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    Double taxation: Twins Kelly & Michael McHugh vie for Deloitte case competition victory  (11/2014)
    Accountancy senior Abhay Shah: 'Networking can serve as a great support system'  (10/2014)
    Accounting major Carmen Maiorano: 'Be yourself and stay disciplined'  (9/2014)
    MBA student and AbbVie intern Michael Mascitti's advice: Start networking early  (8/2014)
    Tony Petullo '61 pledges $3 million to College of Business scholarships  (7/2014)
    MBA student Carl Gilbertsen lands Halliburton internship through alumni connections  (7/2014)
    MBA student Mansfield Wrotto's Bank of America internship pays dividends  (7/2014)
    Are hurricanes named after females bigger killers?  (6/2014)
    Accounting grad Kevin Daliva helps fight cancer on two wheels  (5/2014)
    Enterprising students win over stakeholders (and $3,000) in case competition  (2/2014)
    For the greener good: Students bring energy consciousness to BIF  (12/2013)
    Tech entrepreneur Ping Fu delivers Cozad Lecture  (11/2013)
    A. Rashad Abdel-Khalik hedges bets on student success with new book  (10/2013)
    Three MBA students awarded FMC Technologies Fellowships  (9/2013)
    Professionalism & compassion: MBA students give back  (8/2013)
    Going strong: LEAD 2013  (8/2013)
    2013 Dean's list honorees  (7/2013)
    Learning by Doing: Jeff Margolis, Technology, and Powerful Ideas  (5/2013)
    Centene's Bill Scheffel '75: Managed care, moving forward  (5/2013)
    Illinois Ranks 5th in Businessweek Survey  (4/2013)
    MBA students organize 5K to benefit charitable organization  (4/2013)
    2012 Elijah Watt Sells Award Winners  (4/2013)
    Meet Your Maker  (3/2013)
    Global Business Brigade's Spring Break in Panama  (3/2013)
    Investing in Financial Literacy  (3/2013)
    John Donahoe, CEO of eBay, Delivers Hallene Lecture  (3/2013)
    Miller '13 Receives Lincoln Laureate  (2/2013)
    Illinois Ranked 2nd by Tax Hiring Authorities  (2/2013)
    NASA Internship Has Business Student Flying High  (1/2013)
    Student Victoria Ngo-Lam Participated in Community Outreach Project Over Winter Break  (1/2013)
    Everything We Learned About Professional Responsibility  (1/2013)
    The Second Biggest Risk to Illinois Public Pensioners  (1/2013)
    I Met Warren Buffett  (11/2012)
    MSF Building Relationships in China  (11/2012)
    Miller ’13 to Receive State’s Highest Honor for Individual Achievement  (11/2012)
    Former ILLINOIS Business Professor Receives Nobel Prize in Economics  (10/2012)
    Business and the Morrill Act at 150  (10/2012)
    MS Financial Engineering Produces First Year Success  (10/2012)
    MS Tax Program Ranked 2nd in the U.S. According to Tax Hiring Authorities  (10/2012)
    Spring 2012 List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent  (9/2012)
    Chancellor's Scholars Named to Campus Honors Program  (8/2012)
    Business Students win 2012 Midwest ALPFA Award  (7/2012)
    Hoeft T&M Program Team Wins 2012 Deloitte Case Competition  (7/2012)
    2012 Dean's List Honorees  (7/2012)
    2012 Bronze Tablet Honorees from Business  (7/2012)
    Business Beta Site:  (7/2012)
    Video: The Future of Capitalism  (5/2012)
    Cause Related Marketing  (5/2012)
    Finance Dream Team Takes YOUniversity Deal Challenge  (5/2012)
    Louis K. C. Chan, Chair of the Department of Finance  (5/2012)
