli awarded Henley Business School's John H. Dunning Fellowship in International Business  (11/2014)
    Illinois Business Briefs: W. Brooke Elliott  (11/2014)
    'Giving is part of our DNA': Tom & Julie Scott kick off College’s Centennial Celebration with $1m gift  (10/2014)
    Jeff Brown in Forbes: New treasury guidance will encourage annuities in 401(k) plans  (10/2014)
    'A new world of possibilities': Hoeft T&M student conducts pilot internship program in China  (10/2014)
    W. Brooke Elliott: Slick 'corporate responsibility' reports can actually fool investors  (10/2014)
    W. Brooke Elliott: If your corporation wants to save the world, emphasize substance, not style, in responsibility reports  (10/2014)
    Consequences of gendered names; Sharon Shavitt's research cited in Forbes  (10/2014)
    Accountancy senior Jennifer Bowley selected for 2014 Homecoming Court  (10/2014)
    W. Brooke Elliott: Less-numerate investors swayed by style, presentation of corporate responsibility reports  (10/2014)
    Don Fullerton & Julian Reif: Gas tax may hurt Ill. more than it helps  (10/2014)
    US merchant refiners take oil trading back in-house, Don Fullerton weighs in  (10/2014)
    Freshman scholar-athlete Mike Dudek added to Biletnikoff Watch List  (10/2014)
    Chicago pension crisis 3 times worse than 10 years ago; Jeff Brown comments  (10/2014)
    Party cleanup inspires finance alum's innovation: the DropCatch magnetic bottle opener  (10/2014)
    Retirement Income Industry Association award winner Jeff Brown: Retirement researcher, model, & mentor  (9/2014)
    Don Fullerton: Academic journals should adopt nonprofit publishing model  (9/2014)
    Tax inversions: How US companies buy tax breaks; Elizabeth Chorvat cited  (9/2014)
    'Risky business': John Kindt talks fantasy sports on 'Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel'  (9/2014)
    Ravi Gajendran: Telecommuters perform just as well as co-workers in the office  (9/2014)
    Diversity makes us smarter: Greg Northcraft's study highlighted in Scientific American  (9/2014)
    Elizabeth Chorvat discusses tax inversions in New York Times  (9/2014)
    Professional sports & gambling: A minute with John Kindt  (9/2014)
    Jeff Brown in DC Dialogue: How to improve the defined contribution system  (9/2014)
    Jeff Brown: Pension crisis due to years of mismanaged retirement programs  (9/2014)
    Illinois MBA associate director Kelly O'Neill is one of Champaign's Forty Under 40  (9/2014)
    A minute with...Elizabeth Chorvat, expert on the effects of tax rules  (8/2014)
    A picture's worth a thousand words? Not in corporate reporting, says W. Brooke Elliott  (8/2014)
    Elizabeth Chorvat talks tax inversions on 'Real Money With Ali Velshi'  (8/2014)
    U of I ranks high in undergrad entrepreneurs getting funding, study shows  (8/2014)
    U of I continues to dominate as source of CFOs to Fortune 500, S&P 500 companies  (8/2014)
    Senior Tyler Rallo aims high, lands competitive Boeing internship  (8/2014)
    Kathleen Wright ’03 talks to Fast Company about launching visionary startup  (8/2014)
    What makes for board excellence? B. Joseph White shares insight in new book  (8/2014)
    David Sinow: The most important aspects of buying your first home  (8/2014)
    Vyacheslav Fos: Executives in proxy contests interested in more than shareholder value (reg. required)  (8/2014)
    Lottery Control Board’s failure to meet raises questions, says John Kindt  (8/2014)
    Jeff Brown: Alternative investments have a role, when properly handled  (8/2014)
    Jeff Brown warns against ignoring ‘pension crisis,’ predicts major overhaul  (8/2014)
    Jeff Brown in Forbes: The Social Security Earnings Test is not a tax  (8/2014)
    What Jiekun Huang's and Meng Gao's STOCK Act research means for insider trading and hedge funds  (8/2014)
    More providers dropping long-term care insurance, says Jeff Brown in US News  (7/2014)
    Ravi Mehta's 'big picture' research on self-control has implications for luxury marketers  (7/2014)
    Former dean Avijit Ghosh named CEO of the University of Illinois Hospital in Chicago  (7/2014)
    Eric Draut '79 honored with President’s Call to Service Award  (7/2014)
    How much income will your 401(k) generate? Jeff Brown talks to the Chicago Tribune about the advantages of monthly projections  (7/2014)
    John Kindt in Crain's: Proposed pension amendment won't get past voters  (7/2014)
    Medtronic deal could sting for long-time shareholders, Elizabeth Chorvat comments  (7/2014)
    Jeff Brown in Forbes: Ill. Supreme Court decision a 'financial blow' to taxpayers  (7/2014)
    Doug McConnell ’79 does marathons—in the water  (7/2014)
    Startup internships: Finance student Jeff Fox discusses challenges & rewards  (6/2014)
    Isak Griffiths '14 MBA: The new leader for Champaign's Courage Connection  (6/2014)
    Mike Small '88 selected as Fighting Illini Coach of the Year  (6/2014)
    eBay is preparing the next generation of tech & business leaders at Illinois  (6/2014)
    Accounting major Joe McAsey earns 2nd-team All-America honors  (6/2014)
    Have casinos made a bad bet? John Kindt thinks so.  (6/2014)
    Senior-to-be Brian Campbell ready for US Open  (6/2014)
    Study: Hurricanes with female names more deadly than male-named storms  (6/2014)
    Jeff Brown talks retirement spending with Yahoo Finance  (6/2014)
    Class project redesigns Green St., gains community support  (5/2014)
    3 College of Business students take Big Ten Golf honors  (5/2014)
    Sophomore Charlie Danielson is Big Ten medalist, wins Les Bolstad Award  (5/2014)
    Don Fullerton discusses implications of UN climate change report  (4/2014)
    Don Fullerton: It's 'crunch time' for climate change  (4/2014)
    Distinguished faculty profile: Madhu Viswanathan (VIDEO)  (4/2014)
    Scott Weisbenner: Mutual funds' influence over corporate governance has increased  (4/2014)
    Ill. pension law had costly typo; Avijit Ghosh comments  (4/2014)
    Walgreens' potential move is a 'tax inversion'; Don Fullerton explains  (4/2014)
    Denise Lewin Loyd: Top-ranking women don't necessarily help other women advance  (4/2014)
    Don Fullerton contributes to IPCC's Mitigation of Climate Change report  (4/2014)
    Don Fullerton: IKEA’s wind-energy project may create goodwill, attract customers  (4/2014)
    Jeff Brown presents U of I pension resolution to senate executive committee  (4/2014)
    Mao Ye weighs in on 'Flash Boys’ focus on high-frequency trading  (4/2014)
    Jeff Brown on Illinois' fiscal problems  (3/2014)
    MSI: Sharon Shavitt's price information research a 'must read for marketers'  (3/2014)
    Video: Jeff Brown argues for the wider use of annuities  (3/2014)
    Finance senior Bobby Warshaw touts benefits of studying abroad  (3/2014)
    Targeted marketing lures seniors back to casinos, says John Kindt  (3/2014)
    Business philanthropy group encourages classmates to give back  (3/2014)
    Don ’88 & Anne Marie Edwards ’88: Supporting academics and athletics  (3/2014)
    Jeff Brown explains how 'endowment hoarding' hurts universities  (3/2014)
    Business senior Steven Hollon fights cancer, supported by Greek communities  (3/2014)
    Fiscal Times, not Paul Ryan, misrepresents Jeff Brown's research  (3/2014)
    Chicago's credit rating downgraded, Jeff Brown weighs in  (3/2014)
    Brown & Weisbenner: Many colleges 'hoard' endowments during rough times  (3/2014)
    Economists say Paul Ryan misrepresented their research  (3/2014)
    Economists: Paul Ryan misrepresents us in poverty report  (3/2014)
    Jeff Brown cited in House Budget Committee report on poverty  (3/2014)
    Jeff Brown, Scott Weisbenner examine 'endowment hoarding' phenomenon  (2/2014)
    Madhu Viswanathan's e-book explores intersection of poverty and marketplace  (2/2014)
    PCAOB’s ‘audit failure’ rate is highly suspect, writes Mark Peecher  (2/2014)
    Current fiduciary rules scare employers away from offering annuities, writes Jeff Brown  (2/2014)
    Sophomore Tanaya Bhardwaj reaches new heights at NASA  (2/2014)
    Jeff Brown: 'Limited downside to the myRA'  (2/2014)
    Accounting junior Les Poole: A one-man balancing act  (2/2014)
    Accounting student Kevin Kim and team win BP energy competition  (2/2014)
    Jeff Brown: Reframing the 401(k) plan  (2/2014)
    Jeff Brown is among many supporters of automatic IRAs  (2/2014)
    Governments cannot gamble their way to prosperity, John Kindt writes  (2/2014)
    ACLI-backed paper supports income guarantees in defined contribution plans  (2/2014)
    Jeff Brown: Reasons to be wary of state-run retirement plans  (2/2014)
    In India, students make impact, raise awareness for postharvest loss  (2/2014)
    Social Security and Medicare not currently sustainable, says Jeff Brown  (2/2014)
    Jeff Brown: Public pension debt made to look smaller than it is  (2/2014)
    Joseph White interviews GM chairman Tim Solso (reg. required)  (2/2014)
    Jeff Brown: California pension measure may set precedent  (2/2014)
    John Kindt: Gamblers gravitate toward bigger jackpots, faster games  (2/2014)
    Jeff Brown: MyRA 'well targeted to people who don’t have coverage now'  (1/2014)
    Jeff Brown: MyRA not perfect, but smartly designed  (1/2014)
    MyRA is a policy worth trying, Jeff Brown writes  (1/2014)
