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Leighton Lecture:
Steve Miller on Ethics

Former Shell Oil CEO Steven Miller delivered the 2003 Leighton Lecture on Ethics in February 2003. In his remarks, entitled "Ethics, Values, and Business in the 21st Century," Miller described a framework for success in turbulent time. The framework is composed of "uncompromised business ethics, a commitment to sustainable development, a commitment to diversity, an understanding of strategic planning, and unlocking the power of collaboration."

Introduction by College of Business Dean Avijit Ghosh

3 minutes, 9 seconds


5 minutes, 10 seconds

Uncompromising Business Ethics

13 minutes, 25 seconds

Sustainable Development

7 minutes, 54 seconds


11 minutes, 33 seconds

Strategic Planning

14 minutes, 8 seconds

Partnership and Collaboration

4 minutes, 23 seconds

Question and Answer Period

11 minutes, 39 seconds

Miller retired as President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board at Shell Oil Company in 2002. He is now the chairman and president of SLM Discovery Ventures, Inc. in Houston.

The Leighton Lecture is named in honor of Richard and Grace Leighton who contributed funds to endow the lectures, which focus on ethics in business.

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March 2003