    Far-Reaching Influence of the ILLINOIS Real Estate Program  (5/2012)
    Business Student Leads Orange Krush, Again  (5/2012)
    The accountancy profession: Never more relevant or exciting  (4/2012)
    Illinois MBA’s Graduate Marketing Association Hosts 5K for Kola  (4/2012)
    To Walk Away With No Regrets  (4/2012)
    Celebrating the Senior 100  (4/2012)
    CFA Institute Research Challenge  (4/2012)
    Waste Not Want Not  (4/2012)
    Talking Tax  (4/2012)
    Nine Compete for Full MBA Scholarship  (3/2012)
    Business Role Models  (2/2012)
    Take the High Road to Success in Your Corporate Governance Role  (2/2012)
    4th Annual MBA Case Competition  (2/2012)
    Brown Paper Identified Best Retirement Research of 2011  (2/2012)
    Jon S. Davis, Head of the Department of Accountancy  (2/2012)
    Economic Challenges Create Accounting Opportunities  (2/2012)
    Top 10 Reasons I Support the Business Honors Program  (1/2012)
    Farewell to Brilliant Futures Campaign  (1/2012)
    Honors Class 2014 Trip to Brazil  (1/2012)
    Dads Association Announces John Menees Library Award Recipients  (1/2012)
    Illinois Faculty Rank #1 in 2011 Articles at The Accounting Review  (12/2011)
    Student Team Proposes New Mobile Technology Solution to Capital One Executives  (12/2011)
    Tabrizi ’12 Receives State’s Highest Honor for Individual Achievement  (12/2011)
    Bounty Hunting: Will New Regulations Create a New Incentive for Whistleblowers?  (11/2011)
    Otnes Research: All Wrapped Up  (11/2011)
    Miller Research: Hungry for Answers  (11/2011)
    Webale Nyo: Life Lessons from Uganda  (11/2011)
    Multidisciplinary Teams Challenged in New Professional Responsibility Strategy Competition  (10/2011)
    Passion at Work  (10/2011)
    Wise Words from Global Leaders of the Accounting Profession  (10/2011)
    Former Comptroller General of the United States, Charles Bowsher, Addresses Accountancy Students  (9/2011)
    ROE: Return on Ethics  (9/2011)
    Spring 2011 ICES "List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent by Their Students"-Draft  (9/2011)
    Business and CTE Growing Commitment to Teaching Excellence  (8/2011)
    Business Quad Day 2011  (8/2011)
    Highest Expectations  (7/2011)
    2011 Spring Dean's List for the College of Business  (7/2011)
    May 2011 Graduate List  (7/2011)
    Jeong: Outstanding Volunteer  (6/2011)
    EMBAs at ILLINOIS Rise to Global Challenge with WiPro  (5/2011)
    26 of the Senior 100 Honorary in Business  (5/2011)
    Robert Moritz, PricewaterhouseCoopers: Opportunities Exist  (5/2011)
    Ethics in Action: Leighton Lecture Hosts Bart Schwartz, Corporate Monitor  (5/2011)
    An American “Activist” from a Global Perspective  (5/2011)
    Leadership Lived and Learned  (4/2011)
    8 Dedicated Business Students Win National E&Y Case Competition  (4/2011)
    Business Students Plan Redevelopment of Cabrini Green in Chicago  (4/2011)
    It's an Art: Crafting Solutions for the Subsistence Marketplace  (4/2011)
    Shaw and Subramanyam on Cloud Computing  (4/2011)
    What's in the Fed's Toolbox? How the Government is Using Quantitative Easing to Fight the Recession  (4/2011)
    The Disappearing Doctoral Student: Addressing the Shortage of Business Ph.D.s  (4/2011)
    Within Reach: The Incentive to Meet Earnings Estimates  (4/2011)
    Keizer Offers Insights into “Leading in a Complex World”  (4/2011)
    Cozad New Venture Competition: Contendable  (4/2011)