    Jeff Brown, Don Fullerton examine Gov. Quinn's speech  (1/2014)
    Jeff Brown weighs in on Obama's 'MyRA'  (1/2014)
    Madhu Viswanathan's new e-book explores 'bottom-up' business approach  (1/2014)
    Jeff Brown: MyRA 'not especially competitive' with more traditional plans  (1/2014)
    Financial Times: Illinois MBA ranks 3rd in Big Ten, 23rd in US, 44th in world  (1/2014)
    University of Illinois boasts best ROI in the Big Ten  (1/2014)
    Business freshman Summer Robbins crowned Miss Illinois County Fair Queen  (1/2014)
    Score! Freshman's soccer innovation sweeps entrepreneurship competition  (1/2014)
    Business students compete in national PricewaterhouseCoopers competition  (1/2014)
    Anupam Agrawal: Cultural sensitivity necessary for global business leaders  (1/2014)
    Jeff Brown on the health of state & local pensions, for NARFE magazine  (1/2014)
    Jeff Brown: 'Raising minimum wage ought to reduce employment levels'  (1/2014)
    Anupam Agrawal: 'Sourcing hub' could help create more efficient supply chain  (1/2014)
    Accounting sophomore Joe McAsey named Big Ten Athlete of the Week  (1/2014)
    U of I joins National Retail Federation to promote retail careers to students  (12/2013)
    Ravi Mehta: 70 decibels ideal for work creativity  (12/2013)
    Thanks to Mao Ye, millions of hidden stock trades revealed  (12/2013)
    Aric Rindfleisch: Materialism amplifies trauma  (12/2013)
    Anupam Agrawal: The most effective leaders embrace cultural differences  (12/2013)
    Jeff Brown: A clear, in-depth explanation of pension reform's impact on employees  (12/2013)
    Jeff Brown on pension reform: 'Doing nothing is not an option'  (11/2013)
    Universities create 3D printing spaces but at unequal paces  (11/2013)
    Mao Ye receives top honors for 'groundbreaking, law-changing' research  (11/2013)
    John Kindt: Online gambling expansion ‘a question of national economic security’  (11/2013)
    Global leadership: One size does not fit all  (11/2013)
    Welcome to the future: In 3D  (10/2013)
    Do's & Don'ts for a secure retirement  (10/2013)
    Irwin Family Foundation gifts College $4M to renovate Surveying Building  (10/2013)
    Thomas W. & Mary Ellen O'Laughlin gift $5M to Center for Business & Public Policy  (10/2013)
    Wise, Siebel '83 MBA inducted into American Academy of Arts & Sciences  (10/2013)
    No. 2 US nuclear commander fired over gambling; John Kindt weighs in  (10/2013)
    Golfer & Illini of the Week Brian Campbell shatters records, wins first tournament  (10/2013)
    Mao Ye: Public not privy to a chunk of stock trades  (10/2013)
    ILLINOIS produces most sitting CFOs of Fortune 500 and S&P 500 companies  (10/2013)
    Vyacheslav Fos: The disciplinary effects of proxy contests  (10/2013)
    The real reasons America's pensions are hurting  (10/2013)
    Four faculty recognized by Management Science for distinguished service  (10/2013)
    5 tips for tightwad retirees to loosen their grip  (9/2013)
    Master of Science in Financial Engineering ranked among top U.S. programs  (9/2013)
    When the going gets tough, the materialistic go shopping  (9/2013)
    Jeff Brown: Risks to government pension insurer worse than thought  (9/2013)
    How Josef Lakonishok turned his theory into a $70bn practice  (9/2013)
    John Kindt: 24-hour casinos a bad bet for Illinois  (9/2013)
    What's the point of creativity?  (9/2013)
    CEOs and public firings: A double standard?  (8/2013)
    Do the rich benefit from Medicaid? Jeff Brown weighs in.  (8/2013)
    Edwardian elegance: Cele Otnes discusses the 'Downton Abbey' merchandise boom.  (8/2013)
    A minute with...Deepak Somaya  (8/2013)
    How two brothers--and U of I alumni--became CEOs of rival ad agencies a block apart  (8/2013)
    One-size-fits-all approach doesn't work for different markets  (8/2013)
    Cele Otnes: When a small company is besieged by the royal birth  (8/2013)
    Does daily fantasy sports blur the line between fantasy and gambling?  (8/2013)
    John Kindt: Fantasy sports as online gambling  (7/2013)
    Mao Ye's startling stock market discovery and its consequences  (7/2013)
    Don Fullerton: After Quebec, what's the future for Keystone XL?  (7/2013)
    How to beat the 5 killers of virtual working  (6/2013)
    The strange scientific connection between coffee shops & creativity  (6/2013)
    Video: Should online gambling be legalized?  (6/2013)
    Need a creative boost? Head to a coffee shop  (6/2013)
    Neil Pearson discusses 'stock pinning' and stock option expirations (registration required)  (6/2013)
    Ask the experts: Policy changes for a brighter retirement  (6/2013)
    Job autonomy, trust in leadership key to improving workplace  (6/2013)
    U of I Solar Decathlon team taking home to away game  (6/2013)
    Business administration sophomore awarded study-abroad Gilman Scholarship  (6/2013)
    New grads 'start-up' their careers; Academy for Entrepreneurial Leadership's Paul Magelli weighs in  (6/2013)
    A minute with Don Fullerton, finance professor & energy policy expert  (6/2013)
    Marketing's Tiffany Barnett White 'gets personal' in the News-Gazette  (6/2013)
    Jeffrey Brown: View annuities as income, not investments  (6/2013)
    John Kindt: Big gambling's hoard of taxpayer money belies Illinois budget crisis  (5/2013)
    Three MBA students earn prestigious fellowship  (5/2013)
    Should there be a cap on oil spill payouts?  (5/2013)
    Don't get 'framed' when claiming Social Security  (5/2013)
    University of Illinois Selects Yaeger CPA Review as Sole Provider of CPA Study  (5/2013)
    Public pension funds improving...or are they?  (5/2013)
    Innocence lost: Class of 2013 comes of age in a weak economy  (5/2013)
    Should Washington Allow Internet Gambling?  (5/2013)
    Expert: State budget, pension woes tied to big gambling giveaways  (5/2013)
    Professor Ravi S. Gajendran talks telecommuting  (5/2013)
    Tune into finance lecturer and CFA Kevin Waspi on WILL's Focus  (5/2013)
    Working Alone, Together  (5/2013)
    The Trick to Managing Remote Employees  (5/2013)
    Research: Common component strategy could improve profits  (4/2013)
    Personalized leadership key for keeping globally distributed teams on task  (4/2013)
    Chained CPI and the ups and downs of the cost of living  (4/2013)
    Executive MBA Program in Chicago adjusts to global, student demands  (4/2013)
    Video: UI reveals 3D technology  (4/2013)
    Six simple steps to pension reform  (4/2013)
    John Kindt: The SEC and Illinois pensions fraud  (3/2013)
    Colombia’s Coffee Producers Reprise Export Protectionism  (3/2013)
    Six Simple Steps to Reforming the State Universities Retirement System (SURS)  (3/2013)
    MBA Programs Evolve to Meet Student Needs  (3/2013)
    The Work-From-Home Tug of War  (3/2013)
    Pension Reform Proposals That Might Work  (3/2013)
    Nobel Prize-winning economist Peter Diamond delivers David Kinley Lecture  (3/2013)
    Work from home: Women may want it, but not many get it  (3/2013)
    Corporations' telecommuting crackdown not a problem for most Americans  (3/2013)
    Telecommuting: A Minute With U. of I. Expert Ravi S. Gajendran  (3/2013)
    Deloitte & the College of Business Collaborate on Innovative Award-winning Learning Tool  (3/2013)
    Kindt: States leveraging gambling on social media sites  (2/2013)
    From the screen to your hand: 3-D printing lab installed in the College of Business  (2/2013)
    Research: Endowment Shocks & Charitable Donations to Higher Education  (2/2013)
    A Minute With C.K. Gunsalus, expert on professional ethics  (2/2013)
    2013 Illinois MBA Strategy Case Competition  (2/2013)
    Casino revenues drop; expert says local video games taking a bite out of profits  (2/2013)
    Where Is Your Fund Manager From?  (2/2013)
    Dean's List honorees for the fall 2012 semester have been announced  (2/2013)
    Opponents of legalizing gambling say it will drain more money than bring in  (2/2013)
    Five Questions with Keenan Kassar, University of Illinois senior  (2/2013)
    Faculty Members Share BlackRock Prize for Research  (1/2013)
    Illinois Pension Crisis: A Minute With U. of I. Expert Jeffrey R. Brown  (1/2013)
    Study: Store layout an important variable for retailers  (1/2013)
    Nine undergraduates awarded Gilman scholarships to study abroad  (1/2013)
    Jobs and Profits Lost to Legalized Gambling  (1/2013)
    Two supercomputers crunched the data and concluded high frequency trading has “little impact on our lives”  (1/2013)
    Two supercomputers crunched the data and concluded high frequency trading has "little impact on our lives"  (1/2013)
    High-frequency stock trading of little value to investors, public  (1/2013)
    High-frequency stock trading of little value to investors, public  (1/2013)
    High-Frequency Stock Trading of Little Value to Investors  (1/2013)
    Interview: Jeff Brown Discusses State's Pension Problems  (1/2013)
    Bad News Can Spur Strategic Change in Businesses  (1/2013)
    Pension Situation in Illinois - WILL (Audio)  (1/2013)
    Brown on Pension Problems in Illinois-WDWS Radio (Audio)  (1/2013)
    5 Receive IL CPA Society Excel Awards Including Gold, Silver and Bronze (Pg. 24)  (1/2013)
    Ghosh Stresses Importance of Swift Pension Reform  (1/2013)
