2004 Freshmen Welcome

Christopher Greene

Christopher Greene
"I would like to go into accounting, my father is an accountant and I like working with tax forms. Although, I also like marketing. I like to write a lot, so I don't know for sure which one I'll end up going into."

Ting Shen.

Ting Shen
"I want to go into Accounting because I like working with numbers. The V is for victory!"

John Hedeman.

Assistant Dean John Hedeman helped plan the Welcome.

Chris Levin and Stephanie Chin.

Chris Levin (L) and Stephanie Chin
"I think marketing is so interesting, determining target markets. Just trying to find out exactly what consumers desire has always been intriguing and fun."
--Chris Levin

Jewell White.
Assistant Dean Jewell White greeted freshmen and College of Business faculty and staff.