    51st Annual Spring Luncheon  (4/2011)
    Accountancy in China: Getting Bigger, Merging and Getting More International  (3/2011)
    Energy, Optimism, and Enthusiasm Win Another Case Competition  (3/2011)
    List of Business Teachers Ranked as Excellent by Their Students-FALL 2010  (3/2011)
    Kola: “Friend” in the Lakota Language  (3/2011)
    Varsity Sport of MBA Programs  (2/2011)
    2010 Fall College of Business Dean's List  (2/2011)
    Early Excellence Among James Scholars  (2/2011)
    Fresh and Innovative Approach to the Illinois MBA  (2/2011)
    Cheng Leads Effort to Generate Breakthrough Knowledge and International Economic Competitiveness  (1/2011)
    Business Students Make Case Competition History  (1/2011)
    Business Students Advance to National KPMG Case Competition in NY  (1/2011)
    ILLINOIS Accountancy on the World Stage  (1/2011)
    Kenneth Perry Legacy  (1/2011)
    Nurturing Connections in Real Estate  (1/2011)
    Dunne '11 Wins SIOR Scholarship  (1/2011)
    Business Illini Advance to National PwC xACT Case Competition  (12/2010)
    Business Student Cuts Her Own Path  (12/2010)
    Great Example of Dedication  (11/2010)
    Phi Gamma Nu’s Mr. Business Competition  (11/2010)
    Business Students Win KPMG Case Study Competition, Advance To Regional Competition  (11/2010)
    Career Skills for Top Engineers  (11/2010)
    Democratic Corporate Regulation  (11/2010)
    What is diversity?  (11/2010)
    True Wealth: Meeting Warren Buffett  (11/2010)
    The Auditor General's Role in the Impeachment of Rod Blagojevich  (11/2010)
    Panel of Experts Discuss Environmental Regulations  (11/2010)
    Risk Assessment in a Dynamic Environment  (10/2010)
    Mark Vonnahme, Professor/CEO  (10/2010)
    Deloitte Fireside Chat IV: Responsibility for Preventing and Detecting Financial Reporting Fraud  (10/2010)
    Expansion Goal Unites Entrepreneurs Without Borders  (10/2010)
    Examining the Past, Looking Toward the Future  (10/2010)
    Career Advantages of a CME Lab Fellow  (9/2010)
    Alumni Connect at the 2010 Business Career Fair  (9/2010)
    Cultivating International Business Connections  (9/2010)
    The Path Forward in Auditing  (9/2010)
    Something Special is Happening in Accountancy at ILLINOIS  (8/2010)
    Van Arsdell New Deloitte & Touche LLP CEO  (8/2010)
    Dirk Hackbarth: Sharing Enthusiasm for the Field of Finance  (8/2010)
    Summer Competition in Brazil for Honors Students  (8/2010)
    James Scholar Case Competition Builds Trust  (6/2010)
    PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Fellowships  (5/2010)
    PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Peer Tutoring Center  (5/2010)
    Professor Kenneth Perry Fellowship  (5/2010)
    Accountancy Faculty Receives Promotion  (5/2010)
    50th Annual Spring Luncheon  (5/2010)
    Great Expectations  (5/2010)
    Accountancy Team Wins the Deloitte Foundation National Student Case Study Competition  (4/2010)
    Celebrating the Senior 100  (4/2010)
    Shoot for the Stars  (4/2010)
    A Passion for Positive Reporting  (4/2010)
    Confidence To Win  (4/2010)
    How to Succeed in a Transformed World  (4/2010)
    Contributing to Accountancy's Reputation for Excellence  (4/2010)
    Students in Free Enterprise Place First Runner-up  (4/2010)
    What's Ahead for the Accountancy Profession?  (4/2010)
    Milnes Delivers Leighton Lecture  (4/2010)