    Internet Gambling Will Cripple World's Economic, Financial Systems  (1/2013)
    Play to Extinction (Video)  (12/2012)
    Billions of Dollars Owed by Gambling Interests  (12/2012)
    Reid-Kyl Internet Gambling Bill Could Enable Money Laundering  (12/2012)
    7 Things You Should Know about Microlectures  (12/2012)
    Ghosh Interview: University Pension Plan (Audio)  (12/2012)
    Why Retirement Plan Tax Preferences are Not as Expensive as You Might Think  (12/2012)
    Agents of Altruism & the Future For Incentivised Whistleblowing  (12/2012)
    Faculty Preparation Key Consideration for Blended Learning  (12/2012)
    Time to Act on the State Universities Retirement System  (12/2012)
    Kindt Recommends Faculty Voice Concerns Now  (12/2012)
    Auditing Market Saturated While Consulting Grows (WSJ Subscription Required)  (12/2012)
    Destructive Influence on Campus  (12/2012)
    Tax Subsidy May Be Needed to Motivate Employers  (12/2012)
    Gunsalus Discusses Book: The Young Professional’s Survival Guide (Audio)  (12/2012)
    How Do Energy Policies Affect the Environment?  (12/2012)
    Lakonishok and the Santa Claus Rally  (12/2012)
    Why Coffee Shops Spur Creativity  (12/2012)
    "Not So Fast" Eliminating 401(k) Tax Preference (Forbes)  (11/2012)
    Excitement and Uncertainty: Teamwork in Hong Kong  (11/2012)
    Ghosh Honored as Distinguished Alumnus  (11/2012)
    BOT Discuss Changes in Higher Education Delivery  (11/2012)
    Time to Rethink Tenure  (11/2012)
    Communicator of the Year Award  (11/2012)
    Job Autonomy, Trust in Leadership Keys to Improvement Initiatives  (11/2012)
    Benefits and Disadvantages of Ecommerce  (11/2012)
    Student Senator Proposes Integrity Statement for Campus  (11/2012)
    Alumna Creates Triple-Bottom-Line Winner with Bin Donated  (11/2012)
    Money, Opportunities, and Programs Needed to Reach Top Students  (11/2012)
    How Higher Ed Donations Respond to Market Shocks  (11/2012)
    Third Annual Partners in Business Ethics Conference  (11/2012)
    Offshoring a Vicious Cycle (USA TODAY)  (11/2012)
    How the rapid speed of computerized stock trading may have little-understood, non-beneficial effects on the market  (11/2012)
    Best in Class, College, and University  (11/2012)
    Lanesskog Takes Over as Champaign School Board President  (11/2012)
    Mr. Business Talent Competition and Fundraiser  (11/2012)
    Gunsalus Guide to Navigating Workplace Ethics  (11/2012)
    Gambling Arrives in Campustown  (11/2012)
    Voter Education Important  (11/2012)
    Driving Growth: How Predictive Analytics Transform Business  (11/2012)
    Business Sophomore Receives Prestigious NASA Internship  (11/2012)
    Increasing Legal Disputes for Proposed Constitutional Amendment  (10/2012)
    Lawsuit Identifies Constitutional Irregularities  (10/2012)
    Curtis: Strong Colleges and Successful Students Keep Defaults Low  (10/2012)
    Israeli Consul General Speaks to Innovation Immersion Program  (10/2012)
    CBPP Speaker Goolsbee Bullish on U.S. Future  (10/2012)
    Tribune, Unions and Kindt Agree: No to Constitutional Amendment  (10/2012)
    Business Honors Program TEDTalks  (10/2012)
    Hoeft T&M Program, Yelp, and PayPal  (10/2012)
    Do You Trust Springfield?  (10/2012)
    The Young Professional's Survival Guide  (10/2012)
    Retirement: How to Pay for Long-Term Care (Barron's)  (10/2012)
    Voters to Decide If Pensions Should be Tougher to Increase  (10/2012)
    Life of an ILLINOIS Accountancy/Finance Double Major (Pg. 16)  (10/2012)
    Ye Making Sense of High Frequency Trading  (10/2012)
    The Next Big Speculative Financial Bubble  (10/2012)
    New Orleans Firefighters Pension Gambling for Resurrection  (10/2012)
    Using supercomputers to regulate high-frequency trading  (10/2012)
    Using Supercomputers to Regulate High-Frequency Trading  (10/2012)
    Using supercomputers to regulate how supercomputers buy and sell stocks  (10/2012)
    Using supercomputers to regulate how supercomputers buy and sell stocks  (10/2012)
    One-Stop Research Ethics Shop Open for Business  (10/2012)
    How to Compete in a Global Market  (10/2012)
    Illinois Amendment Would Eliminate Constitutional Protections  (10/2012)
    WSJ's Stephen Moore Shares Optimism With Business  (10/2012)
    Gamblers Only Have So Much Money to Spend, Says Kindt  (10/2012)
    Standard & Poor's Downgrade Bad for Education in Illinois  (9/2012)
    Audio: Kindt Says Legislators Trying to Trick Illinois Voters  (9/2012)
    Influence of Color on Thought  (9/2012)
    Pensions Amendment Hides True Impact for Illinois  (9/2012)
    New Faces 2012: Rindfleisch  (9/2012)
    Accountancy Ranked #2 in US News 2012  (9/2012)
    MBA Increases Pay, Responsibilities  (9/2012)
    Create Your Own Pension  (9/2012)
    Odd Lots Considered for Official Count of U.S. Trading Volume  (9/2012)
    Financial Times Ranks ILLINOIS MSF #3  (9/2012)
    Anti-Gambling Backlash in Ohio  (9/2012)
    Taxpayer Safety Net For Pensions  (9/2012)
    Champaign Area Could Support Minor-League Baseball Says IBC  (8/2012)
    Negative Images Leading to End of Brand Relationships  (8/2012)
    The Wide Influence of the Apple-Samsung Trial  (8/2012)
    Pro-Gambling Rhetoric "Kinda Silly"  (8/2012)
    New Floor Installed in BIF  (8/2012)
    Gov. Quinn and 'The New Untouchables'  (8/2012)
    MBA KOLA Foundation Returns to Pine Ridge  (8/2012)
    BIGG Success in a Minute  (8/2012)
    Successful MBA Gives Job Market Advice for Vets  (8/2012)
    Men Respond Negatively to Depictions of Ideal Masculinity  (8/2012)
    Sports Betting Known as Gateway Drug  (7/2012)
    Higher Retail Wages Correlate with Lower Levels of Employee Theft  (7/2012)
    Peanuts in Revenue for Champaign  (7/2012)
    Indian Tribes Fear Legalizing Online Poker  (7/2012)
    Current Casino Licenses Are Pot of Gold  (7/2012)
    Dharmapala Sums Tax Policy Lessons from the 2000s  (7/2012)
    Slot Machines Do Not Create Jobs, Says Kindt  (7/2012)
    Riley '13: Finalist for 2012 The Bowerman Award  (7/2012)
    An Economic Cancer on the Body Politic  (7/2012)
    MBA Student Receives FMC Technologies Fellowship  (7/2012)
    Online Retail Contributes to Decline in Product Quality  (7/2012)
    Former Illini Track Star Heads to Olympics  (7/2012)
    Asia Free-Trade Agreement: A Minute With Joseph Cheng  (7/2012)
    Lawmakers Leave Lucrative Loopholes Open  (7/2012)
    Insurance Company Unable to Hedge Risks of Long-term Care  (7/2012)
    "Like Throwing Gasoline on the Fires of Recession," Says Kindt  (7/2012)
    Budget Solution for Illinois: Tax Gambling, Not People  (7/2012)
    An Even Simpler Answer to Illinois Public Pension Reform  (7/2012)
    MBA Student Raises Awareness for Rare Disease  (6/2012)
    Consumers Uncertain about Longevity of LTCI Carriers  (6/2012)
    Kindt Describes Video Gambling as “Black Hole Economics”  (6/2012)
    Professor Tenure as Insurance: What the Wall Street Journal Debate Missed  (6/2012)
    Bet on Oracle over J.P. Morgan Chase  (6/2012)
    Why Crowded Coffee Shops Fire Up Your Creativity (The Atlantic)  (6/2012)
    Audio: Illinois Pensions Call-In Talk Show  (6/2012)
    Potential for Insurance Predictive Modeling  (6/2012)
    Why Nice Guys Can Finish First in Business  (6/2012)
    More Accurately Reporting Unfunded Liability in Public Pensions  (6/2012)
    University of California Faces Mounting Pension Costs  (6/2012)
    Last-Day Raises Last a Lifetime  (6/2012)
    Sports Betting Means Crime, Addiction, and Costs for Taxpayers (US News)  (6/2012)
    Pension Reform: Something's Got to Give  (6/2012)
    Rising Star Academic Athelete (Tribune)  (6/2012)
    Video: Is Gaming Expansion a Job Creator or Job Killer?  (6/2012)
    A Reminder of Why Groupon Can't Survive  (6/2012)
    Illinois Should Fold When it Comes to Gambling  (6/2012)
    Brown's Forbes Blog: Simple but Radical Idea for Illinois Public Pension Reform  (6/2012)
    IBC Offers Value-Added Solutions  (6/2012)
    2012 Illinois MBA Strategy Case Competition  (6/2012)
    Illinois Pension Restructuring Battle Reviewed  (6/2012)
    Brief Update on Illinois Pension Reform  (6/2012)
    What Innovation Really Is  (6/2012)
    The Young Professional's Survival Guide: From Cab Fares to Moral Snares  (6/2012)
    Recent Finance Graduate Receives Fulbright Grant  (5/2012)
    Business Students Win Fulbright Summer Program Grants to Study in UK  (5/2012)
    Choice Between Two Unconstitutional Options Not Constitutional  (5/2012)
    Brown's Forbes Blog: Three Hard Lessons from Illinois Public Pension Reform  (5/2012)
    IL State Legislators Collect Big Contributions from Gambling Interests  (5/2012)
    Regulatory Oversight Can Keep Processes Consistent  (5/2012)
    "Negative Leakage" Could Be Key to Reducing Carbon Emissions  (5/2012)
    Illinois' Best Bet  (5/2012)
    USC Awards 2011 Page Prize Honorable Mention Award to Viswanathan  (5/2012)
    Public Pensions Unboxed by Miller  (5/2012)
    Champaign City Council Choose Gambling  (5/2012)
    Too Much, Too Little Noise Turns Off Consumers, Creativity  (5/2012)
    Dixon Scandal "A Violation of a Basic Tenet of Internal Controls"  (5/2012)
    The Happy Medium of Tax Collection  (5/2012)
    Horse Racing and Videotapes  (5/2012)
    Legacy Launches  (5/2012)
