MS in Finance Program Attracts Former Tax Consultant

Ray Verin, College of Business MS in Finance program.Ray Verin knows he made the right choice when he chose to enroll in the MS in Finance program at the University of Illinois. Not only does the program have top-ranked faculty and staff, it gives him opportunities that other schools don't provide.

"As a U of I student, I have a lot of flexibility in the classes I can take," says Verin, who graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham at with a degree in accounting. He is currently taking an accounting class as an elective, which he believes helps him bring everything together in his financial statement analysis. He is finding the core Finance classes in the program to be quite demanding but is eager for the challenge. "I find that I embrace the challenge of learning a new subject in an area of business that has interested me for a long time."

He believes that the 12-month, intensive program will prepare him for a long and solid career in a rapidly changing field. "My professor told me that being successful in business is all about positioning yourself for the right opportunity," he says. "The faculty here really challenges you to think into the future." He hopes to take part in the MSF Practicum program that is offered between semesters in January.

Verin worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Atlanta, GA, for two years as a tax consultant before coming to Illinois. From that experience, he gained insight on what employers really look for in a future employee.

"Employers are looking for people who can get along and work with members of their professional organization and are also committed to working as a team," comments Verin. "The faculty and staff in the MSF program realize that, and they teach us how to work together by putting us in teams for group projects." He is currently working on teams that are collaborating on investment, financial accounting and financial derivative projects. The financial derivative team project includes determining the best position an investor should take in light of current market conditions.

Verin knows that the College's career services staff will help introduce him to top companies through job fairs and other events. His career is not restricted to working in one place either, as Verin believes the program will prepare him for a global career.

"I'm working with students in this program who are from all over the world," he says. "Their views and experiences are helping me gain an international perspective."

--Lane Song

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