    Mark Peecher, Deloitte & Touche Professor of Accountancy  (4/2010)
    An Energetic Approach to Teaching  (3/2010)
    Having an IMPACT  (3/2010)
    Lincoln-Douglas Debates  (3/2010)
    Young Leaders Form at Sleeman Leadership Institute  (3/2010)
    The Sincerest Form of Flattery  (3/2010)
    2009 ICES "List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent by Their Students" - Draft  (3/2010)
    Proud Moment  (3/2010)
    Legislation, Regulation, and Change  (3/2010)
    Social Entrepreneurs Gather in BIF  (3/2010)
    An Obligation to Lead  (3/2010)
    SIOR Scholarships for Outstanding ILLINOIS Real Estate Students  (3/2010)
    Building on Success: Social Entrepreneurship Institute  (3/2010)
    Illinois International Undergraduate Achievement Award 2009  (3/2010)
    LEAD Transformation  (3/2010)
    Illinois Team Shines in Prestigious International Case Competition  (3/2010)
    Faculty Accolades  (2/2010)
    A Chance to Experience Business in China  (2/2010)
    MBA Community Ties  (2/2010)
    Second Place Empowerment  (2/2010)
    Transforming Lives With An ILLINOIS MBA  (2/2010)
    MBA Research for Good Causes  (2/2010)
    Ahead of the Games  (2/2010)
    2009 Fall College of Business Dean's List  (2/2010)
    The Pressure to Win: MBAs Take on the Big Ten  (2/2010)
    MBA Student Wins First Prize in Sustainable Global Enterprise Competition  (2/2010)
    Spring 2010 Business Career Fair Success  (2/2010)
    Finding a Job in a Tough Economy  (2/2010)
    Undeniable Excellence: ILLINOIS Wins National xTreme Accounting Competition  (1/2010)
    Accounting Author-Superstars  (1/2010)
    Teamwork pays off for 1st place team  (12/2009)
    Business Instructional Facility Achieves Top 'Green' Standard  (12/2009)
    Business Senior Named Top Student on Campus  (12/2009)
    Aguilera on Executive Pay  (11/2009)
    Team DeBrock  (11/2009)
    Jeremy Nuzzo '10 Chauffeured by Warren Buffett  (11/2009)
    Business Students Win Campus KPMG Case Competition  (11/2009)
    MBA Students Win Third Place in Bankruptcy Competition  (11/2009)
    Energy Diversity Not Energy Independence  (11/2009)
    Wisdom From Experience  (11/2009)
    Affecting Climate Change  (11/2009)
    Twitter Business  (11/2009)
    College T-Shirt Day  (11/2009)
    Viswanathan Receives Prestigious Bharat Gaurav Award  (10/2009)
    Building Your Personal Brand  (10/2009)
    The Importance of Business Diversity  (10/2009)
    A World of Business Awaits  (10/2009)
    In the Best Interest of the Public  (10/2009)
    Campello Honored with Alan J. & Joyce D. Baltz Professorship  (10/2009)
    The Business Side of Helping People  (10/2009)
    Honors Students to Meet Business Icon  (9/2009)
    Accountancy Internship Leaves Student Fulfilled  (9/2009)
    Successful Alumni Honored at Dedication  (9/2009)
    Career Opportunities '09  (9/2009)
    Up to the Challenge: What's Ahead for the Auditing Profession?  (9/2009)
    Having Fun Helping Business  (9/2009)
    Scholarships Combat Weak Economy  (9/2009)
    ATA/PwC Outstanding Tax Dissertation Award  (8/2009)
    Undergraduate Affairs begins Sixth Year of LEAD  (7/2009)
    Podcast: Ron Watkins Discusses IBC  (7/2009)
    Kahn on New Regulations Proposed by Administration  (6/2009)
    Social Entrepreneurs: Catalysts for Change  (6/2009)
    Illinois CPA Society Bestows Special Award of Merit on University of Illinois Professor Ira Solomon  (6/2009)