    IBC Completes Feasibility Study for Minor League Team (Audio)  (5/2012)
    Students Awarded 2011 Elijah Watt Sells  (5/2012)
    Does Cloud Computing Matter?  (5/2012)
    IT Investment More Rewarding Than R&D  (5/2012)
    Incredible Pension Promises  (5/2012)
    Effects of Hidden Trades  (5/2012)
    Background Noise Helps People Think More Creatively  (5/2012)
    Small '89 Named Coach of Year 4th Consecutive Time  (5/2012)
    Win-Win Strategy of Negotiation  (5/2012)
    Taking a Gamble  (5/2012)
    Drowning in Debt (PDF)  (5/2012)
    Innovation Powers Corporate Success  (5/2012)
    UI Senate Backs Principles for Pension Reform  (5/2012)
    South African Inspired Business Idea: Mirror Skins  (5/2012)
    Fullerton's Prediction for Gas Prices  (4/2012)
    Michael and Viswanathan Honored with Campus Award for Excellence in Teaching  (4/2012)
    Student Runs with a Purpose  (4/2012)
    Reconsidering Social Security and Alternative Options: WSJ  (4/2012)
    Freshmen Take Google Challenge to Benefit Don Moyer’s Boys & Girls Club  (4/2012)
    Making Sense of the 2012 Social Security Trustee's Report  (4/2012)
    Facebook's Unlikely Growth Rate  (4/2012)
    Quinn's Pension Proposal "Highly Flawed"  (4/2012)
    Governor Quinn's "Clever" Pension Reform  (4/2012)
    Toast to Madhu Viswanathan  (4/2012)
    Brown's Knock-down, Drag-out Battle of Obamacare  (4/2012)
    Serious Discussions About Illinois' Unfunded Pension Hole  (4/2012)
    Elliott Research Cautions Executives Who Consider Video  (4/2012)
    SURS Reform Debate Heavyweight: Brown  (4/2012)
    Brown's Forbes Blog: Fiscal Impact of Ending Obamacare  (4/2012)
    Rindfleisch Rated Top 10 Best Professor  (4/2012)
    How to Win an MBA Scholarship  (4/2012)
    Innovation in Multi-Invention Contexts: 2012 Best Article Award  (4/2012)
    Bad Social and Economic Policy of Internet Gambling  (4/2012)
    MBA Stories Told in Video  (4/2012)
    5K to Benefit Pine Ridge Indian Reservation Youth  (3/2012)
    Lecture to Focus on Organizational Integrity in Information Age  (3/2012)
    BP Executives to Speak on Importance of Business Communication and Professional Responsibility  (3/2012)
    With shared memory in Pittsburgh, XSEDE expands horizons for HPC research  (3/2012)
    Viswanathan Wins Pollay Award  (3/2012)
    Offshore Gambling Identified as Contributor to Hospitality Executive's Death  (3/2012)
    Chindia Trek Series  (3/2012)
    Cheaper Gasoline, or Energy Independence: You Can’t Have Both  (3/2012)
    University of Illinois President Michael J. Hogan Resigns  (3/2012)
    Impact of IT Investments on Profits  (3/2012)
    $4 Fuel the New Norm  (3/2012)
    CPS Food Director Accepted Gifts from Firm She Recommended  (3/2012)
    Impulsive Behavior Prompted by Strong Motivations  (3/2012)
    Ex-Member of Federal Reserve Board Shares Concerns  (3/2012)
    Video Entry Highlights Business and Campus Commitment to Sustainability  (3/2012)
    Illini of the Week: Andrew Riley '13  (3/2012)
    BP Settlement Right Step, But Won't Curtail Corporate Greed  (3/2012)
    Insurers Getting Out of Long Term Care  (3/2012)
    Supercomputer Used to Analyze NASDAQ Data for Market Manipulation  (3/2012)
    YouTube No Substitute for Press Release to Restate Earnings  (3/2012)
    Tax Specialist Davis Offers Ideas on U.S. Economy  (3/2012)
    Davis Seeks to Add Senior Faculty to Department of Accountancy  (3/2012)
    Sustainability Principles Need to Be Integrated into Business Education  (3/2012)
    Federal Indictments Designed to Cool Online Gambling  (3/2012)
    SDSC's 'Gordon' supercomputer: Ready for researchers  (3/2012)
    SDSC’s ‘Gordon’ Supercomputer: Ready for Researchers  (3/2012)
    St. Louis Firefighter Pension Offers Unusual Perk Says Brown  (3/2012)
    Aric Rindfleisch, Head of the Department of Business Administration  (2/2012)
    Lowenstein Research: 'Repetition-break' Plot Structure Makes Effective TV Ads  (2/2012)
    Almost Home Shelter Project Wins Spark:Concept Gold Award  (2/2012)
    Brown to Outline Challenges for Insurers at Conference  (2/2012)
    Fullerton: Fluctuating Gas Prices Not Unusual  (2/2012)
    Audio: Brown Explains Proposed SURS Reform to WDWS-AM Radio  (2/2012)
    Brown on Framing Retirement Income  (2/2012)
    Audio: Brown Responds to Questions About SURS Reform Proposal  (2/2012)
    Kindt Urges Larger Casino Licensing Fees  (2/2012)
    Fang Discusses Economic Perspectives of China with Illinois Agricultural Leadership Program  (2/2012)
    Brown's Forbes Blog: Potential Erosion of Support for Social Security  (2/2012)
    Brown's SURS Overhaul Covered by WILL  (2/2012)
    Qualls: Innovation and Marketing Work Together (Translated)  (2/2012)
    Video: Kindt Joins PBS Hawaii Panel Examining Legalizing Gambling  (2/2012)
    Slots Bad for Hawaii Economy Says Kindt  (2/2012)
    White Sees Support for People with Disabilities as a Great ILLINOIS Achievement  (2/2012)
    Brown's Hybrid Retirement System Focus of EIU CUPB  (2/2012)
    Fullerton Questions Ending Tax on Natural Gas  (2/2012)
    White Heads Search for Moyer Club Director  (2/2012)
    Veteran MBA Student Interviewed About Job Search in USA Today  (2/2012)
    Brown Contributes to Proposal for New Retirement System  (2/2012)
    Unique Opportunities for Accountants  (2/2012)
    Kindt Stands With Honolulu Government Opposing Legalized Gambling  (2/2012)
    Noel and Viswanathan Give Super Bowl Commercial Insights  (2/2012)
    Brown's Forbes Blog: Reducing Regulatory Obstacles to Retirement Income Security  (2/2012)
    Echambadi: Innovation is Commercialization of Invention  (2/2012)
    Business Freshman Raising Awareness of Homelessness in Champaign County  (2/2012)
    Kindt: An Early Casino State, IL Has Worst Budget Problem  (2/2012)
    Kindt: Most Lottery Tickets Sold to "Problem Gamblers" During a Recession  (2/2012)
    Kindt Explains "The Casino Effect"  (2/2012)
    Audio: Hobson's Layered Voice Analysis Technology Discussed on NPR  (2/2012)
    Brown Research Cited in Department of Labor Report on Final Rule  (2/2012)
    Brown's Forbes Blog: Warren Buffett is Not the Oracle of Public Finance  (1/2012)
    MBA Student Argues for Expansion of Veterans Education Support  (1/2012)
    Northcraft Research: Balance Technology for Better Communication  (1/2012)
    Business Student Receives National Gilman Scholarship  (1/2012)
    "Online Gambling is Going to Cost the U.S. Hundreds of Billions, If Not Trillions, of Dollars," Says Kindt.  (1/2012)
    D'Arcy Joins Milliman Risk Institute Advisory Board  (1/2012)
    Audio: Outrageous Justice Department Opinion, Says Kindt on NPR.  (1/2012)
    Brown Research Shows Negligible Private Insurance Demand with Tightened Medicaid Rules  (1/2012)
    Hobson Studies Vocal Clues To Reveal Lying CEOs  (1/2012)
    IBC Helps Edible Economy Establish Food Hub  (1/2012)
    Brown's Forbes Blog: GOP Visions of Social Security  (1/2012)
    600 BUS101 Students Compete for Scholarships  (1/2012)
    Finance Major Riley ’13 on The Bowerman Official Watch List  (1/2012)
    Fullerton Sees Nothing Good About Tax Cheaters  (1/2012)
    Brown's Forbes Blog: Gingrich's Recipe for Financial Disaster  (1/2012)
    Video: Kindt Supports Beacon Council Opposition to Resort Casino  (1/2012)
    Brown on Retirement: 10% A Good Start  (1/2012)
    Feds Legalize Online Gambling: Kindt  (1/2012)
    Chindia Rising: Course Considers How China and India Benefit Business  (1/2012)
    Gambling Revenue Projections Widely Exaggerated as PR Mechanism  (1/2012)
    Whale-sized computer debuts at UCSD  (1/2012)
    Whale-sized computer debuts at UCSD  (1/2012)
    Kindt Cited for Story on Cuomo-backed Gambling in NY City  (12/2011)
    Kindt Sees Red Flags in Charity-Linked Sweepstakes  (12/2011)
    Business Student Sings for Dial-A-Carol (CNN)  (12/2011)
    Energy Independence: A Minute With Don Fullerton  (12/2011)
    Consul-General of PRC in Chicago Shares Wisdom at AEL Event  (12/2011)
    Case Competition Awards Free ILLINOIS MBA  (12/2011)
    Kindt Refutes Genting Group Claim as "Public Relations Move"  (12/2011)
    "Mystery Man" Chooses Business  (12/2011)
    Deryugina Recommends FEMA Premiums For Disaster-Prone Areas  (12/2011)
    Student Entrepreneurs Get Business Down To a 'Tea'  (12/2011)
    Phi Gamma Nu's Fourth Annual Mr. Business Pageant a Success  (11/2011)
    Lanesskog Leads MBA to Social Responsibility  (11/2011)
    Brown Gives Clearest Explanation Yet of Why Public Pension Accounting Rules are Garbage  (11/2011)
    Shaw Says Cloud Computing is Game Changer for Business  (11/2011)
    France: The Bright Side of the MF Global Fiasco  (11/2011)
    Albarracin Asserts Value of Talking to Oneself (German Language)  (11/2011)
    Brown Argues Experts Should Pay More Attention to US LTC  (11/2011)
    Accountancy Student Helps Out With Wesley Evening Food Pantry  (11/2011)
    Business Alumnus 811th Person to Swim English Channel  (11/2011)
    Kindt Proposes Alternative to Raising Income Taxes  (11/2011)
    Recent Alumni Entrepreneurial Success  (11/2011)
    Michael Moderates Franchising Panel at Global Entrepreneurship Week  (11/2011)
    Liu Gives Advice to Rating Website Users  (11/2011)
    Clarke Describes Young American Entrepreneurs in Washington Post  (11/2011)
    Noel Creates 'College for a Day' Program  (11/2011)
    Supporting Entrepreneurs  (11/2011)
    Gamblers Spend Less on Food and Clothing: Kindt  (11/2011)
    Brown Research Gives Insight to Long Term Care Insurance  (11/2011)
    Clarke Talks About Illinois Launch  (11/2011)
    Fullerton's Choice of Green Cars: 1980 Bonneville  (11/2011)
    Video: Great Career Moment for MBA Veterans  (11/2011)
    Contributions to a Green Lifestyle  (11/2011)
    What Went Wrong at Netflix  (11/2011)
    Recent Grads Turn an Epic Fail Into a Major Win  (11/2011)
    Brown Examines Pension Issues at IGPA Summit  (10/2011)
    Live Webcast: 2011 MBA Veterans Career Conference  (10/2011)
    Kindt: Citizens Losing Gambling Bet  (10/2011)
    White Explores Brands and Self-esteem  (10/2011)
    Video: Students Out in Front at Midwest MBA Career Fair  (10/2011)
    Video: Kindt Presents to Illinois House of Representatives  (10/2011)
    Kwon Research Suggests Faster Learning Hurts Both Entrepreneurs and Employees  (10/2011)
    Video: Business Students Continue to Help Pine Ridge Reservation  (10/2011)
    Brown Report Overviews Private Insurance, Medicaid and Recent State Initiatives  (10/2011)
    Shavitt's Concern for Consumers  (10/2011)
    Sougiannis M&A Research Finds Boost From Big 4  (10/2011)
    Viswanathan Marketplace Literacy Project a High Potential Program  (10/2011)
    Junior in Business Sings for Potbelly  (10/2011)
    Ye Research Identifies Growth of Odd Lots in Market Volume  (10/2011)
    Olympians Share Stories with Business Majors  (9/2011)
    Brown Gives Basic Retirement Advice  (9/2011)
    Somaya: Businesses Should Integrate Patent and Business Strategies  (9/2011)
    Deryugina on the Netflix Split  (9/2011)
    Miller Blogs on Weak Journalism and Health-Related Research  (9/2011)
    Brown Recognized as University Scholar  (9/2011)
    Business Boost in US News Rankings  (9/2011)
    Fullerton Working on Nobel-Recognized UN Project  (9/2011)
    Kahn Paper Discusses Appropriate Use of Regulatory Forbearance and Optimal Regulatory Architecture  (9/2011)
    Brown Research Discovers Reasons Why Few Purchase Long-Term Care Insurance  (9/2011)
    Memorial Service Friday to Honor Feller  (9/2011)
    Almeida on the Power of Founder CEOs  (9/2011)
    Hedeman Recalls Eleanor Stoddard's Love for Uni High  (9/2011)
    ILLINOIS MBA to Host Annual Midwest MBA Career Fair in Chicago on October 21, 2011  (9/2011)
    Impressed by College of Business, Freshman Chooses ILLINOIS  (9/2011)
    Aguilera on Corporate Governance  (9/2011)
    Ghosh Talks About $60 Million Savings Goal for Campus  (9/2011)
    Somaya Considers How to Avoid Costly Mistakes in Commercializing Multi-Invention Products  (9/2011)
    Does White Understand Extreme Fanboys?  (9/2011)
    Miller: More Choices Bad for Decision Making  (9/2011)
    New Engineering Building Hopes to Achieve LEED Rating Held by Business Instructional Facility  (9/2011)
    Sinow on Navigating Market Ups and Downs  (9/2011)
    Magelli Finds Mythical Example Entrepreneur  (9/2011)
    An Embarrassing Lottery Fact  (8/2011)
    Memorial Service to Honor Anita Feller  (8/2011)
    Almeida Sees Possible Loss for Apple in USA Today  (8/2011)
    Kindt Tells Governor Gambling Not a Pot of Gold in NYT  (8/2011)
    Video: An Amusing Analysis of Public Pension Funding  (8/2011)
    Fullerton Asks, Are U.S. Taxes Too High?  (8/2011)
    Slot Machines Kill Jobs Says Kindt  (8/2011)
    White: Brand-Conscious Consumers See Threat to Self Image  (8/2011)
    DeBrock and Brown Comment on the Economy  (8/2011)
    Dean Lanesskog Notes 24 Percent Increase in MBA Applicants  (8/2011)
    Kindt Concludes 1.5 Jobs Are Lost For Every Job Casinos Create  (8/2011)
    Brown: Public Pension Real Estate Investments Not Uncommon  (8/2011)
    Mike Small '89 Earns Low Club Professional at 2011 PGA Championship  (8/2011)
    Athletic Director Search Concludes with Naming of Mike Thomas  (8/2011)
    Pennacchi: U.S. Must Do More  (8/2011)
    New Rules Governing Human Research Could be “Huge Step Forward,” Says Gunsalus  (8/2011)
    Phyllis M. Wise Named to Lead Urbana-Champaign Campus  (8/2011)
    Pennacchi: Debt-Ceiling Debate Contributes to Timid Investing  (8/2011)
    Somaya Considers Apple-HTC Smartphone Patent Dispute and ITC  (8/2011)
    LEAD Program Balances Gap  (7/2011)
    Aguilera Explores EU Politics, Policy and Business Environment  (7/2011)
    Pennacchi on the Debt-Ceiling Crisis  (7/2011)
    Rethinking the Roots of Popular Music  (7/2011)
    Accounting Major Shoots 72 at Golf Tournament  (7/2011)
    DeBrock: AD Hire Will Follow Chancellor Appointment  (7/2011)
    EnterpriseWorks Identified as Top 10 Start-up Incubator to Watch  (7/2011)
    Success Lowers Motivation: Albarracin  (7/2011)
    Video: Kindt Talks Wall Street and Poker on First Business  (7/2011)
    Kindt: Social Media Can Hurt Productivity  (7/2011)
    Slot Supporters Trying to Misdirect Public, Politicians, Says Kindt  (7/2011)
    Miller: A Taste Test for Hunger in NYT  (7/2011)
    Kindt: How Safe is U.S. Nuclear Power  (7/2011)
    Gunsalus Proposal Adds Unemployed to Jury Pool  (7/2011)
    Gilman Scholarship Helps Business Student Study Abroad  (7/2011)
    GOP Relies on Kindt Research Against Gambling  (7/2011)
    Pennacchi Calls Prepaid Tuition Program Ill-designed  (6/2011)
    Brown Questions Conventional Wisdom of Retirement Income  (6/2011)
    Illinois Baseball Walk-On and Double-Major in Finance/Accounting: Patrick J. Brennan '15  (6/2011)
    Illinois Launch Mentoring and Networking Event in Chicago  (6/2011)
    Brown Describes Modern Accountancy Education in Financial Times  (6/2011)
    Mahoney Wins 2010 Best Paper in European Management Review (Podcast Interview)  (6/2011)
    Kindt: The Consequences of Wall Street's Casino Capitalism  (6/2011)
    Audio: Viswanathan Discusses Marketplace Literacy Movie, Shakti Rising  (6/2011)
    Illinois Takes 8 of 22 Illinois CPA Society Excel Awards, Including Gold and Silver  (6/2011)
    Kindt Says Illinois Voters are Against Gambling Expansion 2-to-1  (6/2011)
    Business Junior Riley ’13 and Teammates Take Big Ten Relay Title  (6/2011)
    Northcraft: Benefits of Face-to-Face Interaction  (6/2011)
    Kindt: Government Reliance on Casino Revenue  (6/2011)
    Gambling Expansion: Kindt Interviewed by Daily Illini  (6/2011)
    Miller Offers Safer Alternative to Replacing Medicare  (6/2011)
    Maximizing Resources Across Campus  (6/2011)
    Jobs or Slot Machines for Illinois?  (6/2011)
    Kindt Calls for Increasing Taxes on Illinois Casinos  (6/2011)
    Northcraft's Advice for A Raise  (6/2011)
    Video: Brown Responds to Questions about Long Term Care Market  (5/2011)
    Audio: Brown Discusses Wide Range of Retirement Issues on WILL  (5/2011)
    Olsen '11 Attends President Hogan's "Lunch Bunch"  (5/2011)
    Miller's Advice to Fix Health Care Options for State of Illinois Employees  (5/2011)
    Brown’s Research Provides Basis for Bill in Congress  (5/2011)
    Albarracin: Action Oriented People Ignore Dissenting Ideas  (5/2011)
    Albarracin Research Reveals “Couch Potato” Effect  (5/2011)
    DeBrock Chairs ILLINOIS Athletic Director Search Committee  (5/2011)
    Brown Says, “Take it to the Courts”  (5/2011)
    Krueger on Buying a Business  (5/2011)
    Pearson Explains Pinning/Clustering to Investors  (5/2011)
    Business Master’s Student Wins $12,000 Fellowship  (5/2011)
    Chan and Lakonishok Growth Rate Research Used to Evaluate LinkedIn Stock Price  (5/2011)
    Finance Junior Riley Two-time NCAA Hurdling Champion  (5/2011)
    Howard Thomas Gets "Serial Dean Prize"  (5/2011)
    Kindt Describes Casino Executive's "Recurrent Nightmare"  (5/2011)
    Kindt Points to Legalized Gambling as Leading Cause of Bankruptcy  (5/2011)
    Brown's Social Security Research Explained in US News and World Report  (5/2011)
    James Scholar Sister Act  (5/2011)
    Campus Leader: David Olsen  (5/2011)
    Brown Proposes Osama Bin Laden Tax  (5/2011)
    DeBrock Blogs Economics Lesson: Fundamental Law of Demand  (5/2011)
    Roszkowski Calls for Alternatives to Closing Aviation  (5/2011)
    Royal Wedding Legitimizes Luxury and Reinforces Princess Myth: Otnes in LA Times  (4/2011)
    Brown on $1.5 Trillion Shortfall in Local and State Pension Funds  (4/2011)
    DeBrock Blogs Economics Lesson: Who Speaks for the Hamsters?  (4/2011)
    Shavitt Helps Explain Aflac Success  (4/2011)
    Brown's Reasoned Response to Claims Made by Chronicle of Higher Education and New York Times  (4/2011)
    Fullerton Says No Short-run Policy Can Impact Gas Prices  (4/2011)
    Business Student Makes Final Round of BASES|BT National Entrepreneurial E-Bootcamp Competition  (4/2011)
    Asha for Education Holds Holi in BIF  (4/2011)
    Kindt: "Slots Machines are a Bailout for the Horse Racing Industry"  (4/2011)
    Dharmapala: Corporate Tax Holiday Unlikely to Stimulate U.S. Economy  (4/2011)
    Viswanathan Cases Contribute to Indian Mini MBA  (4/2011)
    First-Year MBA Student Receives Joseph H. Smith Award  (4/2011)
    Scramble for Charity 2011  (4/2011)
    Kahn Interviewed by CME Foundation About Risk Management Education (Video)  (4/2011)
    Online Gambling: Kindt Quoted in Christian Science Monitor  (4/2011)