    Above Average Returns on Investment  (6/2009)
    Video: Interview with Dean DeBrock  (5/2009)
    Illinois CPA Society Excel Award Recipients Named  (5/2009)
    MS Tax Program's Convocation Ceremony  (5/2009)
    JNJ Case Competition Winners  (4/2009)
    Heather Doxey Selected for KPMG's DPP Program  (4/2009)
    V. Dale Cozad Awards Presented to MBA Students  (3/2009)
    Playing to Win: Recessions and Caterpillar  (3/2009)
    A New Chapter in the Story of the ILLINOIS and Deloitte Relationship  (2/2009)
    The Role of Professional Accountants  (2/2009)
    Podcast: Panel Offers Job Hunting Tips  (2/2009)
    Leadership Roundtable: Ashton and Ryan Clark  (1/2009)
    Accountancy Students Win National Case Competition  (1/2009)
    Podcast: Kindt on State Lotteries  (1/2009)
    The High Cost of Doing Business Right  (12/2008)
    xTreme Pride  (12/2008)
    Passion, Networking, Experiences, and Resources for Success  (12/2008)
    LEAD Gains a Global Perspective on Business  (12/2008)
    The Top Accountant  (12/2008)
    18th Symposium on Audit Research  (12/2008)
    Finance Roundtable: The State of Hedge Funds  (12/2008)
    Ernst & Young Center for Career Advancement Dedication  (12/2008)
    Phi Gamma Nu First Annual Mr. Business Pageant  (12/2008)
    Brown Lauds Obama's Economic Team  (11/2008)
    Dad's Day 2008  (11/2008)
    Lyceum: Staying Relevant in a Changing World  (11/2008)
    Alpha Kappa Psi 1st Annual Business Softball Tournament  (10/2008)
    Business Instructional Facility Dedication  (10/2008)
    Podcast: Marketing to Poor Consumers  (10/2008)
    Lyceum: To Do Better Than We Have Done  (10/2008)
    We Are Family  (10/2008)
    The 4000 Mile Cure  (10/2008)
    Business Leadership Roundtable: Mary Kay Haben  (10/2008)
    Real World Real Estate Program at ILLINOIS  (9/2008)
    BCS Benefits Local Businesses and Student Interns  (9/2008)
    Jimmy Johns' Wisdom: Student Reactions  (9/2008)
    Business Career Fair With a Twist  (9/2008)
    Kindt: Ban on Betting Would Boost Ailing Economy  (9/2008)
    Podcast: Sinow on Personal Finance  (9/2008)
    Lyceum: Importance of Professional Skepticism  (9/2008)
    Post-Ike Gas Prices Should Level Off  (9/2008)
    New Business Facility Blends Instruction, Sustainability  (8/2008)
    Podcast: Green Roof on New Business Instructional Facility  (8/2008)
    New Business Course Seeks to Instill Professional Responsibility  (8/2008)
    Podcast: Sinow on Personal Finance and the Economy  (7/2008)
    Study: Personal Information in E-mail Marketing can Backfire  (7/2008)
    Leighton Lecture: Creating a Win-Win for Both Employers and Employees  (6/2008)
    Diverse Job Responsibilities Yield Multiple Benefits  (6/2008)
    A Minute with Cele Otnes  (6/2008)
    Kraatz and Love: An Image of Betrayal and Opportunism in Corporate Downsizing  (6/2008)
    Women in Business Roundtable  (6/2008)
    Big Changes Loom If High Gas Prices Hold  (5/2008)
    Lyceum: A View of SOX from the CFO Suite  (5/2008)
    Lyceum: Confidence and Accountancy  (5/2008)
    Investment Banking: Bravery Facing the Bear  (5/2008)
    1st Annual MSF Investment Challenge Winners Announced  (5/2008)
    Deep Dive Workshop: High Performance 401K and Pension Plans  (4/2008)
    Fullerton: The Coming Tax Rebates  (4/2008)
    Congratulations to Senior 100  (4/2008)
    Agrawal Receives 2008 Moms Association Humanitarian Award  (4/2008)