    Mike Small '89, ILLINOIS Golf Coach, Disappointed With Second Place Win  (4/2011)
    Six Business Students Win Johnson and Johnson National Case Competition  (4/2011)
    Northcraft: Face Time May Beat E-Mail in Tribune  (4/2011)
    White Talks Vegas Tourism  (4/2011)
    BADM 532/3: Inc. Magazine's Best Entrepreneurship Courses  (4/2011)
    Pennacchi Research Finds Analyst Coverage Facilitates Stock Price Drops  (4/2011)
    Brown: Universities Focus on Growing Endowments, Not Supporting Students  (4/2011)
    Gas Price Fluctuations Not Unusual, Says Fullerton  (4/2011)
    Somaya Explains Rising ITC Case Load  (4/2011)
    Somaya: The Upside of Clients Hiring Employees Away from Your Company  (4/2011)
    Brand Connected Consumer: White at TedxUIUC (Video)  (3/2011)
    Important to Know Impact of Student Fees Says Olsen  (3/2011)
    Michael Addresses Importance of University Brand Before Faculty Senate  (3/2011)
    Pennacchi Study Directs Focus to Pension Plan Funding Needs, Not Peer Performance  (3/2011)
    Brown Blog: Consequences of Delaying Social Security Reform  (3/2011)
    Cheng's "Bold Experiement" Involving Leading Researchers in Industry, Government, and Academia  (3/2011)
    IBC Assists Fledgling Food Entrepreneurs  (3/2011)
    Miller Research Uses Spending Behavior for Improved Assessment of Hunger in The Economist  (3/2011)
    Consuming Weird Stuff: Otnes Responds to UPI  (3/2011)
    Kindt Rejects Gambling Expansion Idea to Pay for New Roads  (3/2011)
    Dharmapala Research Estimates Each $1 of Repatriated Profit Yields $.60-$.92 Dividend Increase  (3/2011)
    Brown: Public Sector Provides More Generous Benefits and Greater Employer Subsidies  (3/2011)
    Dharmapala Research Finds Repatriated Profits Increase Shareholder Payout  (3/2011)
    Kola Foundation and MBA Benefit Poorest Indian Reservation in the Nation  (3/2011)
    Renovated Lincoln Hall Sustainable and Exciting Says Olsen  (3/2011)
    Dharmapala Notes Lack of Demand or Investment Opportunities Holding Back Profit Repatriation  (3/2011)
    Cheng Comments on the Fragile Japanese Economy  (3/2011)
    Brown: Leadership Needed for Illinois Pension Reform  (3/2011)
    A Minute With Cele Otnes: When Consumers are In on the Joke  (3/2011)
    US News Ranks MBA Programs  (3/2011)
    Japan Disaster Relief Fund  (3/2011)
    Fullerton Explains Gas Prices  (3/2011)
    Vote on Institute of Aviation Uncertain Says Olsen  (3/2011)
    MBA Students Aid Pine Ridge Indian Reservation  (3/2011)
    Bol Finds Organizational Structure and Social Networking Influence Employee Learning  (3/2011)
    Three-time State Medalist Joins College  (3/2011)
    Brown in the Washington Post, "At Some Point, You Have to Pay the Piper."  (3/2011)
    Viswanathan Assists Team Creating Cell Phone Animations for Marketplace Literacy  (3/2011)
    Brown and Pennacchi on Illinois Pension Reform  (3/2011)
    4 Reasons Why the Government Should Not Issue Annuities  (3/2011)
    Brown’s Advice for Advisers  (3/2011)
    Viswanathan Contributes to Scientific Animations Without Borders Initiative  (3/2011)
    Assistant in Finance Honored for Teaching Excellence by the Illinois Student Senate.  (2/2011)
    Brown: We Need a New Model for Retirement  (2/2011)
    Bazzani Lecturer: "We Need to Consume Less, Save More and Grow."  (2/2011)
    Fullerton: Pollution Tax Rebates Not Enough to Protect Low Paid  (2/2011)
    Writing on the Wall: Praise for Business Career Services  (2/2011)
    Internationally Renowned Economist Delivers Bazzani Lecture  (2/2011)
    Brown Explains Upcoming Illinois Bond Issue in the Washington Post  (2/2011)
    Gunsalus Responds for Inside Higher Ed: A Patronizing Colleague  (2/2011)
    Gunsalus: “Almost Everybody Wakes Up Every Day and Wants to Do the Right Thing.”  (2/2011)
    Fullerton Identified as Senior Participant of Climate and Energy Policy Center  (2/2011)
    Albarracin Research on "Was Doing" versus "Did"  (2/2011)
    Fullerton Asks, “How Much Should Congress Leave to the Regulators?”  (2/2011)
    Brown's Testimony Praised by The American Council of Life Insurers  (2/2011)
    Fullerton Comments on Climate Policy Research  (2/2011)
    Gunsalus Responds for Inside Higher Ed: Boss Who Plays Favorites  (2/2011)
    Video: Brown Testifies Before US Congress about Encouraging Better Retirement Decisions  (2/2011)
    Albarracin Research Links Physical Activity to Political Participation  (2/2011)
    Albarracin Research Finds Exercise Campaigns May Promote Eating More  (2/2011)
    Kindt - Larger Casinos Mean Greater Local Economy Job Losses  (2/2011)
    3rd Straight Accounting Competition Win  (1/2011)
    Brown Comments on Baby Boomers' Retirement Planning for Chicago Tribune  (1/2011)
    Magelli's Adventure to the Top of the World  (1/2011)
    Viswanathan Paper Receives JPP&M/Kinnear Award  (1/2011)
    Viswanathan Research Runner-up for Journal of Marketing Awards  (1/2011)
    Ikenberry Named Dean of Colorado University Leeds School of Business  (1/2011)
    PwC Announces ILLINOIS as National xTREME Accounting Competition Finalist  (1/2011)
    Business Undergrads Awarded Study Abroad Scholarships  (1/2011)
    Public Pensions Ripe for Reform, Says Brown in BusinessWeek  (1/2011)
    Video: Kindt Interviewed about Illinois Gambling Expansion Bill  (1/2011)
    Kendrith Roland Was a Dedicated Faculty Member  (1/2011)
    MBA Voted #9 ROI (#3 in U.S.) by BusinessWeek, January 2011  (1/2011)
    Liu: Outsourcing Hurts Society in Lost Jobs and Higher Prices  (1/2011)
    Gajendran Research: Telecommuting Has An Overall Beneficial Effect  (1/2011)
    Olsen '11 Appointed to Vice President/Chancellor Search at ILLINOIS  (1/2011)
    A MINUTE WITH... John Kindt on Gambling in Illinois  (1/2011)
    Magelli Climbs Mount Kilimanjaro for Heart Disease in Tribune  (1/2011)
    Richard M. Hill Was a Celebrated Teacher and Distinguished Professor  (1/2011)
    Brown Says Shift Toward Individual Responsibility Has Swung Too Far  (12/2010)
    Otnes on Gift Giving Reciprocity in NY Times  (12/2010)
    Viswanathan Lessons Scripted Into Film on Microfinance in WSJ  (12/2010)
    Governor Quinn Names Jack Lavin '84 Chief of Staff  (12/2010)
    Venugopal '11 MBA Wins Base of Pyramid Essay Competition  (12/2010)
    Accountancy Senior Wins Award as Top Male Athelete at ILLINOIS  (12/2010)
    Brown asks, "Is Illinois Wimpy?"  (12/2010)
    Kindt Blames Short-Sighted Interior Department for 7 Year Drilling Moratorium  (12/2010)
    Richard Hill Remembered  (12/2010)
    Business Fraternity Responds to a Brother in Need  (12/2010)
    What Is The January Effect?  (12/2010)
    Strategy and Court Specialization Driving Increase in Smart-Phone Litigation  (12/2010)
    University President Receives Warm Welcome by Deloitte  (12/2010)
    Kindt: Legalizing Online Gambling Bad Bet for Lame-Duck Congress  (12/2010)
    Business Student Collects Scarves for Treatment Center  (12/2010)
    Olsen and ISS Lobby for More University Funding  (12/2010)
    Margolis '84 Keynote Speaker at 16th Annual Wharton Health Care Business Conference  (11/2010)
    Lanesskog Estimates 1/3 of ILLINOIS MBA Students Find Jobs Through Referrals  (11/2010)
    Social Security is Only One Piece of the Puzzle, Says Brown  (11/2010)
    Email Better Supplement Than Substitute: Northcraft in USNews  (11/2010)
    Business Students Learn About Workplace Ethics  (11/2010)
    Brown: U.S. Retirement System Needs Systematic Rethinking  (11/2010)
    Solomon: Students Perceive Importance of Accounting  (11/2010)
    Student Blog: BDX 2010!!!  (11/2010)
    Audio: Brown Recommends Employees Stay Longer in Workforce in NPR Marketplace  (11/2010)
    Brown's Insights on Long-Term Care Insurance in NYT  (11/2010)
    Two-year MBA Scholarships for Case Competition Winners in News Gazette  (11/2010)
    Should Government Insure Private Markets?  (11/2010)
    C. K. Gunsalus Directs New National Center for Professional and Research Ethics  (11/2010)
    Speed Majoring Connects Under- and Upper- Classmen  (10/2010)
    Kindt Speaks in Arlington Community Forum  (10/2010)
    EMBA Student Receives Bronze Star for Afghanistan Service  (10/2010)
    Solomon Quoted on Accounting Industry Changes in Crains  (10/2010)
    Solomon Attributes Accountancy Degree Rise to Smarter Students  (10/2010)
    Top Exelon Executive Makes Case for Clean Energy Future  (10/2010)
    Two Business Students Included in 2010 Homecoming Court  (10/2010)
    Center for Business and Public Policy Hosts Expert Panel on Energy Regulation  (10/2010)
    Consumer Sentiment Shaped by Differing Cultural Attitudes Toward Power  (10/2010)
    MBA Scholarship Case Competition Announced  (10/2010)
    Lectures in Business Bring New Insights  (10/2010)
    Viswanathan Blogs About Innovative Empowerment of Poor Americans in HBR Online  (10/2010)
    Olsen '11 Weighs in on Administration Town Hall  (10/2010)
    Gambling for Freedom: Kindt Quoted  (10/2010)
    Nuances of Corporate Cash Hoarding in WSJ  (10/2010)
    Business Student Helps Eliminate Paper Waste  (10/2010)
    D'Souza '11 Elected Indian Students Association President  (10/2010)
    CIBER Receives Federal Grant Funding Through 2014  (10/2010)
    Select Access for College in New Career Networking Service  (10/2010)
    Financial Regulation: Preventing Another Crisis  (10/2010)
    Weak Economy May Weaken Small Firms More  (10/2010)
    EMBA Program #14 in WSJ  (9/2010)
    Brown Comments on Equity-indexed Annuities  (9/2010)
    Career Fair at ARC  (9/2010)
    Making Tea Cool  (9/2010)
    2010 Business Career Fair  (9/2010)
    Recruiters Rank ILLINOIS Grads Top 3 in WSJ  (9/2010)
    Almeida: Three Decades of Cash Hoarding Businesses  (9/2010)
    College of Business Senior to Represent U.S. at World Amateur Team Championships  (8/2010)
    Michael: Longer Training Increases Franchise Success  (8/2010)
    Brown on Pensions in The Chronicle  (8/2010)
    Patel ‘11, Hughes ‘11, and Sullivan ’12 Share Business Fraternity Insights  (8/2010)
    National Top 10 Real Estate Program  (8/2010)
    Gregarious Accountancy/Business Administration Major: Chalkey '13  (8/2010)
    Brown Explains Windfall Elimination Provision  (8/2010)
    Lakonishok Stock Fund Wisdom  (8/2010)
    CBPP Blog: Why That Illinois Pension Check Will (Most Likely) Be in the Mail  (8/2010)
    Gunsalus Comments on High Price of Misconduct Investigations  (8/2010)
    Kindt: Online Betting a House of Cards for World Economy  (8/2010)
    Internet Gambling Legalization Bid Seen as Long Shot in ABC News  (8/2010)
    Large Fraction of Americans Not Prepared for Retirement in Tribune  (8/2010)
    Framing Hugely Impacts Retirement Decisions  (8/2010)
    IBC Offers Discounts for Services to Local Champaign Businesses  (7/2010)
    Kindt Says "Keep the Ban" in NYT: Room for Debate  (7/2010)
    Top Master's Programs in Taxation  (7/2010)
    Arvan Teaching With Blogs  (7/2010)
    Bengtsson Identifies Ethnicity Match among Venture Capital-Backed Startups in Businessweek  (7/2010)
    BIF Responds to Students  (7/2010)
    Northcraft Gives Teamwork Advice  (7/2010)
    Eighth-Ranked College for Real Estate  (7/2010)
    Business School Truths for the Career-Minded CIO (Slideshow)  (7/2010)
    Kurtz Comments on Champaign County Business Survey  (7/2010)
    Kindt: Economic Drawbacks of Legalized Gambling  (7/2010)
    Military Friendly School: College of Business at ILLINOIS  (7/2010)
    Chambana Mom to Know: Khalilah Starks  (7/2010)
    Business Student Finds Real World Opportunity Close to Campus  (7/2010)
    Lanesskog Recommendations for First Semester MBAs  (7/2010)
    Otnes: Rituals that Target Customers Not Always Good for Business  (7/2010)
    Fullerton Comments on Urbana Gas Tax Proposal  (7/2010)
    Recent MBA Alumnus to Run New E-commerce Company  (6/2010)
    Gambling Expansion Never Stops  (6/2010)
    Technology Saves Time at the Expense of Trust: Northcraft in TIME Magazine  (6/2010)
    Photo: Thank You, Dean Hedeman  (6/2010)
    Ikenberry Stock Split Insight  (6/2010)
    Audio: Pearson Sees Exchange Benefit in Derivatives Market Legislation  (6/2010)
    Too Much E-mail Bad for Business  (6/2010)
    EMBA Program Partners with Illinois Bankers Association  (6/2010)
    Public Pension Morass  (6/2010)
    SESP – A Great Resource for C-U Nonprofits  (6/2010)
    A Minute With Tiffany Barnett White  (6/2010)
    Corporate Confidence Bolsters Share Repurchasing  (6/2010)
    Green Riders Cruise to BIF  (6/2010)
    Business Triple Major Raises Money for Cancer  (6/2010)
    Video: Kindt Interviewed About Effort to Legalize Internet Gambling  (6/2010)
    Brown Elected to National Insurance Association Board  (6/2010)
    Preparing for the Team Mindset of an MBA  (6/2010)
    Examining Finance: MSFE Director Lane Moderates UC Event  (6/2010)
    Illinois: Worst-funded Pension System in the Nation  (6/2010)
    Worst Form of Gambling Now Banned  (6/2010)
    Viswanathan Gives Parkland College Commencement Keynote  (6/2010)
    Safety vs. Drilling: Kindt Video Interview on First Business  (6/2010)
    Leveraging the Gulf Oil Disaster  (5/2010)
    Gas Prices Unlikely to Rise This Summer (USA Today)  (5/2010)
    New Retirees Often Make Poor Decisions  (5/2010)
    Managing BIF  (5/2010)
    Viswanathan Helps Create Virtual Global Farming Community  (5/2010)
    Pennacchi Says Shareholders are Lucky  (5/2010)
    Kindt Identifies a New Crisis Under Construction  (5/2010)
    A Flawless Education  (5/2010)
    Fullerton Organizes Research Panel on Climate Policy Implementation  (5/2010)
    Preis and Fang Predict Healthy Future of Food Business  (5/2010)
    Misleading Accounting and Illinois' Pension Perils  (5/2010)
    Brown Focuses on Retirement Sustainability  (5/2010)
    Fullerton: Summer Gasoline Price Surge Unlikely  (4/2010)
    Video: Kindt Quoted on Peoria Vote Proposal  (4/2010)
    Tough Times Can Make Getting an EMBA Degree All the More Valuable  (4/2010)
    "I Use the Knowledge of the [EMBA] Program Every Single Day"  (4/2010)
    Brown and Weisbenner: University Investment Decisions Exacerbate Financial Woes  (4/2010)
    Van Arsdell To Receive Honor From C-U Schools Foundation  (4/2010)
    Ikenberry Describes EMBA Students in Crain's  (4/2010)
    Business Major Leads ILLINOIS Student Body  (4/2010)
    Helping Local Small Businesses With a Plan  (4/2010)
    Burklund Honored with Chancellor's Distinguished Staff Award  (4/2010)
    Hobson Explores New Tool for Uncovering Financial Misreporting  (4/2010)
    What Is the Auditor’s Role in Finding Fraud?  (4/2010)
    Somaya Study: Exclusive Licensing Deals a Tool for Collaboration  (4/2010)
    Tax Accounting Career Insights in the WSJ  (4/2010)
    Sun's Chief Colangelo Tells Business Students Not to Fear Failure  (4/2010)
    Accountancy Team Wins 2010 E&Y Your World, Your Vision Competition  (4/2010)
    Business Student Elected Student Body President  (4/2010)
    Brown Study: How Market Shocks Impact University Operations  (4/2010)
    Finance Professors Help Local High Schoolers Spend $1 Million  (4/2010)
    Ad Claims Can Alienate Consumers  (3/2010)
    Viswanathan to Address TEDxUIUC 2010  (3/2010)
    Northcraft Study: Women Who Negotiate Earn $1 Million More  (3/2010)
    Colangelo to Deliver V. Dale Cozad Lecture in Entrepreneurship  (3/2010)
    Campello Research: Easy Credit Eased Recession  (3/2010)
    Ikenberry on Buybacks in  (3/2010)
    States' Retiree Pensions and Benefits: The Coming Crisis  (3/2010)
    Experts Debate Health Care Reform  (3/2010)
    Illinois Summer Management Institute  (3/2010)
    Who Controls Your Health Care? A Debate on Free Markets vs. Government.  (3/2010)
    Clarke on Innovators Improv  (3/2010)
    Brown Addresses Retirement Income at NYU  (3/2010)
    Weisbenner Study: Older Investors a Springboard for Dividends  (3/2010)
    BIF Wins Highest Engineering Award in Illinois  (3/2010)
    Kindt on Dangers of Speed Gambling  (3/2010)
    Brown: Employees Take Cues from Employer  (3/2010)
    Video: True Illini "Bubba" Chisholm '10  (2/2010)
    Qualls' Study: Business Culture Steers Flow of Ideas  (2/2010)
    Otnes on Weddings in a Consumption Society  (2/2010)
    Agarwal Named One of Six University Scholars  (2/2010)
    MBA Students Launch Social Net for Vets in WSJ  (2/2010)
    Whose Benefit Do We Cut and Whose Taxes Do We Raise? Brown in The Tribune  (2/2010)
    Social Entrepreneurship Night at BIF  (2/2010)
    Corporate Share Repurchase Activity a Healthy Sign: Ikenberry in Marketwatch  (2/2010)
    Furlough Frenzy! Encourages Faculty, Students, and Staff to Volunteer  (2/2010)
    Kahn Comments on Obama's "Clever Plan" to Fund Small Business Loans  (2/2010)
    New MSFE Director Announced  (2/2010)
    Ghosh, Viswanathan, Winter: Toyota Should be Upfront with Customers  (2/2010)
    Pennacchi's Views on Better Banking  (2/2010)
    Video: Kindt Comments on Online Gambling, Regulation, and Congress  (2/2010)
    Pennacchi: New Banking Regulations Represent Uncertain Safeguard  (2/2010)
    Entrepreneurship at Illinois  (1/2010)
    Ikenberry Quoted on Berkshire Split in USA Today  (1/2010)
    Should ILLINOIS Use its Endowment to Avoid a Hiring Freeze?  (1/2010)
    In Kindt's View: Video Gambling in Illinois  (1/2010)
    Brown Emphasizes Asset Distribution and Retirement Income  (1/2010)
    AICPA Awards Accountemps Scholarship to Business Student  (1/2010)
    Fullerton on Carbon Caps and Trade  (1/2010)
    Brown Comments on Long-term Health Care Insurance  (1/2010)
    Video: Kindt Interviewed about Online Gambling  (12/2009)
    BIF Among Elite for Sustainability  (12/2009)
    Aguilera Study: Emotions an Overlooked Key to Whistle-blowing  (12/2009)
    Kahn on Credit Cards and Consumer Services  (12/2009)
    Kindt: Gambling is a Shell Game on the Public  (12/2009)
    Kindt: Online Gambling a Threat to Global Economy  (12/2009)
    BIF Receiving New Espresso Royale Cafe This Winter  (12/2009)
    Liu: Price Conscious Consumers Shop on Cyber Monday  (12/2009)
    Hobson Prefers Furlough Alternative  (11/2009)
    Kindt Report Bolsters National Gambling Impact Study  (11/2009)
    Meerdink Enjoying Busy Retirement  (11/2009)
    Honors Program Strengthens Ties Abroad  (11/2009)
    Kindt Quoted on Gambling  (11/2009)
    Viswanathan Wins International Award  (11/2009)
    Kindt: Legalized Gambling Detrimental to Students  (11/2009)
    Winter Joins Legislative Internship Hall of Fame  (11/2009)
    Liu: Growing Online Sales Could Lower Prices, But Also Trim Choices  (11/2009)
    Panel of Experts Address Economic Aspects of Policy on Climate Change  (11/2009)