    Almeida Warns of Possible Rise in Airfares  (4/2008)
    Study: Star Status Among Financial Analysts Overrated  (4/2008)
    Lyceum: Exciting Careers Await Future Accountants  (4/2008)
    D'Arcy and Kahn Agree Regulatory Overhaul Could Worsen Credit Crisis  (4/2008)
    Kindt: Round-the-Clock Casinos Bad for Society  (4/2008)
    Confused About Business Majors....Not for Long!  (3/2008)
    Hard Work Pays Off  (3/2008)
    Study: Franchisee Training Key to Success  (3/2008)
    Co-workers Influential in Organizational Change  (2/2008)
    Podcast: Personal Finance Discussion  (2/2008)
    Study: Trading Volumes and Liquidity  (2/2008)
    Study: Web Sites Influence Users  (2/2008)
    Milestones, Mistakes and Millions  (1/2008)
    2008 Notable Contributions to the Auditing Literature Award  (1/2008)
    Professor Emeritus Hanns Martin Schoenfeld to Receive Honorary Doctorate  (1/2008)
    Podcast: Personal Finance Discussion  (1/2008)
    Deloitte Midwest AERS Case Study Competition  (12/2007)
    The New Globalization of Accounting Standards  (11/2007)
    Business Council's Initiative on Diversity  (11/2007)
    The Lending Hand  (11/2007)
    Are We Becoming the No-Vacation Nation?  (11/2007)
    Negotiating a Volatile Economy  (11/2007)
    Field of Green: Exploring Environmental Economics  (11/2007)
    Reslicing the Corporate Pie  (11/2007)
    Audio: Personal Finance Discussion  (11/2007)
    Nanyang Technological University Partnership  (11/2007)
    Leadership in the Private Equity Industry  (10/2007)
    Bring On The Competition: First Busey Corp. Is Ready  (10/2007)
    LYCEUM: Accounting Offers Ample Challenges and Opportunities  (10/2007)
    Audio: Personal Finance Discussion  (10/2007)
    LYCEUM: Forensic Accountants - A Rare Breed  (10/2007)
    LYCEUM: A Healthy Degree of Professional Skepticism  (10/2007)
    The 2007 Solar Decathlon Competition  (10/2007)
    2007-2008 Roundtable Series Kicks Off  (9/2007)
    Audio: Otnes Dissects Apple's iPhone Price Drop  (9/2007)
    On Time and On Budget!  (9/2007)
    Connect Through Lifetime Email  (9/2007)
    A Special Gift Honoring Faculty  (9/2007)
    Audio: Pennacchi On Subprime Mortgage Crisis  (9/2007)
    Audio: Personal Finance Discussion  (9/2007)
    The Class of 2011 Receives a Hearty Welcome  (8/2007)
    KPMG Hosts MSA Students  (8/2007)
    Future Business Alumni Leaders On Board With Networking  (8/2007)
    In the Classroom: Technology Meets Strategy  (8/2007)
    Results of Fourth Annual LEAD Program are Outstanding  (7/2007)
    Scholarship Gives Minority Undergrads a Rare Peek Into the World of Private Equity  (7/2007)
    Back to School: Teaching Entrepreneurship to Local Non-profits  (6/2007)
    $100 Million Gift Kicks Off Brilliant Futures Campaign  (6/2007)
    In the Classroom: Graduation Ceremonies for the Class of 2007  (5/2007)
    Job Shadowing Program Links Companies, Students  (5/2007)
    When Red Tape Means a lot of Green  (5/2007)
    UIUC SIFE Team Wins Award  (4/2007)
    LYCEUM: Timothy Flynn Discusses Business Integrity  (4/2007)
    LYCEUM: J. Richard Stamm Outlines Industry Landscape  (4/2007)
    In the Classroom: IT and E-Business Strategy  (4/2007)
    Masters of the Market: Finance Club Mentors High School Students  (4/2007)
    Sougiannis named KPMG Professor of Accountancy  (4/2007)
    Regional Fed President Makes Stop in Champaign  (4/2007)
    LYCEUM: Beth Brooke on the Current & Future Regulatory Landscape  (4/2007)