    Ashton and Ryan Clark Finalists in I2P Campus Round  (10/2009)
    Doherty '08 Returns to ILLINOIS Career Fair  (10/2009)
    Peterson '09 and Chonowski '10 Organize MBA Veterans Career Conference  (10/2009)
    University Listed on 2010 Military Friendly Schools List  (10/2009)
    Kindt on Gambling Clout in Ohio  (10/2009)
    Casinos Ruinous to Ohio Economy: Kindt  (10/2009)
    Fullerton Discusses Congress' Fight for Pollution Control  (10/2009)
    Brown on Annuities and Retirement Planning in NYT  (10/2009)
    Accountancy Professors Comment on Teaching IFRS  (10/2009)
    "Small Actions" Lead to Big Benefits for Business Student  (10/2009)
    Michael: Recessions Can Be Managed  (10/2009)
    Ikenberry on Phantom Repurchase Programs  (10/2009)
    DeBrock Comments on President White's Resignation  (10/2009)
    Fullerton: "The most important thing is an agreement in Copenhagen"  (10/2009)
    Lessons for Keeping Business Strong  (9/2009)
    Otnes Comments on Cake Toppers in NYT  (9/2009)
    Almeida Sees Guaranteed Losses in Chicago Olympics  (9/2009)
    Simon Says "We are very happy" with Solar Decathalon Entry  (9/2009)
    Kindt: Bill "In Trouble Out of the Gate"  (9/2009)
    A Minute With: David Ikenberry on the Dow at 10,000  (9/2009)
    Economy Still Affecting Graduate Students  (9/2009)
    Kindt Weighs in on Champaign County Gambling Issue  (9/2009)
    Kindt on Ohio's Billion-Dollar Gamble  (9/2009)
    Agarwal Raises Questions About Government's Long-term Role  (9/2009)
    Kindt in NY Times: Gambling Expansion Neither Quick Nor a Fix  (9/2009)
    Agarwal Argues Against Economic Protections  (9/2009)
    Viswanathan on Marketplace Literacy in WSJ  (9/2009)
    Fullerton to Address European Global Warming Conference  (9/2009)
    Revenue-Hungry States Take New Look At Gaming  (8/2009)
    "For every slot machine, you lose one job per year," says Kindt.  (8/2009)
    Minority Teens Consider Business Careers  (8/2009)
    Noel: Recession-driven Cuts in Advertising Risk Long-term Losses  (7/2009)
    Study: Restoring Lost Privileges an Overlooked Key to Discipline  (7/2009)
    Brown on Poorly Run Government Insurance Agencies  (7/2009)
    Northcraft: Listening To Workers A Key To Organizational Success  (6/2009)
    College of Business Honors Students at Annual Banquet  (6/2009)
    Agarwal: Government Intervention Stifling Economic Growth and Recovery  (6/2009)
    Kindt Comments on Local Gambling Development  (6/2009)
    Kindt Responds to Video Poker Proposal  (5/2009)
    A Minute With...Don Fullerton  (5/2009)
    Ghosh Comments on Difficulty of Technology Transfer  (5/2009)
    Research by Love and Kraatz noted in the Economist  (5/2009)
    Fullerton Comments on Tough New U.S. Fuel Efficiency Standards  (5/2009)
    Brown: Education campaign needed on Social Security  (5/2009)
    DeBrock: Student Diversity at Risk in Wake of Recession  (5/2009)
    Johnson Comments on Insider Trading  (5/2009)
    Professional Responsibility Dilemmas in College  (5/2009)
    Kindt Claims Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) Efforts "Outrageous"  (5/2009)
    Online Gambling a Bad Bet for America, Says Kindt  (5/2009)
    Business students capture award in ethics competition  (5/2009)
    Kindt supports current law against online gambling  (5/2009)
    MBA Students Win Leadership Award from Graduate Business Forum  (4/2009)
    Rewriting the Syllabus  (4/2009)
    Center Plans National Conference to Examine Causes of the Economic Crisis and Explore Policy Solutions.  (4/2009)
    Gambling ban would reverse recession, new book says  (4/2009)
    Faculty Member Named Dean of UI College of Business  (4/2009)
    U. of I. to Host International Consumer Behavior Conference  (3/2009)
    Networking, Attitude are Key in Job Search  (3/2009)
    Clothing Search Engine a Winning Idea for UI Team  (3/2009)
    Brown Recognizes Learning Curve for Economic Crises  (3/2009)
    Does This Fit or Match? Regulatory Focus Effects on New Product Team Decision-Making  (3/2009)
    Fullerton Advocates Incentive System for Waste  (3/2009)
    A Minute With Larry DeBrock and Jeffrey Brown  (3/2009)
    Markets still a good litmus test for the economy, says Ikenberry  (3/2009)
    C40 Cities Technology & Management International Case Competition 2009  (2/2009)
    South Korean Business Competition Challenges UI Students  (2/2009)
    Sinow on Losing Faith in the Financial System and Its Advisors  (2/2009)
    18 Tips for Getting, Keeping a Job in Tight Employment Market  (2/2009)
    State Can't Gamble Its Way Out of Trouble (Kindt)  (2/2009)
    Gaming No Stimulus for Hawaii Economy (Kindt)  (2/2009)
    Entrepreneurial ILLINOIS Student Wins Top Engineering Award  (2/2009)
    Young Entrepreneurs Start Web Sites, Campustown Businesses  (2/2009)
    Investigating the credit crisis and liquidity  (2/2009)
    Experts to Discuss Finding Work in a Sour Economy  (2/2009)
    Slash in corporate investment creating long-term problems  (2/2009)
    Business Career Fair Shrinks Along With Economy  (2/2009)
    Architects Discuss Design of UI Business Instructional Facility  (10/2008)
    Kindt Has Boost for Economy: Ban Gambling  (10/2008)
    A Minute With David Sinow  (10/2008)
    Another Bailout? Government Pension Insurer Could Be Next, Expert Says.  (10/2008)
    Kahn Notes Bank Consolidations Can Lead to Weak Customer Service: CNNMoney  (10/2008)
    Accounting Rules Could Change Winners and Losers in Economic Crisis Says Solomon in the Tribune  (10/2008)
    Critics say accounting rule off mark: Tribune  (10/2008)
    Rethinking the "War for Talent"  (9/2008)
    Gaming Industry Strained by Soft Economy?  (9/2008)
    New Test Identifies Shopaholics  (9/2008)
    Accessibility of Gambling  (9/2008)
    Most Sustainable Building on Campus  (8/2008)
    College Debuts First Green Building at ILLINOIS  (8/2008)
    An Income Stream to Last a Lifetime  (8/2008)
    Somaya Believes Maryland Wins in Patent Infringement Case  (8/2008)
    Pratt: Meaningful Work Leads to Happier Employees and a Healthier Company  (6/2008)
    Ikenberry: Marketing Stock Splits  (6/2008)
    Northcraft on Negotiating in US News  (6/2008)
    Professor: Nursing Home's Finances in Dire Straits  (6/2008)
    Share Buyback Usually Pays Off Over Time: Ikenberry in Bloomberg  (6/2008)
    Weisbach: Credit Crunch Opportunity for Corporate M&A  (6/2008)
    Commuters, Employers Rework Practices to Deal with Gas Prices  (6/2008)
    Sougiannis: Deferred Tax Assets May Not Really be Assets  (5/2008)
    Student Initiative Helps Homeless Women Help Themselves  (4/2008)
    Solomon Argues Massive Overhaul of Auditing Practices Needed  (3/2008)
    Viswanathan Honored at Annual Innovation Celebration  (3/2008)
    Accountancy Grads in High Demand  (2/2008)
    College Experts Weigh-In on Teetering Economy  (1/2008)
    Tim Johnson: Evidence of Insider Trading  (1/2008)
    Convertibles and Short-term Debt Trends in a Recession  (1/2008)
    Stock Buybacks are Good Performance Indicator, Usually  (12/2007)
    Kindt: The U.S. Military Should Find Other Ways to Entertain Troops  (12/2007)
    A Minute with Lan Chaplan  (12/2007)
    MBA Career Services: Culver Comments in BusinessWeek  (10/2007)
    Gebauer on High Wired Workers  (9/2007)
    Fueling a Stock Buyback Boom: Ikenberry interview on First Business  (7/2007)
    Covet Thy Neighbors' Investment Choices: Faculty in NY Times  (7/2007)
    The New World Market  (3/2007)
    Fighting Poverty in India  (3/2007)
    Holiday Celebrations Ever Thus  (1/2007)
    Use Caution in Online Retailing  (1/2007)
    The Power of the Princess  (11/2006)
    Brown Takes His Seat  (11/2006)
    Inflation-Protected Annuities Part of Smart Retirement Portfolio  (11/2006)
    Options Traders Beating the Market  (8/2006)
    Website Design Wins Customers, Says White  (8/2006)
    Broschak Comments on Morale and Company Picnics  (7/2006)
    Kindt on Connecticut Casinos  (7/2006)
    Gambling Returns Too Generous to Builder Says Kindt  (7/2006)
    Kindt Comment Rebutted in Commentary  (7/2006)
    House Passes Limits to Online Gambling  (7/2006)
    Retired Finance Professor Assessing Earnings Figure in Suit  (7/2006)
    Kindt on Online Gambling  (7/2006)
    Kindt Comments on Illinois Gaming Board's Authority  (6/2006)
    Growth of Gambling in Missouri: Kindt Comments  (6/2006)
    Hidden Costs in Medicaid: Brown Study Cited  (5/2006)
    Keeping Tech Current in a Business Curriculum  (5/2006)
    FMC Technologies Fellowships to Two BA Students  (5/2006)
    Ikenberry Comments on Stockholder Showdown at Massey Energy  (5/2006)
    Appeasing Shareholders: The High Price of Stock Buybacks  (5/2006)
    Suspicious Insurance Claims Using D2K Techniques  (5/2006)
    Impact of Money-off Coupons for Prescription Drugs  (5/2006)
    Online Gambling Focus of Proposed Legislation  (4/2006)
    Two MBA Alumni Reach for Success in China  (4/2006)
    Part-time MBA Program Attracts Central Illinois Students  (4/2006)
    Returning Vets Benefit  (4/2006)
    MBA Trio Making Their Mark  (4/2006)
    Casino for Ohio? Kindt Comments  (4/2006)
    Land-based Casino Proposed for Ohio  (4/2006)
    Stock Buybacks Analyzed  (3/2006)
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