    Tzu Chi College of Technology in Taiwan Delegation Visit  (4/2007)
    Finance Case Competition Winners Announced  (4/2007)
    Face Value: Forensic Accountants Focus on Fraud  (4/2007)
    Mapping Out New Markets  (4/2007)
    Brain Power: The Game Has Changed  (4/2007)
    Priming the Pump: New Money Means Big Business  (4/2007)
    In the Classroom: Management Challenges in Emerging Economies  (3/2007)
    Deans Literally Make a Splash in This Year's Polar Plunge  (3/2007)
    2006 - 2007 Roundtable Series: A Successful Partnership  (3/2007)
    2007 Spring Luncheon: Celebrating 47 years  (3/2007)
    Webmaster by Day, Grammy Winner by Night  (2/2007)
    LYCEUM: Chet Wood on Leading and Managing Change  (2/2007)
    2007 Winter Business Career Fair: Double-digit Growth  (2/2007)
    Tackling Corporate Governance in the Capital of China  (1/2007)
    Research with a Royal Twist  (1/2007)
    Victory! Illinois Students Win MTVu Competition  (12/2006)
    Examining Materialism in the Young  (12/2006)
    Venture Capital Competition Nets Students $2,000 Prize  (11/2006)
    Law Firm Alumni Underwrite College of Business Scholarship  (11/2006)
    In the classroom: Product and Market Development for Subsistence Marketplaces  (10/2006)
    LYCEUM: Grant Thornton's Fusco on the Changing Reality of Auditor Concentration  (10/2006)
    A Look at Value in File-Sharing Online Communities  (8/2006)
    The Future of Social Security  (8/2006)
    Doris Christopher to Share Business Lessons  (8/2006)
    Convocation and Graduation Ceremonies for Class of 2006  (5/2006)
    Small Business Consulting Class Offers Real-World Challenges  (5/2006)
    Groundbreaking: Higher Education Panel Discussion  (5/2006)
    Groundbreaking: College Celebrates Important Milestone  (5/2006)
    LYCEUM: KPMG's Flynn Comments on Auditing Today, the Future  (5/2006)
    “It’s All About Social Justice” C.K. Prahalad on Democratizing Commerce  (4/2006)
    It's Catching: International Case Competition Focuses on Flu and Vaccines  (4/2006)
    Lyceum Speaker Sharon Allen, Chairman of Deloitte, Delivers 2006 Leighton Lecture on Ethics  (4/2006)
    Turkish Alumnus Revisits Campus  (4/2006)
    Financial Reporting from Both Sides  (3/2006)
    International Careers Workshop: Experience Required Differs with Sector  (3/2006)
    Cozad Business Plan Competition: Forming Connections, Making Opportunity  (3/2006)
    Building Value for Your Company, for Yourself  (3/2006)
    Spring Luncheon Honors Graduates, Teachers  (3/2006)
    LYCEUM: Uncovering Fraud – by Accident and by Applying Knowledge  (3/2006)
    Studying in Poland: Being There, Learning There  (3/2006)
    Unlocking Your Potential: Annual Conference Features Alumnae  (2/2006)
    LYCEUM: Rhode Island Auditor General: “Ready to Ride and Spread the Alarm”  (2/2006)
    MSF Graduate Cites Interdisciplinary Courses as Key to Success  (2/2006)
    Confidence and Skills: MSF Graduate Applies What He Learned  (2/2006)
    Entrepreneur Sam Zell Explains "What Makes Sammy Run"  (2/2006)
    Steven Miller Scholarship Awarded to Rising Business Stars  (2/2006)
    Blooming Knowledge: College Offers Bloomberg Certification Programs  (2/2006)
    Cold Cuts Make for Hot Success: Entrepreneur Discusses Making His Dream a Reality  (1/2006)
    International Trade Center Has Impact In Illinois  (1/2006)

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